The Messages Of Water (Have You Read This Book?)


So anyone read any book by Dr. Masaru Emoto?  If not, pick it up, it is definitely worth a look.

And I think its a perfect topic to talk about on this blog because anyone who is reading this probably has low self esteem, beats themselves up too much,  or takes thing too harshly,  BUT WHAT DOES THAT DO PHYSICALLY? 

Can our mental negativity cause physical setbacks?

I know for a fact that back when my depression was the worst I would get myself so sad and so upset that I literally would wake up sick the next day, and I’m not just talking about waking up with a headache or something.  Im talking about waking up with Strep Throat, the Flu, Tonsillitis, and a bunch of other fun bullshit.

Dr. Emoto claims that this is because our thoughts and intentions do in fact hold power, and lots of it.

Here was the study:

Dr. Emoto wrote words and phrases on bottles of water and then froze them. He then looked at the water crystals under microscopes and here is what he found:


So what does this show us?

If our bodies are made up of mostly water, then what is happening to our insides when we beat ourselves up?

All those nights I would make myself so weak form being so sad.  I would sit, lost in my mind for hour after hour telling myself  I SUCK, I WILL NEVER BE HAPPY, I HATE MYSELF, I WANT EVERYONE TO DIE, I AM A WASTE OF A LIFE 

Is it any wonder I woke up the next morning sick as fuck?


Basically he states energy is transferred through our intention.  Saying “Angel” usually has the intention of kinds and goodness.  It bring happy, peaceful, even joyous images to the mind.  “You fool” obviously is the opposite.  it carries with it hate and the intention to tear someone down.  The thought of the word brings negativity.

And look at the difference in the water crystals.  Can you see the physical difference the mental energy created?

Now I don’t know if any of you believe in this or even care, but its interesting.  Even if you’re skeptical, be good on yourself.  Cant hurt in trying right?

~ The Dark Horse

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