The Secret Cure To Depression is… Laundry?



So, I know this sounds crazy, but there’s always a secret trick I preform when I’m feeling really down. And it pretty much always works.

I’m home right now, and last night when I was watching A Christmas Story, a commercial came on for Tide or Whirlpool or something, and it reminded me about my little depression trick. And then I realized that, somehow, I’ve still never made a post about it!


So, here’s the trick:


When you’re feeling super depressed, and can’t even seem to muster the energy to move…

…put in a load of laundry! 




Yep. For Real.



Let me explain:  So, when I’m super fucking depressed, I always tell myself that I have enough energy to at least walk down to the laundry machine and throw in a load. My idea is, if laundry is running, then I’m not simply laying in bed, wasting my life away. I’m just waiting for my laundry to come out… obviously.

I’m not doing nothing. I’m doing something.



And then this funny thing happens… Once I stop feeling like I’m doing nothing, and feel like I’m doing something, my mood improves. Even if it’s ever-so-slightly, the idea that my day wasn’t completely wasted makes me feel better about myself.

And then as we know about positive feedback loops, that little improvement can lead to another. Suddenly, I’m like, perhaps after they wash, I’ll put them in the dryer too. And you know, I am a little hungry, maybe I’ll make myself something to eat.

And before you know it, me laying face-down in bed has turned into me folding laundry with the soundtrack to Hamilton blasting in the background.

All because of laundry.



So, the next time you’re feeling like you can’t possibly do a damn thing, remember that putting in a load of laundry takes about 5 minutes. And then you can go straight back to your bed for a whole hour until it’s time to transfer the load to the dryer. But, you get to walk back to your bed feeling like a champion. Cuz you did something. You’ve gone from being a depressive lump to being a productive citizen of this world.


All hail the power of laundry! 



And hey, even if your mood doesn’t improve that much, at least you now have clean clothes right?  Its motivation AND it’s utilitarian!  Glory!


~ The Dark Horse

ps- Anyone else out there got good depression tips you’d like to share?



1 thought on “The Secret Cure To Depression is… Laundry?

  1. I struggle with depression ect.
    .. just like your laundry thing acting to even leave the house helps A doctor once told me there’s no one thing no magic bullet. I think for me getting back to NOW is always an issue and when things are tough even more important. ( as infj. I can act but often don’t get there n hiding at hone is needed for introverts but can turn to excess easily In alsi lousy at exercise but a easy walk outside makes a difference. Building a toolkit is useful in many things especially depression I guess. Turning to other things and other people’s needs or generally “ outside yourself .. even if it’s just studying your latest obsession on net is good. I figure I’m going to overthink this shit anyway but maybe not now I’d be better off.. turning my brain off is nearly impossible so I treat it like a child ( rarely able to get that strategic about it honestly ) n give it something else to do .. also found focusing on doing creative tactile stuff helps me. Eg I used to do hand built pottery n sculpture and was closet thing to “ mediation” I can manage.. concentration limits ability of brain to churn or focus on feelings ect. It’s like a depression / emotion holiday while also an outlet that can satisfy a little “ achievement” Honestly I probably need such more than anyone right now but A writing advice helps me advise me and process thoughts hopefully helps someone else .. B gives my child mind something to do other than stew ( which I’d be uselessly doing right now otherwise ) C let’s me feel as if I’m connecting to people ( even if I’m not it’s ok too )
    Anyway. Laundry. I’ll put it on my list. ( not my laundry list though lol ) good luck and I hope we can all teach our black dogs to sit .. not chewing the sofa d be nice too but hey. “ sit” is good start. ..

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