Here We Go! (Or, Im Starting Over, So Can You!)


So I am here at the Qantas lounge at LAX  (One World Business Lounge at Tom Bradley Terminal for all you nerds out there)

…I found a really good deal on a business class flight, trust me I’m not rich enough to have this be my normal airport experience!

Anyhoo, my flight leaves in 2 hours for New Zealand where I will be a starting a life from scratch.   I will have find an apartment, a job, friends, a therapist, everything.  Starting from square 1.   I am shitting my pants because it seems terrifying and hard and scary and could all fall apart.

However I’m also really excited.  I mean I’m moving to a new country!  How could that not be exciting right?   I can’t just let fear keep me down can I?

So whats the point?  The point is if I can do it so can you!  Come on guys!   Find your inner strength!   Fine that spark!  That desire to be better!  That desire to accomplish all you ever wanted to!


Alright people, get to it!

~ The Dark Horse


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