Down The Rabbit Hole of Depression


We all know that feeling.   One bad thought becomes two, which kind of brings your mood down.  Then you get tired that you’ve been put in a bad mood and suddenly you get a little annoyed and more bad thoughts enter your head.

In about 5 minutes your day is ruined and you are depressed mess.

And if any of you are like me you get an extra little bundle of fun added on top of that! When you start to get really depressed suddenly the fun symptoms of panic and anxiety come knocking and its a full blown party in your head!

We have just fallen down the rabbit hole.


Yes thats right, most people need a fuck ton of drugs and a double-feature of Requiem For a Dream and The Human Centipede to feel the intense hell we all experience daily.  

But at the end of the day think about it….. doesn’t that kind of make us kick ass?

I mean we all experience emotions and feelings that a majority of the human population can’t even begin to handle or deal with.  We are stronger than them

We live through hell, and we do it all while smiling and putting on a show for the common man who is completely oblivious to what we are feeling.

They don’t understand the love we are missing in our lives.  The feelings of safety we never get to experience.   They have no idea what it is like to stay up until 2am every night trying to fight off the bad thoughts.  The thoughts of dread.  The thoughts of ending our lives, or wondering how we will make it through the next day.  But most importantly, the thoughts they don’t know about are our fantasies about what life could be.  The happiness we could have.  The fact that NONE OF US HAVE ENDED OUR LIVES YET BECAUSE WE HOPE AND DREAM THAT TOMORROW MAY BE BETTER. 

They don’t get that.  They don’t get how desperate we all are for a better tomorrow.

To find someone who isn’t afraid to be near us.


So I just want all of you to remember next time, that you are strong.  Going down the rabbit hole and living to tell about it isn’t an easy thing.  it isn’t something most people can even imagine.

So remember your strength, and use it to be better.  To get better.

And to rock out in your life because sadly, 70 or 80 years go fast.  Why waste em?

~ The Dark Horse

2 thoughts on “Down The Rabbit Hole of Depression

  1. People will try to make it seem like we’re weak for suffering from anxiety or depression, but I feel I’m stronger for continuing to drag myself out of bed in the morning despite how I’m feeling. I have more obstacles in my way to achieve the same goals; I don’t choose to feel this way after all, it’s something I’m learning how to live with. I know a guy with bad anxiety, and he told me that it’s his ambition to show that you can still live a full life despite it.

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