Staying Happy When You’re Feeling Down


Now look….obviously, I try to keep my blog high-brow (cough cough)…. ok, I do swear a lot, and Im pretty sure Ive talked about quite a few racy topics, but anyways in general my blog is more than just stupid pictures that make people laugh….

having said that, there is no shame in doing WHATEVER you have to do to make yourself happy when you start feeling depressed or stressed or sad.

So, lets blatantly, shamelessly, and whole-heartedly allow ourselves to be happy right now , sound good?  Don’t judge me and I won’t judge you.  Deal?  Sweet!

For starers, a good animal picture ALWAYS makes you happy.  I don’t care what you say, or how many allergies you have to whatever animal you have allergies to.  Animals are fucking hilarious.


Homeowners drove home to find their dog stuck in a shrub…..with clearly no place to go.




This is clearly how the creators of Lost wrote the script:





Still not feeling better?  Well perhaps this will help.   One of my favorite ironies of this world is that once you hit a certain level of wealth dressing to be cool and popular doesn’t even matter to you anymore.   And you suddenly start becoming interested with fashion that ranges from weird to ugly to ugly-weird….and it all costs over 10,000 dollars:




I want to ask “why???” again but instead I find myself asking, “…..what?”




Perhaps this is was inspired by the movie TRON meets  Bob The Builder? (All the rage in Paris I’m sure)




Oh ok I see, you’re one of those sappy people who wants a video filled with heart warming tales to brighten your day?   Well I’ve got one of those too!  BAM BABY!



Well perhaps a diva llama will brighten your day?



How about a sassy soon-to-be-fashionista?



How about this lovely executive who is about to give you a raise…..quid pro quo



Ok, then this doggy driver has to make you at least giggle!


Alright well I hope I made at least some of you smile!   I know I had a good time writing this post so at least thats one person who is feeling better today!

Remember you’re strong, you can make it through the day!

~ The Dark Horse

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