The Purpose Of Life


There ya go.  If you’re looking for an easy answer, Hitchhikers Guide gives you one: 42.

If you’re looking for my honest opinion however, you may be a bit disenchanted.  Its Nothing. 

Yes.  Nothing.   I don’t believe in a God or a cosmic path or gaia or anything.  However, there is one thing that we can work with on this little planet of ours.

It is moldable.  It is ours.  In fact, Humans are moldable as well. 

For example,  Hitler manipulated a shit ton of people.   Its sad but its true.

On the other hand, Martin Luther King Jr. influenced a lot of people.  And that was for the better.

So why can’t you?


If you have a dream, if you have a passion. Do it.


If someone tells you can’t or doesn’t believe in you, ask them who gave them their god-like knowledge of what you can and can not do.

The views of the majority of the human population is formed through the hands of the not-so-many influential people.

Its like that one SUPER FUCKING ANNOYING SONG THAT PLAYS ALL THE TIME RIGHT NOW where the girl says something about being a small boat in the ocean making big waves and starting an explosion or whatever.

Ripple Effect is basically what it comes down to.  Your voice, though small as it seems, can grow loud through media.

Your opinions can literally change what the meaning of life is on this planet.

For example, I’m a 25yr old guy.  Do you know what most guys my age think life is about?


Yes. Im not kidding, this is the mind of men.


You get the good job, you get the power, you own the status symbols, you get the good body all for one thing:


You may not believe me.  You may want to challenge me.  But trust me its true.  The amount of times in my life where I have almost gone crazy, lost friends, been in such heated debates where I have almost been brought to tears because I find out that some people can be driven by that have unfortunately proven to me that is truth.  That one small 30 minutes of your day

Now are you really happy with that?

Im not.  And it kind of makes me lose hope in humanity that that is life.  Literally.  THAT IS LIFE FOR SOME PEOPLE.

All the dreams i have.  all the places I want to go. people I want to help. All things i want to say and do!

But nope.  Being a weekend warrior hunting for pussy is enough for a lot of people.

So you know what guys?

….I think its time we change normally.  I think its time we change what life is.

Lets make life better for everyone.  Include more caring.  Less hurting.  More knowledge. less fighting and for god sakes, we need to focus on the betterment of the human race as a whole

Why? because look….


The world is way too beautiful to live it inside a smelly bedroom

~ The Dark Horse


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