Ok, Let’s Talk In Vitro Versus Adoption


So let me start by saying this is sooooooo far off from what this blog is normally about, but I don’t care.   This issue has been a source of many debates between me and others in the past and yesterday it was brought up again and so I’ve decided to write about it.

I will begin by putting it all out there:  I am totally against In Vitro.

And this has nothing to do with a religious stance or bias or anything.  I am a gay atheist.  Trust me….Its not religious

But here is my main reason:

 It is a horrendous waste.

In Vitro costs 15,000 dollars per cycle. What I mean by “per cycle” is that in vitro doesn’t always work the first time.

In fact, the average success rate of in vitro is about 35%….which means a lot of women pay more than once.


Furthermore, and here is the most important one:

It is horribly selfish. 


Can your brains comprehend how many kids would love to have a home?   How many out there would love to come home with parents like you?  Parents who want a child so badly they are willing to spend almost twenty thousand dollars multiple times in order to have kids?

These kids were born to parents who literally threw them away.

Parents who didn’t want them, or were too young to handle them, or too poor to keep them.

If you’re able to get in vitro you are none of these things. 

Don’t deny kids a happy life simply because you want your baby to have your DNA


I mean really?  what is so damn special about your DNA anyways?   One could possibly say in vitro is pure narcissism.

In closing, think about others.  Don’t just think of the economic cost of in vitro.  Think of the social cost as well

~ The Dark Horse


2 thoughts on “Ok, Let’s Talk In Vitro Versus Adoption

  1. I think you would like the book I’m currently reading, Strangers Drowning, by Larissa MacFarquhar. It takes up the very issue of ethical choices and whether specific good or more good is better. I’m only a third of the way through it, but it’s already packed with examples and discussion about people striving to do the most good, even to the point of reducing their own circumstances. I think your opinion on in vitro probably matches a lot of what this author is saying.

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