Cinderella said to Snow White “How does love get so off course”: Or, Don’t Let Fuckers Walk All Over You


Alright people, lets get one thing straight here.   Your very owFo n Dark Horse is a very lonely desperate person.   But, I am not pathetic.   I will not let people walk all over me, and recently I had to drop a friend I had made here because well…. he wasn’t a fucking friend.  He was in short…a cunt.

For anyone out there who doesn’t read my blog on a regular basis… (which lets be real is probably almost everyone reading this) I have recently met a backpacker and we have become very close friends. Closer than I’ve ever been with anyone in my entire life.  Im finally learning what a real friend looks like.

And what this is also is proving to me that I’ve been right that the friendships I’ve tried in the past and have dropped because everything just felt wrong was….well…. actually wrong.  And I was right.

So, there is this “friend” I had made here.  A cocky, but very attractive asshole.   I was his friend because I was enamored by his popularity.  His looks.  His ability to make other guys just fall into his lap at every turn.

However, I also had to deal with having a friend who didn’t give a fuck about anything to anyone but himself.  A friend who lived the life of pretty people… gay bars every night, cocaine, sex, cigarettes, alcohol, MDMA, ecstasy, and the desire to post it all to social media to impress his adoring fans.


And this is how I felt the entire time….



For me, it was always a struggle.  I don’t drink or do drugs.  I value deep friendships, not ones that are only made based on someone’s physical appearance and if they’ll put out or not.

I never felt comfortable and I always felt like I could be dropped at any time.

I confronted him about this and of course he acted like he didn’t care.  So I decided to stand up for myself and get real:




I kindly let him know that I didn’t feel like he was my real friend and that he never would be.  So I told him I’d keep hanging out with him because I had nobody else, but the second I found a real friend I’d stop talking to him so he wouldn’t have to deal with me much longer.

Believe me….. this pissed him off and the bitchy little 12 year old girl who lived inside him (the one I always knew was inside) finally came out and threw a little hissy fit.

I refused to take back anything I said and I let him know that I was going to go and never contact him again, but if he ever got bored he was more than welcome to message me….as long as he understood that I was only going to be his friend until I made other better friends.


Long story short, we haven’t talked since and DAMN IT FEELS GOOD 

Listen up people, Im a wild and untamed thing!  WE ALL ARE!!!!!



Anyone reading this blog.  Most likely you’re reading it because you’re going through something and trust me, whatever you’re struggling with is making you a stronger and better person.   So don’t let little cunts bring you down.   The commoner will most likely never understand or get us.   So lets stop wasting our time trying to fit in with them.


Lets embrace our differences and enjoy the ride that life is taking us down.  LETS LET OUR TRUE COLORS SHOW!!!!!!



Believe in me and ill believe in you.  Believe in yourself and ill believe in myself.  lets all just believe in each other!  Were in together people!


like a wise mad scientist once said,

Don’t Dream It, Be It.

~ The Dark Horse

This was sooooooooo not proofread.

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