Anxiety Or Something Better? How Do You Know The Difference?


So Im moving to New Zealand soon.  Im very excited yet very nervous.  Antsy because I want it to come quicker, but dreading the challenges ahead.

Obviously all this is giving me a bit of anxiety, but IS THIS ANXIETY OR IS IT NORMAL HUMAN BEHAVIOR? 

I mean who wouldn’t be feeling these things before moving to a new country?    Finding a new job, new friends, a place to live, all while navigating a new place is bound to drive anyone a tad bit crazy.


I guess what I’m saying this time around is that sometimes us people with our problems like panic or anxiety or depression seem to get worked up when we start feeling these ways, EVEN IF WE ARE FEELING THESE THINGS DURING TIMES WHEN ITS TOTALLY OK TO FEEL THEM! 

Whats the problem with this?  Well we can becomes bogged down by our emotions and thoughts then.  Feeling like  oh maybe we haven’t actually made the progress we think we have.  Or we think we could be trying harder to fight off these emotions.

But guys i mean sometimes we NEED to feel these things?   I mean what kind of crazy person could restart their entire life and not have a little voice in their head telling them this could be hard?


So what I need to do is calm the fuck down, handle the problems when they arrive and not work myself up even further….sound like any of you out there?

~ The Dark Horse

3 thoughts on “Anxiety Or Something Better? How Do You Know The Difference?

      1. Yes, the more you dwell on whether or not its normal, the more anxiety and anxious you feel. I was like you before. Its hard, but learn to let go and relax. Accept how things are & embrace new things. You are just perfect the way you are. Loves!

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