5 Reasons Kim Davis Is A Cunt And Should Remain In Jail


This Kim Davis situation is absurd.   For any crazy Christian or bigot reading this right now Ill let you know form the start…im not on your side. 

For starters, who cares about her religion.  She is a clerk.   While acting as the clerk she represents the government not her own stupidity.  This point right here makes any argument she invalid simply because she is supposed to be working for the people not herself…. clearly she has other ideas.  

Number 2.  Any common person who claims to know exactly what God wants is technically committing heresy.  To claim this you would be stating you have talked to God yourself, know all his thoughts, know you’re in his favor, and think you’re a biblical martyr.   AKA: This makes you a crazy person. 

Number 3: And this is one that really bothers me.  I can’t help but feel like these crazy religious people are doing this for themselves, not for God.  Because Christianity states to love everyone and forgive sinners.  By going from nice Christian lady to belligerent crazy lady you’ve crossed a line.  It almost seems like you’re trying to be God’s “teachers pet”.   And we all know teachers pets do it for their own benefit, not the benefit of the teacher….

Number 4:  Religion and science was used to oppress black people..literally.  The science of “knowing” black people weren’t actually people was combined with that bullshit Genesis line about “using and subduing the Earth” to assure the masses that treating black people like niggers was completely ok.   (dear crazy Southern folk…. just so were clear here… this is not ok) 


You can’t wear clothes made of more than one material, you can’t eat shellfish, a woman can’t defend her husband in a fight, you can sell your daughter away to slavery, but not your son, and there are seriously so many ill just send you some links because they will take me all day:

Google Search Page for “crazy bible quotes”

Over time of course the church has been forced to slowly get more and more liberal because otherwise they will patrons, AKA: They will lose money and people to re-assure their belief system.   This is just one more of those steps the church will have to take to change to keep people coming in the doors.  its what the church always has done and always will do. 


So please Kim, sit in jail.  Our country is better off if you do. 

~ The Dark Horse 


11 thoughts on “5 Reasons Kim Davis Is A Cunt And Should Remain In Jail

  1. Amen! Everyone should refuse to serve her for their religious beliefs. After all, God does not discriminate, man does! She is a fucking hypocrite using God to spread judgement and hate…She is an ugly, fat clit!

  2. I agree that she should be punished simply because she is a public servant, paid for by tax dollars, and she should follow the law. She is no “hero”, she was just trying to show off and feel like a victim. But I strongly disagree on the last two statements. Number four has nothing to do with this case. And number five, the majority of the “laws” in The Old Testament were made for a different time and a different society, it does not apply to us and of course it won’t make sense to you. Like for example, getting tattoos was forbidden because in those times you can get an infection and die, now we have more sanitary conditions, and antibiotics. The same also applies to shellfish, they were not pasteurized. Also, You can not generalize “Christians” and the “Church”. There are many branches of Christianity and many Chruches that believe in different things. At least as a Catholic, my church has remained the same and has not gotten “more liberal”. The Catholic Church will not change because they see marriage between a man and a woman. It is not that they “hate” gays, it’s that they see marriage for the purpose of having children. If you don’t believe in this, then maybe you should go to The Episcopalian Chruch, which hold similar views and let’s same sex couples get married. As a Catholic I acknowledge that this “laws” in The Old Testament do not apply to me. With the exception of things like The Ten Commandments. Although there are Christians who go by EVRYTHING the bible says word for word. But please I ask you not to generalize, and judge ALL Christians based on this idiotic person.

    1. Also adding to that, if she is a true Christian she should know that God expects you to always follow the law no matter what. The only exception to this is when people are oppressed and abused, which she is obviously not. Also I heard this woman was divorced multiple times, which is ironic considering she is for “traditional marriage”. Very hypocritical.

      Mark 12 : 17

      Jesus said
      “Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and render to God the things that are God’s.”

      1. well you’ve clearly learned Rural Christian 101…… be a hypocrite. It seems to me most uneducated Christians always seem to be God’s little angel even if that means they have to ignore all the parts of the Bible they don’t follow themselves haha.. Oh Kim

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