Being Near People Helps With Depression


So, its a well known fact being around other people can really help with depression….however, it also seems to be a fact that so many of us fail to realize.  Perhaps its because when were feeling down all we want to do is just lie under the covers.  Or we don’t want to have to pretend to be happy around others.  Or maybe its even just that in our depressive lows we feel so disconnected from other humans that we ourselves don’t even feel human.

I put this to the test tonight (right now in fact) and I have to admit, it works.

So my day started out pretty well. I went to the gym this morning and then met my friend in the city for lunch.   What was supposed to be me and my friend hanging for the day turned into just an hour for lunch and then he went home because he was hungover.   So there I was, its 3pm and I’m bored with nothing to do for the rest of the day.

So I wandered around the city for another hour.

Then I come home and I cook a really intensive dinner (because what else do I have to do?)

Then I started watching a movie….


But then about 40 minutes into the movie I got restless.  I’m home alone watching a movie when everyone else is out having a fun night.

So I make some tea and wander around the apartment.  Clean a bit.   Do some dishes.  Hate my life…..think about how lonely I am…. start the dishwasher…. dread the idea of my life being like this forever…wipe the counter…. endlessly wonder why I have to be so different from everyone else….


Then before I know it, Im in my bed with the lights turned off and the door closed at 8pm.


My flatmate comes home and turns on all the lights in the living room and turns on the TV and I can tell he’s watching Transformers.    So my initial thought is, “Well this is fucking great now my apartment is noisy and bright, God fucking damn everything!”


**This is an accurate representation of my face when he came home**

But then I sat there and was like… wait a second??? Didn’t I want this all along?  To not be alone?    To not be stuck by myself?

So I decided I was going to muster the energy to just sit in the living room.  Wasn’t going to start a conversation, or anything.   Just sit and whip out my computer and just be in the presence of life.

And it worked!

Im writing this to you feeling much better.  We’ve talked a little, but he’s on his iPad, I’m writing this, and the TV is on.  Its just nice to know you’re not stuck alone.   To have some kind of other aura there to feel.  To not feel destitute and not feel so isolated.

Right now were chatting about the movie Galaxy Quest.



If you’ve never seen it I totally recommend a watch!


Ok well thats it for tonight!  No big life lesson or ground-shaking revelations… just a friendly reminder to keep yourself social and active.  Its the key to killing off depression!


~ The Dark Horse

2 thoughts on “Being Near People Helps With Depression

    1. EXACTLY! Always always always do something like that when you’re feeling down! I remember when i first started getting anxiety, I would feel accomplished if I could just leave my apartment without having a panic. I remember I used to go to this cafe at the corner and get a tea and blog and I would just be so thrilled that I was at a cafe haha…. even though it was literally a 1 minute walk from my apartment! reward yourself and keep up the good work because it pays off!

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