Sometimes When Im Down I Make Myself Smile With Stupid Things…


Having a bad day?  i think you should read this because it will make you smile.

For starters, lets all take a deep breath.  Acknowledge to yourself that you are indeed having a bad day and feeling like crap, but then open your mind to the idea that things can better, and look below! !!!!

Have you ever seen the Nigel thorn berry GIFs?   HOW COULD YOU NOT SMILE





Or my absolute favorite!


Or how about a great quote from Party Monster?


Can we please get a close up of that face?


…..oh yeah.  thats great stuff

Or how about this picture…. does this picture have ANY social commentary?  or is it just as absurd as I think it is?


Are you feeling at least a little better?   i sure hope so!

~ The Dark Horse

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