Wentworth Miller (Or Probably The Coolest Depressed Person In The World)


Ok now Im guessing most of you are thinking one of 3 things:

1.)  You’re saying, “Oh God, another gay, depressed, anxious person crushing on Wentworth Miller….. how annoying”.  To you I say: fuck you cunt.  And then Ill give you a big smack across the face.

2.) You’re saying, “Who is Wentworth Miller?”   To you people I say, (and in my giddiest -little-12-year-old-girl -crushing-on-someone voice)  OMG JUST KEEPING READING YOULL FIND OUT!

3.)  You’re like me, and are already saying, “OMG OMG OMG OMG WENTWORTH!!!!” (And then you melt into a puddle.  The kind of puddle that only Wentworth Miller can melt you into…. well Zac Efron does it too.  And Chad Michael Murray.   And that blonde guy from Twilight…. is that Callum Lutz?  Kellen Lutz?   Whatever, his name isn’t important, only his six pack and jawline are.

Anyhoo, I invite all of you to keep reading.  Especially if you’re anyone with depression, anxiety, panic, or any other slew of mental problems, or even people who are recovering from trauma.    Because Wentworth actually is a really good role model.


Ok so lets go back to the beginning.  Wentworth rose to massive fame as the star of the FOX show Prison Break.



The show shot him up to celebrity status and made him an instant sex symbol.   However after Prison Break ended he started to keep a low profile and almost became a no-name until this picture hit the internet:


Soon scandal was in the air and he became a joke in the tabloids.


However, in 2013 Wentworth began to take control of his life again.  In fact, he even came out in a very brave way.  Russia invited him to attend a film festival.  However, due to the lack of human rights in that country, especially towards the LGBT (LGBTQA?)  (LGBTQAI?)  (LGBTQQIP2AA?)  Good lord, come on gays, we need to get control of our acronym.

Anyways the letter said this:


Following that letter, Wentworth went and spoke at the annual HRC Dinner and gave an amazing speech.  For the full speech check it out here:


In that speech he discussed his dealing with depression, mental illness, and even suicide.  So there it is people, even insanely sexy people like Wentworth Miller deals with the issues we deal with. He discussed about how hard it was to be closeted in Hollywood (which i can imagine is absolute hell) and talked about his struggle to come out.  The one line from that speech that I absolutely love is when he says: “When someone asked me if that was a cry for help, I said no, because I told no one. You only cry for help if you believe there’s help to cry for”.

That line always burns into me so deep and heavily.  I think we all know what its like to cry for help and have nobody hear us…. so after a while, we stop crying.  We hold it in.  We let it grow inside us.  We let it consume us.  We then let it become us.  We end up being the ugly grizzly mess that we tried so hard to eliminate by reaching out to others.

It is at that point that so many of turn to suicide.   That feeling is just too awful.  Too ugly and evil to live with.  And so people decide to not live with any longer.


But listen up people, here is where Wentworth made the change.  He opened up.   He decided to make it public.  He decided to reach out for help again.   And THAT IS WHAT WE ALL NEED TO LEARN TO DO.

Lets let that ugliness go.   Lets be better.  We are all pure, do you know that?  We are probably some of the purest people out there.  Why you ask?


Well, BECAUSE WE STILL FEEL. We are like children with hearts so big and open they are willing to feel it all.  The intense joys, but also the intense pains.  And unfortunately for most of us,  what we feel most of the time is the pain. 

Thats right.  We have not given in to the modern world.  Having a good body, an Instagram account, and a line of coke at a popular club isn’t enough for us.   We haven’t numbed ourselves down to the level of the commoner.  And people, never do!   I know right now you feel so much pain, but I PROMISE you that being able to feel the intense lows means you can also feel intense highs.

Remember the famous line from Teddy Roosevelt, “For those who fight for it life has a flavor the sheltered will never know”

Ok, now look at this face:


and look at this one:


and now look at this:


This is the face of a man who has been suicidal, depressed, and forced to live a life that was a lie.   And is he still sexy?  FUCK YEAH HE IS!

