Goodbye Earl (Or, Some Songs Just Make You Feel Ready To Kick Some Ass)

If you have never listened to and/or watched the music video for Goodbye Earl by The Dixie Chicks you are missing out.  It is one of those weird feel good yet wickedly evil at the same time type of songs.  Much like Kerosene by Miranda Lambert.

I won’t describe the song to you, instead here is the link, enjoy!

So do these songs have any importance? I mean it is seemingly a song full of hurt and lawless behavior right?


These songs blend sticking up for yourself with comedy!  They are (granted, in a sick and disturbed way) highly inspirational.

But as far as I’m concerned,  Ive kind of been through some stuff in my life and I have been treated like shit by tons of people.  So is it really oh so wrong that I find inspiration and comedy in a song about murder?  …Well i suppose you can all dictate that for yourselves.  I don’t think I’m crazy…(creepy wink)


Whats my point here?

Well its that I think when you’re feeling down, or feeling like you can’t go on, really feeling like you need some help making it through the day, WELL FIND YOURSELF THAT SONG THAT IS JUST KICK ASS.  THAT ONE THAT WILL GIVE YOU THE STRENGTH TO GO ON

So what if it is a deeply demented yet highly entertaining song?  I mean, go for it!


~The Dark Horse

Any of you have some kick ass songs that make you feel good?

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