I Will Never Back Down, And Neither Should You


So this is about when we hit the brick wall on the road to a better life.

Sometimes- or for some of us, most of the time- shit goes wrong.

Like for me, yesterday I went to meet up with a guy I had been talking to on Tinder and he seemed cool so I’m like whatever lets meet and have a good time.

Now let me note here that I have no friends, nor have I ever been on a date.  So for some of you out there who don’t think that meeting a potential friend is a big deal, this is kind one of those potentially life changing moments for me.

So we meet at a Chipotle and get our food and I start jabbering away like crazy cuz thats just what I do, and I can see him just drooped over looking like he’s going to fall asleep.  Im already deviated.  I know there is no hope for the night no matter what.  We don’t click, the end. 

However, like the trooper I am, I try to save the night.  I’m like, “Hey,  I can tell I’m boring the fuck out of you, how bout you start a conversation, I can pretty much talk about anything”

And he’s like…. “oh I’m just tired…”

So I say… “dude, I’m not stupid.  You’re bored as fuck.  Im down to sit here until you find something to talk about because its kind of painful to know I’m putting you to sleep”

So we sit there in silence and he kind of mutter a few “man I’m tired” and “its a nice day out” type things and I’m just over it.

There is clearly no friendship here

So I’m like, “Alright you ready to head to bed?”

he says yes and we part ways.


As I’m driving home he texts me and is like, “Sorry, I’m tired.  Next time Ill come with a list of topics to talk about”

I think that was kind of a cunt thing to say, and even if it wasn’t…. that isn’t how a friendship works.  He shouldn’t feel forced to try to attempt conversation.

So i respond with, “no worries man, i just don’t think we click, but best of luck”

all I get back is “ok later”


And thats it.

To him, Im just one failed Tinder attempt.

To me, that was just more shit shoved in my face.  Another person in a long line of people who can’t seem to be around me.  Because Im so insanely boring to them, or weird, or nerdy, or odd or WHATEVER THEIR REASONINGS ALWAYS SEEM TO BE 

Im nothing more than an “ok later”

So now, life is hard.  My head hurts. Im tired, I didn’t sleep last night because of how annoyed and angry I was, I feel heavy and weak at the same time, I snacked on bad food before I went to bed for comfort so now I’m bloated, and life seems pointless.

I move to New Zealand in a little over a month!  HOW AM I GOING TO HANDLE REJECTION THERE? 

Well you know what, Ill tell you fuckers how:





Ive weathered a few storms people.  This aint my first rodeo!

Ive moved around a bunch of times, and Ive made enemies everywhere I go because Im not into the bullshit of my generation! Im not petty and shallow and I don’t get piss drunk or care to snapchat selfies like its my job.

And if someone thinks I’m a nerd or weird because I CAN ACTUALLY TALK ABOUT TOPICS RATHER THAN MYSELF???



There be a storm a risin’ mates and that storm is me.

And to hell with anyone who thinks they can put me down or feel better than me simply because I have a god damned mind of my own.


I will continue to talk about how society needs to be better and I will continue to try and help others and give inspiration to those who need it and I will continue to have my own interests even if that isn’t considered cool by my generation, because at the end of the day, WHAT IS MY GENERATION BESIDES SELF OBSESSED POTHEADS? 

So who gives a fuck what they think?


Now learn a thing or two from Michelle Pfeiffer here, put on your “I can do this” face and lets do this.

Because this world won’t change by itself but I believe that all of you have the power to be better and be there person you believe you can be.  It won’t be easy but dammit I think it will be rewarding.

And to all who try to put you down? Well…learn a thing or two from the pro….


and say bitch please! 

~ The Dark Horse

(was this proofread?  fuck no it wasn’t, this was written out of a mixture of rage and hope, who has time to proofread in a moment like that?)


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