So what does this mean for us?   Well, its inspiration.   Its proof that even though right now we all feel so old, so broken, and so dead inside…We can come out the other end and actually be healthy, beautiful, and ready to kick ass.

So what shall we do? ….

kick ass of course


~ The Dark Horse

..Was this proofread?  I think maybe….I was kind of obsessing over Wentworth Miller so not sure how effective my proof reading was… WAIT WAIT OMG IS THAT WENTWORTH MILLER eating Twizzlers?


OMG, no time to proofread I have to go… um…. take a really long shower!

6 thoughts on “Wentworth Miller (Or Probably The Coolest Depressed Person In The World)

    1. Well, Im going to take more time for myself and try to live the life I want, not the life people say I should have.

      where am i going to start? Well, step 1 is that I’m learning to believe in myself again, even if nobody else does. Because nobody can ever achieve greatness if they don’t think they can

  1. I loved Prison Break! And this line you quoted: “When someone asked me if that was a cry for help, I said no, because I told no one. You only cry for help if you believe there’s help to cry for”. Spot on.

  2. May I please apologize ahead of time for the length of my post. Couldn’t help it–*NEEDED* to get this all out 🙂
    Good God I LOVE this man– I respect and admire the HELL outta him!!! I had never even heard his name until episode one of “Prison Break” back in 2005. I instantly was HOOKED on the show and YES, like probably 99% of all women watching, I was so instantly and completely attracted to him– he is BEAUTIFUL. Not to mention his mannerisms, his sexy smile and laugh.. all the interviews I saw of him, he couldn’t have been more respectful and well-spoken and EVERYTHING ELSE THAT IS GOOD 🙂 So, I intently watched all four seasons of “Prison Break”, was BUMMED OUT when it ended.. 😦 Didn’t see or hear anymore about him, until all of a sudden in 2016, word starts trickling out that the show is COMING BACK!!! OH HAPPY DAY OH HAPPY DAY!!!! :0) So I started gobbling up everything on TV and online that I could about it. In doing so, I came across the letter he had penned to the Russian Film Festival. Uhhhh…WHAT?!! “Did i read that right”!?!!-I said to myself… Here I had been such a HUGE fan of this man from Day One, and I didn’t know this fact about him! I then happened upon his speech at the Human Rights Campaign in Seattle– I watched and listened so intently, and I cried the whole time. I could not believe this beautiful, gentle, kind, intelligent, well-spoken and charismatic man, had been suffering through so many things for so long. I saw myself in him as well– I suffer from crippling anxiety and trauma.. depression.. never was suicidal, but yet always felt that ‘if something doesn’t change, I don’t know WHAT I’ll do’,,, to listen to him speak of suffering with these things, to hear him say, “..the FIRST TIME I tried to commit suicide, I was 15 years old”‘ OH. MY. GOD. –and to listen to him speak of being on the receiving end of utter CRAP from absolutely idiotic people who didn’t like him being gay..who didn’t like him being of mixed race. I watched that speech five times in a row that first night. I cried so much. I was this HUGE fan of Wentworth Miller- I didn’t know I could love him anymore than I already did– but then in reading him speak of his depression/anxiety/trauma/suicide attempts and having to deal with racist and homophobic bastards his whole life–my love and admiration for this man went into an entirely different level. Wentworth, YHANK YOU– you have given this imperfect girl a lot of joy, a lot of entertainment, (and YES, a lot of ‘fantasies;) –you have also now given this flawed girl a lot of HOPE, and some strength I didn’t know I possessed…and I will forever admire and look up to you, I will forever be inspired by you– I will take cues from you forever 🙂 THANK YOU, Mr. Wentworth Miller!!! You are one OUTSTANDING human being 🙂 GOD BLESS YOU
    With HUGELY ABUNDANT admiration and gratefulness,
    Julie :0)

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