Dealing with Mental Illness And Not Feeling Alone.



So dealing with mental health issues is probably one of the worst hells anyone can go through.   One of the reasons why its so bad is because nobody understands.  How many times have you guys tried talking about this with others and you’ve gotten some bullshit line like, “OMG me too!  I used to be depressed and I like totally get anxiety sometimes….”

In my head I simply pull out a pistol, but in reality I’m just like…”Ugh huh”.  And then I know to never talk to them about it again.    Unfortunately due to social stigma, people thinking were just drama queens, and just a complete lack of anyone being able to comprehend how its possible to live a life in pure misery…We almost always feel alone and isolated.



However, I have great news!   It is possible to feel like we are a community.   Support groups, counseling, and online communities can show us were not alone.    Yes it is true that we are statistically not the majority.    But hey, look at the commoners out in the world.  Would you really want to live in a blissful ignorance like them?   At least were able to feel emotion….granted they’re normally not good ones.  But hey, Id rather feel something than be numb.

For me personally this blog has helped me so much.   And I just want to say thank you for anyone and everyone who reads it, likes it, and comments on it.   You guys have no idea how amazing I feel when someone leaves a comment on a post.   It brings the biggest smile to my face.  Like one time I turned no my computer and saw this:

“I Just stumbled upon your page… Your words are like getting a hug on a rainy day. I am also an INFJ and a sagittarius. I had the same experience as you when I learned about it.. everything just fell into place. I am also living currently alone abroad..I have this feeling like I can finally breath again. But at the same time I have been thinking for quite some time about the fact that what I crave for is to find someone who would really see me, look past the mask, love whom I could give my love to. Sometimes I just think it is an impossible wish.”


I think its amazing that through this anonymous blog people can feel so moved that they open up.   It is literally exactly what I hoped would happen by making this blog.




So what does it mean for you guys?

Well it means a few things:

1.)   You brighten my day, and hopefully I brighten yours.  Thats a win-win in my book and I think thats fucking awesome!

2.) If you’re feeling alone or isolated, pick up a hobby! This blog has been amazing for me because I love writing.   But think of your passion!  Always wanted to play an instrument?  get into fitness?  Travel the world and meet others while staying in a hostel?   GO FOR IT PEOPLE! 

3.)  Need help or inspiration? is a great place to start.   There are literally groups in your area for honestly everything and anything.    Think thats weird or feel like you’ll be an outcast?   Go to a UFO observing night or people who want to meet up and hunt for Bigfoot…. I can guarantee you that everyone in those groups will be outcasts and therefore you’ve got nothing to worry about!

4.) Buddhist Temples are another great place to go.   These temples are usually open to anyone wishing to gain inner peace. Buddhists are really awesome with the whole not-judging-others thing and if you go and say you have no idea what you’re doing you’ll most likely find someone willing to give you a hand.

5.) If all else fails and you’re really struggling.   ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS call your local lifeline. I promise you from experience that they’re not just for suicide.  They are there for anyone going through an emotional crisis.  And if calling them up just to cry your ass off because you feel so alone THEN GUUUUUUUUURRRRRRLLLL YOU GO AND DO IT.  




Remember, there is always hope!

~ The Dark Horse

(Im pretty sure this was proofread… but Idk…. theres probably some mistakes here and there :p )


6 thoughts on “Dealing with Mental Illness And Not Feeling Alone.

  1. I love this “yeah I was depressed and now I totally get like anxiety sometimes” …honey anxiety is NOT a sometimes thing.

    If I had a dollar for every time….

    Blogging certainly does give someone who’s a bit cracked anonimity (is that even a word¿) to express oneself and reach out.

    Online communities are a fantastic way for CCs (my family refer to themselves as certified crazies) to have an open forum where they can just be them. Paranoid….no problems. Agoraphobic…we totally get you man. Depressive phase…here are some words of support to hopefully splash your grey with some colour. Manic… Here is a great link to get some relaxing techniques!

    Love reading your blog

    1. hey thanks! always great to know people are enjoying this! and yeah i completely agree when someone described having anxiety because they “sometimes” get upset i just sit there and have to roll my eyes and let a big yawn hahahah

  2. A really great post. 🙂 My blog has been really wonderful for me too. Healing. And the support from other bloggers have gotten me through many a dark moment. A classic example is my latest post… I realized just how much people actually DO care by the comments left. People worrying, emailing. Thanks for mentioning the lifeline thing… I had no idea that I could call them even if I wasn’t on the verge of suicide, lol. I’ll put that to use whenever I’m feeling totally alone in this world. Your posts are uplifting. ❤

    1. thats great!!!!!!! Yes its always good to realize that maybe things are actually better tan we originally thought! (with depression that doesn’t happen very often haha) and yes yes yes LIFELINE is always there, i recommend to let anyone and everyone know that too! its a great resource

  3. Oh i am so happy i found this.
    Your articles have really inspired me and i admire your courage and honesty and you make me laugh too, its too funny.
    Thank you so much

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