The Daily Grind Really Is Killing Us


So the other week I made a post about how the daily grind is killing us and I feel like it came off as really crazy.  Like in an “I was an old man yelling at kids for being in his lawn” type of way.   And then wouldn’t you know it…. a few days ago I open the paper and what article do I see?  THE DAILY GRIND IS KILLING YOU was the title, and it was staring me right in the face.   And to make things even better, the study was conducted in my home state.   (Great job Ohio….you bunch of fuckers).


Anyways the study says that hating your job during your 20’s and 30’s leads to increased health issues in your 40’s and beyond.    Stress and misery it seems, is literally going to kill us.


So what does this mean for us?  Well for me, it means I need to live my life.  I need to not settle for things I don’t want.    Bad jobs that bore me to death and that are beneath me need to stop.  I can’t keep picking the lowest hanging fruit simply because I fear failing.

And furthermore, look:  If being stressed and miserable at work kills us, I’m sure that being stressed and miserable in all other aspects of our life is also killing us.    Those of us who are struggling in life:  The depressed, the anxious, the scared, the abused, the all-around miserable.   We need to fight so hard so we don’t end up as just another statistic in this study.


Im not ready to give up and dammit neither should you guys!


Fight on my friends!

~The Dark Horse


3 thoughts on “The Daily Grind Really Is Killing Us

  1. Darn right! It’s the fight. And I have enough chronic health issues both mentally and physically to deal with now in my 20’s…oh my god I’m going to be 30 next year…oh my god. I still insist what I said at 16 when my health went to crap is that I’ve been through the health ringer during my youth and therefore I shall have to be doing cartwheels as an energetic 102 year old.

    1. hahah you know Barbie, you were the first blog I ever followed. And I’ve been reading your blog since late 2013 or early 2014 (if i recall we actually started our blogs around the same time) and yes i completely agree with you. I say similar things. I feel like I had to grow up so fast at such a young age that hopefully in my 30s and 40s all the growing up and loss of innocence is over, and hopefully I finally become a playful child-at-heart who lives the life he always wanted 🙂

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