Being INFJ During The Trump Era


So is anyone else out there having a horrid, dying, rotting feeling inside?   Like you’re watching The Empire Strikes Back?  And you’re just watching the Empire somehow constantly win and destroy everything?

Yeah…. you’re not alone.  As INFJ’s we are in for 4 or 8 years of absolute hell.  Because Donald Cunt, I mean, Donald Trump, is everything we stand against.


But hey, sit down, pour yourself some tea, and refrain from killing yourself for at least 10 more minutes to read this post because you know what?  We are in this together and there is strength in numbers. 

Let’s start with the problems of this pathetic presidency: 

For starters, as INFJ’s we have an inherent sense of altruism that runs through us.   Helping each other for the greater good, using kindness rather than hatred, and leaving society better than how found it, are how we live our lives.    In fact, many INFJ’s see helping people as their purpose in life.  Which is why so many go on to be humanitarians, therapists, and social provocateurs.   We are the movers and the shakers in this world because we KNOW that goodness wins.

So for us to watch this:

cunt1cunt2Detroit Area Mosques Vandalizedcunt4



This shit kills us inside.     Because another part of being INFJ means that we are very sensitive.   This sensitivity is what gives us our amazing sense of empathy and our ability to know true pain.   And people, let me tell you…knowing that this shit is happening in my country causes me to feel true pain.     What makes everything even worse is that this is SUCH A SMALL SAMPLE OF HOW MANY OF THESE HAVE HAPPENED SINCE THE ELECTION! 

In fact, the Southern Poverty Law Center has cited over 1,000 reports of Trump-related hate crimes since the election.    It is fucking sickening.



Furthermore, INFJ’s have a great sense of intuition.   In fact,introverted intuition is our dominant trait. Just as birds somehow know to migrate in the winter over thousands of miles, we have an inherent and seemingly unearthly ability to just know things.

And people, I knew long before this happened…..



….. That Donald Trump shouldn’t be president.    And I have a feeling most of you did too.

Which is what crushed us so heavily during this election.  We, already knew what a crap-basket this man was, and then had to sit and watch him constantly do and say horrible things like:



and this:


and this:


And dear God…there are literally so many more…

We had to sit there, watching that, as we heard half of the country praise this man.   It was honestly heartbreaking for me.



Well, there is.  Because as INFJ’s we come from a long line of amazing people who have literally turned this world upside down.    Recognize any of these fellow INFJ’s?



Thats right!  We are the people who change this damn world.  And you know what, if Donald wants to try to ruin this country, then you can bet your sweet ass that we will be there to try our hardest to stop him.

And always remember, The Empire Strikes back was followed by Return Of The Jedi.  Because c’mon…. evil can’t win.  Especially when you’re as stupid and careless as our current president.

Remember to stay strong, you’re not alone in your pain and misery, and above all else try to change this world for the better!   Sign petitions, go to protests, treat others the way you’d like to be treated, and dear fucking god vote in 2020 and hopefully we may still have something resembling a country afterwards.





~ The Dark Horse

(no this wasn’t proofread… Donald Trump can’t even read so theres no need proofreading this for him)

26 thoughts on “Being INFJ During The Trump Era

  1. Thank you so very much for writing this post…as an INFJ it has been hard for me to express what it is about him that makes me despise that swamp creature to the level that I do! He sets off all the intuitive cellular alarms in my body, because I have always seen through his phony, charming mask. This is a man without a heart for others, and it physically pains me.

    I have just found your blog this morning, and will definitely go on to read future posts. Keep doing what you’re doing!! 💜

    1. hey there! Thanks so much! And ya, I think that intuitive nature I have just raised so many red flags for me about Trump from the start! It drove me insane! And the fact that so many people shouldn’t see it made it even worse!

  2. I can so relate to this! And, I as an American living in Britain, I am living the Brexit hell too. In fact, when Brexit vote happened in June 2016, I knew Trump would win in Nov. It all stems from the same thing – underlying rascism and the long term effects of the wealthy taking from the poor and then pointing blame to another place (and now we know about Russian involvement in both, as well). A stressful world for an IFNJ at the moment, but as you say, we are serious ass kickers!

