Do You Ever Feel Like You Will Be Alone Forever?


Do you ever feel like you’re going to be alone forever?  Like nobody could ever possibly love you?   Or maybe you don’t even think you’ll ever have a friend.   And you sit and you wait and you hate.  

But maybe you’re wrong.  Yea, I’m saying it.  Maybe you are wrong. 



Let me tell you, Im still alone in this world.  I have never been in love, and I don’t really have any true friends in this world.  But I think Im in a stage of change right now in life.   Ive become confident in myself.  Im starting to really like myself, which I haven’t liked myself in a long long time.

And what does this have to do with anything?

Well, I’m quite convinced that now that I’m liking myself and have gained some self respect I won’t hang around bad people. Ill steer clear of people who aren’t good for my life, and people who would never be a good friend anyways.  Plus I’m fine being alone.  Id rather be alone than be with people who are not good for me.

So, the point is, I have hope that things will get better and I need all of you to have hope too.  Because I’m not ready to give up and I don’t think you’re ready either.  AND THATS GOOD!  YOU SHOULDN’T BE READY!!!   You have 1 life for all of eternity.  Why waste it? 

So wake up, open the window, and do whatever it is you’re being called to do.  If you need to run.  Then run.  if you need to start over, well walk back to the starting line with your head held high.


The sun keeps on burning, yearning, turning.  It flares, and flies, and pulls all the planets through the galactic sky.

It has been doing this for quite some time now.  It has the energy to keep going, and so do you

~ The Dark Horse

3 thoughts on “Do You Ever Feel Like You Will Be Alone Forever?

  1. I thought it once. I considered myself to be unlovable by anyone, but I just hadn’t been hanging around in the right places. Throughout school and college there was nobody who got me – being the geeky type -, then I went on to study game development and suddenly I met all these guys who I shared common ground with and one of them went on to become my fiance. There will be people out there who do get you for who you are, it’s just that you’ll be more likely to meet them in some places over others. Sometimes you just have to be patient. On the other hand it doesn’t really matter if you never did so long as you’re living a happy life. Too much focus on not being single or being popular that everyone seems to think that’s the way to go for self worth, only it’s risky to place your sense of worth in the hands of others. I have few friends, but I’m happy with the ones I have.

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