The Internet Has Gotten Meaner



So, question for everyone out there… is anyone else noticing that Americans are just fucking insane these days? I started this blog in what, 2013 or something? And never did I have a problem with crazy people harassing me.  In fact, I used to have a rule where I would allow and like any comment on my blog, even if it was saying I was full of shit. Because I believe that it’s important to hear multiple opinions.

But ever since we entered the Trump era, things have changed. They’ve gotten progressively worse actually. Now, it’s become a regular occasion to log-on and have multiple comments telling me that I’m a shitty person.


I just got back from China where I had an internship all summer. In China they have the “Great Firewall” so I haven’t been able to check WordPress until today. Logging on and looking at the comments and stuff from the past few months, there were multiple insane,  enraged, hateful comments.  And for what?  If anyone has read this blog, it’s me talking about depression, anxiety and how I’m an outcast.  What about that is enough to send people into a spiral of rage?   I’m reminded of the Dixie Chicks song Not Read To Make Nice where she says,

“And how in the world
Can the words that I said
Send somebody so over the edge
That they’d write me a letter
Saying that I better
Shut up and sing
Or my life will be over?”


And granted, I have written an Anti-Trump post:

Being INFJ During The Trump Era

and yes, a majority of the hatred is aimed at this post. Where I’m told daily that I’m not a patriot, or a Christian, or a good person, or intelligent, and so on.

But still…. people… my blog has like 300 followers. I’m really not worth targeting with giant 20-paragraph long comments that have no plot or coherent message. Can’t you go find something better to do with yourselves?  For example, perhaps you could go learn to be the good Christians you claim to be? I don’t know… just an idea.  


Anyways, I guess my point is this:  my post never calls anyone out by name (Except Trump one time…but fuck that guy) so it really isn’t hurting anyone, is it? In fact, my blog doesn’t really go against anyone in general, so I’m really confused by the recent wave of online anger that been brewing the past year or two.   Let’s all try to regain our humanity a little bit? You’re more than welcome to disagree with me and tell me why you disagree. And I’ll like your comment, respond to it, and post it too!  But when the best thing you can tell me is that I’m a stupid fake who is evil…. and then can’t even provide me with examples… then there’s a problem.

Oh, and before I go….


I just had to re-apply some Shade quick…



Later bitches,

The Dark Horse


5 thoughts on “The Internet Has Gotten Meaner

  1. I had not read your Trump post before, but it’s spot on. The man makes my stomach turn every time I think of him. It’s the same sick feeling I felt while watching the election in disbelief that the people of this country are stupid enough to be swayed to vote for this guy. Does this speak to the quality, intelligence, and compassion of the people of this nation? All you have to do is look at the history of this country and its treatment of women and people of color and other minority groups. We have a long way to go, but we have come a long way. This guy sets us back at least a generation. A vote for Trump is the equivalent of saying that racism and sexism (and sexual assault), bigotry and just plain meanness are okay. Even is you think DJ has what it takes to get this country back on track (economically speaking), at what cost? It is never okay to behave the way he has behaved toward fellow human beings. It goes against everything I believe. It makes me ill inside to think that people support that here in America. America will never be great until we can treat each other with the kindness and respect that we deserve.

    While I’m at it, might I point out that it is believed that Jesus Christ was also INFJ? I think (no, I know) that we all need a little more God in our lives to show us how to live and how to be, but then who am I?

    People can agree or disagree with you, but nobody can argue that you aren’t genuine. From one INFJ to another, thanks for putting yourself out there.

      1. The gif at the end of your post sums it up perfectly.

        Fk what any trolls think. Have a cuppa, chuck on some music to brighten up the mood, hit delete and smile as you think perhaps they’ll fall ass first into a pool of hagfish.

        Welcome back.

  2. It has been my experience that any potentially great thing created by humans whether it be the internet or A.A. or artificial intelligence will inevitably be RUINED by humans once enough of them get ahold of it. There is only ONE truly flawed species on Earth and WE are it! As my paw-paw would’ve said, “Humans are so stupid they could screw up a steel ball”

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