      1. I study writing and literature at school, so I purposefully rebel on my blog hahah! There’s a freeing element to just put it out there ya know? But yeah, sometimes I’ll reread a blog post and be like… Oh god… I need to start proofreading this damn thing

    1. exactly! And yes, I have a lot of friends from Britain, and I have heard their stories of Brexit, and the methods of boiling up people’s emotions sound very similar to the Republicans here

  3. Misti here 🙂 INFJ through and through.

    This is exactly what this country needs. Be still and allow him to prove to you why he was the only man for the job. He’s doing INCREDIBLE things.

    He is imperfect. As you are. As we all are.

    Take him seriously. NOT literally.

    Perspective love.

    Hang In there.

    1. Wow, really have to restrain myself here. Misti, the kindest thing I can say is your Ni is seriously out of whack or you are most definitely not an INFJ. I completely understand that people have different perspectives, but Trump is so fundamentally against most of what INFJ’s stand for. Incredible things? Encouraging rascism, sexism, making fun of disabled people, people dying because he moved an embassy which every other country knew would damage a fragile peace process– none of that is very Fe. We are pretty good at spotting fakes, so either you are one or you are completely brainwashed. Be still, learn the facts and get some perspective, love.

    2. Altruistic you are not … therefore you are not an INFJ, and just like that… your ass is booted out of the club you so desired to be in.
      Perspective love. Perspective.

    3. I’m with you Misti. Goodness there are some mean folks out there thinking they are wonderful. The violence in the video and rally to kick some A$$ is not exactly tracking with being truly wonderful. Yes, hang in there. Keep learning from others and drop your hate. Really not helpful in a world that has plenty. God bless everyone and teach us to truly love and lead by example.

  4. Thank you! First timer here! Let me just say Thank Fucking God! Your the voice in my head. LoL
    Been aware of INFJ ability’s for quite awhile and belong to several FB groups which have been relatively quite the last week or so. I could only assume my fellows like myself where either hiding under the covers with all eclectronics off or they where mounting conter attack against the empire. I’ve had to take to sleeping with lemons in my hand to suck the negative emotions out of me when I hear /see that Jaba the Fashast Fuck is plotting with his storm troopers to icepick Ewoks in the heart! Tonight I’m laying in bed then it hit me. Google what my fellow Infj and Trump and how to not let the evil suck the life out of you and continue to be of beacon of hope even when you just think So this what is hell looks like.

    Thank you 🙏 I needed so much to read and see this tonight. You may find no proofreading was done and you know what ! I know you know!! Lol
    How many times this week I’ve had to go back and edit my post lol
    When anger grows my mind just goes and my hands do there best to keep up.

    1. Im glad you liked it! And im sorry for just now seeing this! Ive been in China all summer, so I havent been able to log on to here. But its been great coming back and seeing that people are enjoying my posts! my advice, when you’re stressed, write write write! (but fuck proofreading)

  5. This Trump Era has exhausted me. As a fierce protector of the bullied, the downtrodden, the “little guy”, especially from narcissists, I’m worn out. I feel like my adrenaline has been on overdrive for the past two years! I’ve protested, I’ve marched, and I’ll continue to do so. That SOB and his ilk will NOT win!

    1. I totally feel you there. I feel exhausted. But every time this country has a new mass shooting Im like, OK RIGHT. This is about way more than me being tired. Lives are on the line.
      And then I try to remain as energized as possible

  6. This is NOT right my fellow INFJ’s! Trump is literally being framed. Yes. He’s offensive but he only fires back when you throw the first punch. The whole media has turned on him and now their making us into their little mind warriors. Yes let’s the people riot for the Democratic Party. Did you know the Democratic Party started the KKK. London B Johnson literally said “I’ll have those n*ggers voting Democratic for the next 200 years.” Look it up. Honestly this whole thing is a sham. Who’s the racist party? CNN has had to redact stories because theyve have literally fabricated so many. We’re being lied to. And we as INFJ’s don’t need that extra stress thank you very much.

    1. You’re part of a cult. And I understand that as someone who is in a cult, you can’t see that. And I feel bad for you. But at the same time, your party is destroying our country, and so I’m forced to hold you and others who vote from Trump accountable. I wish you the best

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