Learning To Live Life (Which Is Actually Insanely Hard To Do)



So I had a real shit weekend.  In that weekend I re-recognised something I had forgotten recently.  Your pain and your suffering means nothing to anyone else.   (Well, if you’re fortunate enough to have a close family, a spouse who loves you, or VERY good close and REAL friends theres an exception)  However, if you’re reading this blog Im guessing you’re probably in the same boat as me and you don’t have any of that.

So before we go any further we need to let that sink in:

Very Little In Life Has Meaning, And Very Few People Will Ever Care About You. 


Especially in our modern age of excess we live in.  Capitalism has ruined our brains turning us into consumers rather than humans.  According to our society, togetherness no longer means anything.  Now happiness is found in that shirt from Abercrombie and Fitch that will make you look sexy.  That BMW that will make you look wealthy, That new I-Phone that will make you trend and up-to-date.

Getting likes on Facebook and Instagram makes people feel better than striking up a chat with someone on the train who made them laugh.

Its all about popularity, sex, drugs, alcohol, and party. 


But what does that mean to us?  Obviously if you’re reading this blog you’re not that type of person, otherwise you wouldn’t be searching for more.  Well, I have some shit news for you all.  I think it means we will all mostly be alone or mostly alone forever.   Our goal is to find those few other people who are like us.  Who still want to connect.  Who still want to learn.  Who still want to live.

And Bitches, this shit won’t be easy. 

We are the salmon swimming upstream.  And I wish I had an answer for you guys out there.  I wish I knew where others like us were.  Im reminded of that song ‘One Day Ill Fly Away’.  I wish there was just some place where i could fly away to and find all those people I’ve been looking for.  All the pain, the loneliness, the dread, the misery…..it was all just gone.  I finally felt like a normal person.  I had friends.  Friends I trusted, friends I didn’t think would leave me at the drop of a hat…

Sadly, that place doesn’t exist

So where do we go then?   Well I think we need to be true to ourselves.  Thats probably step one.  Don’t mold yourself to fit in with others.   Take some time remember who you are.  What you believe in.  What you want from life.  What makes you happy.


Then I would suggest trying anything and everything.  Thats what Im about to do.

Tinder, Meetup.com, OkCupid, Knocking on neighbors doors, Fuck talk to strangers why not?  Whats the worst that can happen?  You lose all your friends??? HAHAHAHAHA….. oh, we already don’t have any…..


oh…. just some twisted depression humor.


So anyways, yeah I guess thats it?    We gotta pick ourselves up and start from there?  What do you guys think?


~ The Dark Horse



5 thoughts on “Learning To Live Life (Which Is Actually Insanely Hard To Do)

  1. To your invitation, I think (I know that) I respectfully disagree with the perspectives you express herein. Then again, if your words are truly just some twisted depression humor, then I’ll reflect on them through that lens. The latter is palatable. 🙂

  2. My friend, trying anything and everything won’t help. Trust me, throwing yourself into all the crap that life has to offer isn’t going to make you feel better long term. You may like it, for a time. Maybe OkCupid, Tinder, all that jazz will allow you to meet someone amazing. Maybe. But I don’t think so. There’s still an awful lot of shallow crap out there to wade through. /sigh/ I understand having a shit weekend. I know what it’s like to feel like you have a crap life, and no one understands you, and how nothing you do really matters. But y’know what? I believe that it does. I believe that all the little things add up to something amazing. Those little kindnesses you perform for your friends (whether they understand you or not, my man), the jokes you tell a stranger to perk them up, the sweet gestures that nobody notices because you want to make people feel better…they matter. But unless you start believing it, they won’t. Your life is only going to be worthwhile once you stop needing folks to understand you. If you need your validation from others, you’ll usually be left high and dry. I know you’ve experienced that one >.< So, you've got a choice to make. You choose, today and every day, that you'll do your best, try to do good, and do what you can for yourself and others, regardless of what anyone else thinks. Or, don't. Live your life the way the "commoners" do. Which, by the way, calling non-INFJs commoners is kinda fucked, my man. You're putting yourself on a pedestal, when all you do is feel things much more strongly. Don't let your unique qualities make you arrogant, dude. That's another thing you've got to choose day by day, moment by moment. Choose who you're gonna be, and then go for it. But make your choice, and live with it. That's all there is to it, man. Good luck 😉

    1. nah man i don’t think I’m that great at all. Calling non-INFJ commoners is just a way to balance the scale. To make people who feel different or isolated feel like theyre not so different.

      There is a massive difference between the haves making fun of the have-nots than the have-nots making fun of the haves. But i assure you there is no negative intentions In my posts and I’m sorry if you feel that way.

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