Treat Your Mind Like A Garden


So I had this conversation with someone the other day and it was kind of eye-opening.

In my life I struggle with two main things:  First, is that my social life is a mess.  Ive never been on a date or been in love and Ive never really had any friends.   Secondly, I want to do something with my life.   Like something big!  I don’t want just a 9 to 5.  I want a job with meaning.  With value!  With excitement and challenge!


It seems like whenever I go hard and focus on one, the other falls apart.  And when the other falls apart, whatever I’m focusing on also falls apart.

This is how we talked about the garden analogy.


 He said, “Imagine your mind is like a garden. You have all these different plants.   Say, maybe only 5 even.    A Basil plant, a cucumber plant,rosemary, mint, and a tomato plant.   Now say you’re really focused on making your tomato plant grow and invest all your energy. in it. So you water it twice a day everyday and sit next to it and sing to it, constantly move it around so its always in perfect sun, and sprinkle miracle grow when necessary.

What happens to the other four plants? 

We have an immaculate tomato plant but are surrounded by a rotting garden.


Now its time to go cook ourselves a meal and what do we have? ….Tomatoes.  Thats what we have, and thats all we have.

So thats like life.    Its all about balance.   We can’t neglect parts of ourselves or our needs and obsesses over just a small portion because we will never get anywhere that way.

Don’t let yourself rot away because you haven’t been taking care of yourself!


So thats all for today.  short easy post, but very useful (at least for me)

Now pull those weeds, water your plants, and reap the benefits!

~ The Dark Horse


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