Tolerance, and how much do I have to tolerate?

A general view of the Auschwitz fences during the 73rd

So, yesterday in class we read about the holocaust. Obviously, a horrible subject. Macabre, horrific, inhumane. It’s one of the worst atrocities that has ever happened.

Discussion began, and your typical scenario unfolds… The Jewish people in the class are deeply hurt and cry while reading passages (which, they have a right to). And then a woman with german heritage (which, don’t most white people in America have German heritage?) she says something like, “My ancestors could have been the ones who did this”, and then she cries. And i’m like…. OK… you can cry… but, now it’s starting to get a bit showboaty.

And then came the moment that angered the fuck out of me,

We have a Muslim guy in our class. Who he is and what he does and where his money comes from are all very “sketch” if you don’t mind me saying so. He travels every weekend. Sometimes he misses class because he’s traveling. He claims it’s for “work”. Paid humanitarian work he says… which if anyone out there is like me and has tried to apply for paid humanitarian jobs, you know how scarce they are. Especially the well-paying ones that even pay for your travels around the globe.

And on top of this, he’s already said some really sketchy shit in class. The other week he was complaining about a professor and administrator at the University of Oklahoma who was pressured to resign after he wrote a book that said a bunch of fun things like:

~homosexuality is insanity, and a gross perversion.

~ Women shouldn’t wear pants, and if they do, its because they’re sluts, and “I don’t let the women in my household wear pants”, or anything besides long skirts.

~ Women shouldn’t vote

~ Black and Gender studies are a joke

~ Africans are silly little things….

This muslim guy in class is like, “Americans say they’re so open-minded, but then someone shares their opinions and suddenly he’s demonized for it? It’s so wrong!”

So far, my emotions towards what he says have ranged from:





But yesterday was a whole new game being played. Once it was time for a class discussion, he was like, “You know genocide still happens to this day?”

Which, it does. Rwanda. The Congo Free State. Both examples of modern-day genocide.

But instead of the obvious, he goes, “Have any of you heard of what’s happening in East Turkistan in China?”

The class just stared at him blankly.

“You haven’t heard about this?!?” He yelled,  acting shocked.

***I had actually heard of this. If any of you have read my blog, you’ll know I was working in China this previous summer, and have visited Asia before***

It’s very controversial, but China is detaining members of a muslim group in Western China. The reason is because parts of this muslim minority belong to a violent terrorist group known as the Turkistan Islamic Party, which is allied with Al-Qaeda amongst others, and has performed deadly terrorist attacks in China, most notable the 2013 bombings, and the murder of a group of Chinese authorities.

As the kid in class spoke of the “genocide” against these people, his eyes teared up, he choked up, and he was like, “I was just there this weekend, trying to help the efforts.”


And I sat there, REALLY BITING MY TONGUE and wondering if this guy in class actually belonged to a terrorist group. Was I sitting 3 people away from a terrorist? 

He continued about the pain and suffering. And then, even went as far to say, “And it isn’t just in East Turkistan, I mean, even the Jewish people have performed genocide on the Palestinians!”

And at this point, I just went:




Ok, let me say this. Is China the most trustworthy country on Earth?


If China gets its hands on people it fear may be in a terrorist group, I am 100% sure sketchy inhumane things will happen. Hands down. I’m not arguing with that. And ethically and morally, we would need a trial with evidence and find out how bad things are. I am not denying that.

But, to be comparing the capture terrorists and assumed terrorists (and sadly, even innocent people that China just deems to be a potential threat within that group) with the planned termination the Jewish people that was based on nothing besides blind hatred is wrong and insane. And it really makes me afraid of what this guy is like. 

And furthermore, to compare the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to the holocaust, while Jewish people are in the room crying…. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? 


And I’m sure the situation with this guy is probably similar to Republicans who read those far alt-right websites. He probably only reads extremely biased and hateful news. He probably reads story after story about the trials of the muslim people. He probably sees very little news of the real world. And therefore, in his mind, the entire world is probably skewed into a “They’re ALL against me and my people” mentality, which therefore gives him the blind confidence to march into a room with Jewish people, and tell them they’re basically Nazis.

It’s sad.

And I wanted to yell and scream and lose my shit so badly.

But, I kept my mouth shut. I didn’t want to start a fight. And I wouldn’t even know how to properly fight that sort of attitude. So I kept quiet.

And now, I’m thinking of all the things I SHOULD HAVE SAID but didn’t.

I wonder what will happen next week?

~ The Dark Horse

6 thoughts on “Tolerance, and how much do I have to tolerate?

  1. What if… the guy’s legitimate and has cause to speak out from his personal experience and exposure to what’s happening in Eastern China. Commendable that you held your fire. Sometimes… we can mischaracterize the ugly bully in the room. I’ve misjudged some people based on early impressions. Sure, he sounds like a jerk with his Holocaust statements. Still… just sayin’.

    1. I agree. I actually spoke to my professor during office hours about this. So here’s my position:

      Is it wrong that China is rounding up a group of a muslim minority that it suspects could be radicalized? YES ABSOLUTELY. No doubt about it. And i AM SURE that horrible things happen and that there needs to be a trial and that it’s probably surely against UN laws.

      However, a big part of what sparked China’s fears is that creation of the terrorist group that has murdered a lot of people (and has sent videos of the murders, and was responsible for the 2013 bombings in China, along with multiple car bombings)

      I think that to take time away from a discussion of the holocaust, and to compare that struggle with the holocaust is wrong. The Jewish people literally didn’t do a single thing to warrant what happened to them. Also, the camps in China are not leading to mass murder.
      So, I think saying the 2 are comparable isn’t fair to the Jewish people, and to the outcomes of the holocaust. It seems too much like I’m Muslim and don’t really feel too much sympathy for the Jewish people (AKA: The Palestine comment, also something that was very much unfair to compare to the holocaust) and I’d like to make this about me, instead of them.
      That’s what I found to be very disrespectful.
      But, I always enjoy out debates, and I’d love to know what you think!

      1. Pardon the delayed reply. I’ve been out of the country for two weeks. I appreciate your thoughtful comment; it demonstrates a depth of the man and his character that doesn’t always come through in your posts.

        I hear and agree with you. The classmate in question was disrespectful and his staging seems self-serving. Classic pompous, tinged with an over active ego-mind.

        You chose to keep your mouth shut. And as difficult as that can be in such a setting, I applaud you. It simply shows your are the better man. It’s often too easy to lurch and launch, when the more honorable action is simply to reflect and then respond – if there is a way in which we can help others see their shortcomings and how they hurt people.

        Hers’s to prudently biting your tongue.

      2. I very much appreciate your compliment. And yes, it was a tricky situation in class, but I’m glad I bit my tongue. I think had I started a fight in class, that awkward and offensive moment would have only become something more blown-up and potentially more offensive, considering Im neither muslim nor Jewish. It probably wasn’t my place to start an argument between the two of them

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