One Day Ill Fly Away…. And That Day Is Next Week


So, If you have ever read this blog before, you know that I’m moving to New Zealand.  And I am now at the point where I am literally a week away from the move!

So, this post will be all about getting excited.  Letting our depression and anxiety and panic take a vacation so we can experience some feelings that are welcomed.  Like excitement, anticipation, joy, and hope.


Let the rivers flow through you as you allow yourself to feel the world around you.

We need to stop, become steady, become aware, and become willing to accept that the sky is not always falling.

AND I WILL TOTALLY ADMIT THAT I AM RIGHT THERE WITH YOU.  My thoughts get clouded.  They get lost.  They get consumed by the negativity and fear that come with depression, anxiety, and depression.   But one thing that has changed within me recently is the truth:


If we believed out depression, anxiety, and panic all the time then don’t you think we would have actually killed ourselves, or gone crazy, or gotten sick and died, or whatever bad you think.  Why hasn’t it happened yet? ….

…Well logically speaking its because we are wrong.

And really, isn’t that amazing?


..think about it!

~ The Dark Horse!


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