The Importance Of Family


So up until recently I have not fully appreciated the concept of family.  Yes, going away to college makes you miss home, and living in Australia last year made me miss home even more but my family has just recently started to…. “mature” i guess?

So my parents only had me and my brother.  And he just moved out for the first time.

On top of that my dad is a firefighter so he works 24 hours on, and 48 hours off.

So on nights when he works the only people in the house are me and my mom…. which is….sad and lonely to be honest.

awkward family photos credit: awkward family hyperlink to:
awkward family photos credit: awkward family hyperlink to:

Im not used to this kind of thing!  The household has always been the 4 of us, and when Im off living in different cities and different counties obviously I’m taking the cheap road so I’m used to 8 people sharing an apartment basically living like some 1900’s New York City tenement.

The days when my brother does come home even for like a few hours I notice it so much more and appreciate it so much more than I ever did when he was blaring music in his room keeping me up at night.

And furthermore, Im moving again! I leave for New Zealand in 1 month!  That means my mom will be alone on nights when my dad works and they will officially be EMPTY NESTERS. 

Now, take my mom:  Grew up in a family with 7 children.  Then she had me and my brother with my dad, so she has been living in a household of all boys.  HOW WILL THIS WOMAN HANDLE BEING IN A HOUSE ALONE? 


I don’t know if any of you watch the show Big Brother, but that is what this feels like.  Toward the end of the show when they go from like 16 people down to 3, and they’re just kind of aimlessly wandering around a giant house looking at empty beds and empty bedrooms. (ok I’m being dramatic) BUT STILL YOU GET THE POINT! 

So what am I learning?

Well, although I know I need to make a life for myself – pave my own path, find my own way, make my own friends – I still do care about my family.  And its kind of sad that my family will never be the four of us in a house ever again.

the last form of youth in my life is now over.

But perhaps its also good…im glad my brother is paving his own way in life, and I’m excited for my move to New Zealand, and hopefully my mom and dad will find some time to go do all the things they wanted to before we were born.

travel, take up hobbies, go out to lunch, and so forth.

Maybe although childhood is lost, independence can be found? 


~ The dark horse

5 thoughts on “The Importance Of Family

  1. I think my parents will be glad when we finally move out, lol. But yeah, you’re totally right, family is important and I reckon they’ll miss us more than they let on. It’s important to be able to feel like we can go out and become our own people, but to also know we’re all there for each other if things go wrong.

    1. said very well! Yeah sometimes I know i tend to overlook my family as just something that will always be there and now as i get older I’m realizing my parents are humans too and they will start to get older and might get sick and so i want to enjoy these years where they are still in good health and able to do stuff!

      1. I know what you mean. It’s scary when you start to notice them getting older. Best then to make sure you never regret spending too little time with them.

  2. Thanks for posting! Nice to here some comment on the other side of the fence.Coming from the other side, almost an empty nester myself, I know that I will miss my children for who they are, but I won’t miss the grind of parenting. As far as getting older, it’s hard to see our parents age though no matter how hold we get. Reminds us of their mortality as well as our own.

    1. Yeah for sure. Im sure my mom will enjoy not having to do all the extra cleaning she does right now haha! (in my defense I try to help but she says i do a bad job and only “mess up her system” so what am i to do?? hahaha )

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