Being Sick And Having Depression And Anxiety


Ah yes you all know the feeling.   The fickle hand of death is at your door.  You’re sick. (Well, I am right now at least).  All the bells and whistles are here! The runny nose, cough, soar throat, and then we have that fun little extra dimension…. we get all the depression and anxiety too!  And really, when is it ever worse than when were sick?

You know that feeling?  You’re laying at home sick.  You’re In bed, but its sunny outside.   Finally your external body feels as shitty as your internal one does all the time.  And we have nothing but time people…. time to regret the past, hate the present, and dread the future.



Normally when you’re sick the best thing to do is to get out in the world.  Escape the trappings of your mind.  But when you’re sick you can’t.  You are currently in hell.


So what do we do?  How do we get through this shitfest?   Well a few tips from me:


1.)  MOVIES MOVIES MOVIES MOVIES!   BUT THEY MUST BE HAPPY OR EXCITING ONES!  This is not the time to break out that 3 hour long Oscar winning drama you’ve been meaning to watch.   Save that shit for…. well…. ok seriously, why are you wasting your time with those shitty films anyway?   You want a drama?  Look in the mirror, thats what I do.



No, its chick flick time!  (Love Actually?)  or Inspiring travel film time! (Best Exotic Marigold Hotel?) or daring space odyssey (The 5th Dimension?)   break out the good shit people!



2.) Hot tea!   DRINK UP BITCHES!   cold?  Drink tea.  Bored? Drink tea.  Tired?  Drink tea.  Keep it flowing.  Imagine its Saturday night at the club.   Down that tea like its some shitty Cosmo.


See this lady knows how its done!




3.)   Always remember in one week things will be better!   Your nose won’t always be like this.   You will feel better.  I promise!   Still don’t believe me?  Well give it a week then check back in








Feel better!

~ The Dark Horse









7 thoughts on “Being Sick And Having Depression And Anxiety

    1. yes finally feeling better and thank god too! Im taking a trip to Bali in 10 days (to be honest tho I’m kind of relieved cuz its been a while since i was sick so now i at least can know i probably won’t get sick there haha!)

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