INFJ Struggles With The Modern World



So, I was doing some INFJ reading today and I came across a site that talked about how INFJ’s will struggle with the modern workplace.  The quote that really got me was:

“INFJ women and men don’t perform well in modern corporate settings. They are sensitive and often altruistic. Such attributes don’t get rewarded in the rat race.”

And then it went on to give a list of some careers that INFJ’s would hate.  Some of them were things like:

1. Marketing
2. Sales
3. Advertising

And this makes sense.  These kinds of careers are all about helping large companies convince the masses that they need the products the large companies are selling.  You’re literally helping large companies fuck over the world.  And as INFJs, with our natural altruism, this is literally our hell.

Furthermore, the modern workplace just isn’t right for INFJs in general.  The ideals of getting promoted because you simply want more money, or “playing politics” to get ahead,  and just the drama of office culture in general…We INFJ’s literally couldn’t give less of a fuck about getting ahead at the office.   



As INFJs, we seek purpose and meaning, and our goal in life is to change the world for the better.  This also makes office life very hard because the trend in business is to give people repetitive tasks with the sole purpose of helping to increase profits for the company…  INFJ people out there, I can literally hear you sighing with dread right now.  And trust me, I’m right there with you.  This is our hell.  jobs that mean nothing.


Most INFJs crave creativity and meaning.  They say some good job choices for INFJs are:


Visual Artist





Non-Profit Work

Psychologist / psychiatrist 


Advocate Work 

You can see a common trend in all of these:  They allow the INFJ to be their own person.  Most of these jobs involve a good dose of creativity, whether it be artistic creativity, or the kind of creativity that allows psychologists to embrace the new challenges and demands that each new patient has.

They also don’t require the INFJ to work in some office setting under the watchful eye of their boss, and that boss’ boss, and so on.  It allows the INFJ to retain a good level of independence.

And most importantly, remember:  INFJs are vulnerable to things like burnout, depression, and anxiety when they don’t live the lives they want to. So, unfortunately we were not gifted with being able to live an easy life. Our choices are to fight our way through and change the world, or to slowly rot and die in misery.

Look, I know that isn’t the happiest news…but sadly, it’s the truth.  And always remember;

“For those who fight for it, life has a flavor the sheltered will never know”


~ Fight on people!

The Dark Horse


24 thoughts on “INFJ Struggles With The Modern World

    1. oh i’d say maybe a mix of both. I think when you write so openly about depression and anxiety, some people can get the wrong impression about you. Although, I wouldn’t say I’m ashamed of myself or anything

  1. Thank you for this. I’m a fellow INFJ and this short blog resonates with me. I am in my early 30s and have already tried a few different careers. If I had known that I was an INFJ earlier, I think that I would have understood better why some jobs did not work for me. I’m currently a stay-at-home mom and a freelance graphic designer.

      1. I love the design part, not the freelance part. I’m not a natural sales person, so sometimes I find it difficult to talk with clients. 🙂

      2. Oh man, I feel that one! I hate being a salesperson. I feel like I’m pushing things on people that they don’t actually need, and that makes me feel horrible

    1. I’m glad this post can resonate with you! I know that for me, as an infj, rinding things to relate to is hard. Having this blog and speaking to the internet has helped so much, because it’s shown me I’m not alone!

  2. INFJ.
    Being one is literally so frustrating because I have never found fellow infjs in real life.

    1. DUDE I FEEL THE SAME!!!! I’m always like…. where are these awesome people hiding? However, turning to the internet and writing about it on my blog has helped so much because it’s show me I’m not alone!

    1. Thanks! You should check out my post about INFJ’s and Donald Trump. These new rounds of Trump drama have really got me thinking about how much I was just foreseeing all of this during the election season.

  3. I am incredibly glad I found this blog! It is so difficult being INFJ. I think this is probably why I quit my job after about 3 months. But, alas, I require income. Hopefully better avenues will open for me once I complete my social work degree.
    This blog is amazing!!

    1. Thanks! I’m so glad you like it! And trust me, I have FOR SURE been there before. I’ve even had jobs where I went for like one day and was like… oh this vibe is just wrong…. and then never came back haha! Best of luck on your INFJ adventures!

  4. As an aged INFI I totally agree on all points (particularly the hell of being in sales, marketing advertising etc.) I’m so thankful to have decided to fight for the right to be myself and live my dreams. I have enjoyed a wonderful and fulfilling life as a private educator with art, writing and volunteer ventures thrown in (I was chuckling to see them all on the list). Discovering I was an INFI a few years ago was a revelation – no wonder I felt out of place in the crowd, we are a minority lol!
    Being a INFI is admittedly tough to begin with but it pays big dividends, “if you can to your own self be true you cannot be false to any man”.

    1. So true. You should read my post on INFJ and emotional intensity. It’s all about how we can feel instance loneliness, but can also feel a joy that the common man will never know!

  5. Truth! Live strong and free my fellow INFJ’s. Much love and respect to you all.
    It can be a lonely world. I’m glad to see small pockets of us communicating.

      1. Ok… So I have something to admit. I don’t use instagram (SSSHHHHAAAMMMEEE!!!!!). I know I know… How would that work exactly? You can have groups on Insta?

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