Kick Some Ass And Rule The World (Or, Yes its Hard, But You Can Do It)


So I received a comment today on my blog from someone who isn’t in a good spot right now.  They feel down and discouraged and lost and scared and so I’m writing this post.

people listen up.  You have strength and you have courage and you have all the tools you need to be the best you can be.

Our problem, us people who have been beat down, discouraged, shamed, and ridiculed, is that we have always been told we can’t.  We have been told that were not strong enough or that we will surely fail.

Well people listen to me right now….Grandmothers cover your ears and prudent Christians run for cover because I’m about to say… sometimes you just gotta punch a cunt in the face.


metaphorically speaking of course… The only violence i condone is the kind where you destroy your enemy by showing them how much better you are than they are. (And trust me…that will ruin them far more than any punch to the face will)

So seriously think about it.

You are still here.

You feel pain, you feel struggle, you feel heartbreak, loneliness, despair, and agony.  And if any of you are like me and struggle depression, anxiety, or panic then those feelings are stronger and more intense than any commoner could ever possibly understand

So please, the next time you encounter someone who is putting you down and telling you can’t, kindly sit them down, grab a nice glass of wine (or apple juice cuz i don’t drink) and gently touch their hand to show them how much you pity their absurd smallness and pettiness and inform them to fuck off.


And yes, you will feel like you’re being called for something better than the life you have right now and thats because you do! Nobody deserves to live a life of misery.

You will feel stronger and bigger and better than ever because you’re finally taking the path you want rather than the path others are telling you take.


and yes you may get lost again, get stalled; You may look at your compass and it will be pointing in all directions, but instead of seeing the danger in that see the beauty in it.

Whereas others choose the straight and narrow you have the courage to accept that life can take you anywhere 


So run!   Run towards whatever your heart is drawing you towards.  Fuck everyone else who says otherwise.  Just because you’re being called for something different than they are doesn’t mean that you should let them bog you down.

Remember Steven Spielberg was rejected from film school…. and um… yeah…. thats a total punch a cunt in the fact moment right there.

And the next time someone tells you that you can’t, channel your inner Lucile Bluth and just let them know how much you don’t care


Alright people, make life count!

~ The Dark Horse

…I kind of proof read this, but was on a role when writing this so how could i go back and check?


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