What To Do When You Feel Untalented (Or, My Ongoing Struggle)


So I arrived in New Zealand a week ago.  I just moved here from the USA and…. ugh…. well I got strep throat my second day here and it put my life on hold….YOU KNOW WHAT, lets not talk about that.

The point is, I’m feeling better now and I have started job hunting and looking for places to live and you know what? …I think I got what i wished for…. and its making me feel like shit.

Kiwis (What you call people from New Zealand for those out there who are confused)  are insanely cool and talented people. And it makes me feel like shit.  Like, if you have ever read my blog you know, I constantly feel like I’m lost and aimless in life and just suck at everything I do…. and this country isn’t going to make me feel any better.

Take this for example:  I went to go visit a house to live in and meet the flatmates.  They were like, “oh, I work for Air New Zealand, oh and I do graphic design work for Microsoft, and oh Im an executive for Coca Cola…..”

“Ive only worked in retail and restaurants and I can’t seem to connect with another human being ever and because of that I struggle with depression and anxiety and panic attacks”

But obviously as anyone reading this blog knows….that makes us sound crazy.  So what do we do?  We keep it inside.  Instead we go “Oh my god thats so cool!  You guys are so talented!” 

We then walk home.  Heads between our legs wondering why life is such a struggle for us.  Why it seems we can’t do anything right.  Why the sun never shines for us.  Why we never get lucky.


Yeah keep smiling bitch… you’ll probably get a perfect score on your ACT.  Enjoy Harvard and your lifetime on possibilities

Ugh its great to just vent sometimes….

Anyways, another example.  This guy who has kind of become my friend here (I say kind of because I never see to have real friends.  Just people who kind of sometimes are there).   He is from Malaysia and has traveled the world and is mega talented and edits videos….not for fun.  Like its his job he is making money doing this shit.  He has had travel photography published and is a computer wiz and has friends and all that shit that I don’t have. The other day he is like, “Oh yeah so I’m leaving New Zealand in 2 weeks to go spend a few months in Indonesia.  My friend is a reporter and Ill be doing all the photography for his stories”.

And again. I just want to jump off a building because why am I alive?  Why is a waste of a life like me around all these insanely happy talented people?  But again. we tell ourselves to HOLD IT IN!  ITS WHAT WE DO!  If they knew how we actually felt they would hate us. so once again I say, “Wow! You’re so cool and talented, I hope you have a great time!”

So thats why I’m writing this post:

Im sure there are people out there who feel like me.  So, what do we do?  Well Ive got bad news for you.  As much as Id love to go on a killing spree or jump of a bridge or something, none of that will help out problems.

We have to keep going.  We have to keep our chin up.  We have to keep trying.  We have to work and hope tomorrow holds a brighter future.  We need to come together and help other people who are struggling.

Perhaps we need to treat others with the kindness we were never given.  It is hard and it sucks to admit life let us down.  But maybe by helping others we can prevent them from slipping through the cracks.  And maybe that will make us feel better too. And who knows, it may even make us feel accomplished and talented and useful.


Do just one thing good for someone else tomorrow.  I know I will,

~ The Dark Horse  (I think I’ve tried to proof read this but I was just on a role writing my feelings down so it probably isn’t perfect, sowyz!)

9 thoughts on “What To Do When You Feel Untalented (Or, My Ongoing Struggle)

  1. I believe that our constant feeling of being inadequate is due to the excessive amount of pressure we allow society to place upon us. The key is to stop thinking we are our qualifications, or our job or our achievements. I don’t mean to sound patronising or anything but I think you should look at yourself: what you love doing and what you want to do. Then do it and stop comparing yourself to the world. Just like you avoid screaming at people who show off their achievements, in order to be socially acceptable, it is quite plausible that they put on a good face and make their lives out to be brilliant, excluding all the negative. Here’s a couple of posts you may find interesting (one is mine):



    Ps. you’re writing style is well humorous. I like!

    1. well hey i think what we both need to do is hang in there (Insert post of a cat hanging on a ledge) I know its corny and what everyone says, but hey, i think life is worth living we just gotta learn to live it and not just go with the flow 🙂

  2. Try and keep some perspective – a beer drinking buddy always likes to remind me that we have it pretty good – that if it were 200 years ago you would be a subsistence farmer just trying to stay alive…

    And, the others are right: figure out what you love – and do it – if it takes a long time to get there. And for crying out loud – stop comparing yourself to others – that’s a game you are guaranteed to lose!

    1. Yeah, thats a lesson Im learning as I grow up. One thing that I did was I bought John Waters book “Make Trouble” Its a transcript of his commencement speech to the Rhode Island School of Design (you can also watch it free on youtube). Whenever I need a boost in motivation and some humor I flip through a few pages. But yeah he says the same thing. I think the exact line is something like, “A job in the arts is like hitchhiking. You may stand there for a while, but all it takes is one person to pull over, and then you’re off!”

  3. Hello I know exactly how you feel. I’m from Malaysia:) And after seeing your post about the guy from Malaysia being so talented, I just want to die right now. I have a few friends from my class, and we are all supposed to be doing our final year project to be passed up on 15 December, which is 5 days away! I’m here struggling to finish my project and just trying to PASS, and my friends are chatting on the whatsapp groupchat and they’re playing steam games! NOW. In this crucial moment of our final year projects where I’m struggling to even pass, they are playing games!!! I just feel so useless and lame and I always work hard or at least try and my projects always turn out like shit, and then my friends don’t even seem to be trying and their projects turn out to look so damn professional and always get high marks and I don’t know anymore I just want a car to hit me right now.

    1. Casey, for starters, I love Malaysia. Your country is absolutely beautiful! I hope I get a chance to visit again soon.

      Secondly, TRUST ME, I TOTALLY GET WHERE YOU’RE COMING FROM! I’m always so annoyed by people who can do things so easily.

      I have a question for you to think about though: What is it that you want to be doing? Do you like what you study? Are you happy doing it? Also, sometimes our talents sprout in very strange and weird ways. For example, this whole blog started because I used to have horrible agoraphobia and I needed a way to reach out to others.

      If you could dream fo your perfect future, what would it be?

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