What Does This Dream Mean?


Alright everyone, I have some questions for you that I want answers to. For the past few weeks I’ve been having dreams – Weird and stressful dreams.


The first dream I’ve been having for every night for the past few weeks.  This is a “chase” dream.  There is always some man (sometimes with a knife in hand) chasing me and a group of other people around.  I always end up somehow on my own, and nothing ever goes right.

There will be locked doors I can’t get into, no police in sight, no weapons for me to sue to fight back, and of course it’s ALWAYS dark outside.

The feeling in these dreams isn’t so much fear as it is stress.

When I’m running from this man, and I try to knock on a door, screaming my ass off, trying frantically to open it – the thought going through my head isn’t “Oh my God Im going to die!” , but it instead it’s, “Of course this door isn’t fucking opening because this is just how the world is!  Nobody is ever fucking there to help me!”



There is nowhere to hide.  All I can do is try and outrun him.  All I can do turn left down a street, then right, then left, maybe hide next to a dumpster in an alleyway.  But of course, he always walks down that alleyway, so it’s only a temporary solution.  There are never any people on the streets in my dreams, and the group of people I’m with in the beginning always run off in some opposite direction and I never see them again.   It’s me playing a constant cat-and-mouse game with the killer.


Now here is where it gets even weirder:  Twice in this span of a few weeks where I’m having this chase dream, the killer hasn’t been a man….but dinosaurs.  Namely, the T Rex.

dream 2



The first dream was very Jurassic Park.  Except, just like the dream before, it was like Jurassic Park in the worst case scenario.  There were no cars or jeeps in my dream.  The compound was (of course) locked.  We had no weapons of any kind, and there was no way off the island.  It was once again me against the elements…and dinosaurs.  Having nowhere to hide…only to run.  And no matter where you’d go… you’d begin to hear the footsteps coming closer.

The sounds of rustling, and the roar of a large dinosaur.  Then when you knew it was close, you’d have to run again.  Always running.


The second dinosaur dream I had was more of the Jurassic Park: Lost World, or more precisely, a Cloverfield plot. We were in a major city with a T Rex (amongst other dinosaurs) running amok.  It had all the issues of the first dream, expect this time it had all the problems of your standard post-apocalyptic story as well.

You could run and ask someone for help…but would you trust them? …would they even trust you?  And if they did invite you in, we’re they wanting to help…or were they just hoping that they could throw you in front of a dinosaur to ensure their escape?   At one point we were on this guy’s boat floating down a river and watching people on the streets of the city.  People were begging to be let into boarded up houses and the homeowner would shoot them straight through their boarded up doors.


+++Now that I’m writing this post, I’m pretty damn these dreams must have centered around my trust issues and feeling of societal abandonment. +++

I wake up rom these dreams exhausted.  I have after all, been running for my life all dam



And here is the second weird dream.  This a reoccurring dream I have been having for years.  And every few weeks, I’m guaranteed to have it again.


I have a loose tooth in the dream.  A very, very loose tooth.  A tooth so loose that it’s literally hanging on by a thread.  I can move my tongue and feel the indent in my gum where the tooth should be.  I can move my tongue underneath the bottom of the tooth as well.   It’s literally only being held into my mouth with just one little vein attached.

I sit there, stricken with fear.  What does this mean, I ask myself in the dream.  Am I sick?  Am I diseased?  Why is this tooth falling out?  Am I so unhealthy that I’m losing my teeth???  But, I’m in public.  Always in a classroom or out to dinner.  I’m desperately trying to control my anxiety so those around me don’t notice my distress. I’m doing this because I know that they don’t want to hear my problems…nobody is ever there for you..


…WOW… ok.  Well, I think I know the meaning of these dreams now. 


Does anyone out there know more?  Anyone out there hip on the whole “dream meaning” scene?  I’d love to know people’s thoughts as to what this all might mean (aside from the glaringly obvious I suppose)  or more importantly, what to do about these feelings?


Dream on! (In the good way I hope)

~ The Dark Horse


8 thoughts on “What Does This Dream Mean?

  1. Wow. Those are some dreams. I frequently have the one where my teeth are all falling out. Sometimes I’m freaking out and sometimes I’m taking it in stride. I have read that these kinds of dreams involving teeth have to do with decay or possibly fear of death or aging.

    Otherwise, is there some issue or problem in your real life that you were trying to hide from or run away from when you should be dealing with it head-on? In other words, should you be confronting the figurative dinosaur or man with a knife instead of trying to run away?

    Dreams are so fascinating. Are you familiar with lucid dreaming? I have not been able to master this one, but you should Google it. The concept is very interesting.

    I enjoy reading your blog. Good luck.

    1. yeah I’ve read that they most likely have to do with deep-seeded fears. and yes, I have a huge fear of dying. I worry that I’ll die before I accomplish anything in my life. That is a constant.

      and for lucid dreaming, Ive never been able to. In fact, Im always super involved in my dreams. Im not the kind of person who knows their dreaming. I’m always like 100% in my dream. Also, a weird note, I dream in the 3rd person. Like im in my dream, but they’re never through my eyes. It’s like watching a movie. Which I’ve found out from talking to people is apparently not normal?

      1. I dream in first person, but abnormal doesn’t necessarily mean bad. Every life has its purpose. I feel the most purposeful if I am able to help someone else. I am also a spiritual person, and I take my strength from God. If ever I feel lost, I just ask Him to show me what He wants me to do. I usually end up somewhere I never would have dreamed up on my own. For example, I ended up working as a nurse totally on accident (and after praying to God to show me the way because I was so frustrated and unhappy with the path I had chosen for myself), but my heart is content now because it feels like it’s where I’m supposed to be. Also, not to be too morbid, but I have seen enough death that I am no longer afraid. I know that it isn’t the end. I don’t know you personally or anything, but keep the faith. I’ll be rooting for you.

      2. Thanks for that awesome response! I have to say (and much to my mother’s disappointment) that I don’t believe in God. When you’re gay it’s really hard to be spiritual considering almost every major religion in the world has historically said that their God hates gay people (or they say that I chose to be gay…which I don’t remember doing) But despite the fact that I don’t believe I always have a weird admiration for people who do. I wonder what your thoughts are on that

  2. I am fascinated by dreams too, to the point that I bought a book to explain things. So I’ll tell you what my dream book says. Dreaming of being chased is one of the most common dreams. Usually we are trying to escape it responsibilities or our own sense of failure, fear or emotions we can’t handle.

    Teeth are supposed to represent aggressive sexuality, although they probably respect growing toward sexual maturity. Teeth falling out easily represent some form of transition like from childhood to maturity. If one is anxious about teeth falling out it represents a fear of getting old or anxiety about maturing. Hope this helps.

    1. Sadly, yes to both! Yes, I feel like an immense failure. And I think that is a deep-seeded issue I still struggle with. I constantly feel like I could have done so much more.

      and secondly, yes. Im terrified of dying. Since I feel like such a failure, I also fear death because I dont want to die unaccomplished and purposeless. So yeah, Id say thats pretty spot on!

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