I’m Getting Published!


So, I received an email from a literary magazine the other day, and it seems that the Dark Horse is finally about to get published! (Confetti falls from the ceiling and there’s much fanfare throughout the entire human population… Or… well, really, I called my mom and she was proud of me. But it feels like fanfare I say!)


Anyhoo, that’s all beside the point. The point which is this: I have been working my ass off, and it’s finally started paying off!

If I were to flashback to 2 years ago, when I first started my masters program in writing and literature, with nothing on my resume besides retail. Or to 5 years ago, when I was stuck in my Melbourne apartment, agoraphobic, and miserable. Or if I flash-backed to 6 years ago, when I arrived back to Ohio after undergrad, feeling like a complete failure because I didn’t make anything of myself in LA. I never would have thought that any of this would ever be possible.




I’ve spent most of my twenties feeling like a failure. Feeling like life wasn’t wroth living. Feeling like I would never ever make anything of myself. The spark of hope was the faintest flicker, off in the distance of some cold dark foggy night.

Writing is what got me through it all. I’ve journaled since I was 7. And I started this blog in 2013, back when my mental health was so poor that I couldn’t even leave my bedroom without feeling weak. Writing. Venting. Creating. It was what kept me going.





When I was a kid growing up in Ohio, I knew I wanted to tell stories. I was the lone gay kid lost in a sea of uneducated, hateful trash. Movies and books were the only things that ever gave me inspiration and showed me that life could be worth living. I always knew I wanted to give that to other people.

It wasn’t until recently that I figured out it would be my story I’d be telling. The stories of growing up in Ohio. Of being a lonely sex addict in Los Angeles. Of suffering from depression and anxiety. Of collapsing all over Australia. But most importantly, of never giving up. 

I’m so excited to see the the future has in store.  Did you hear that? I’m excited for my future. That is a very recent feeling in my life. I’m looking forward to what’s next. I’m excited to see how the publication process works. I’m excited to see what people think of my writing. I’m excited to write more! And above all, I’m excited to have an adventure. Because isn’t that what life should be about?




Rock on bitches, rock on!


~ The Dark Horse


11 thoughts on “I’m Getting Published!

    1. Thanks so much!!!!!! Do you remember when I first started blogging? I do believe you were one of the first people to follow me, after just one or two posts. Do you remember when I was afraid to walk outside? haha! Oh man, I can’t believe how far I’ve come. And honestly, I owe so much to you guys who followed my blog early on. You have no idea how great it felt for me to write something, and then have someone let me know they read it. I was so lonely back then. So afraid and sad all the time. Having this blog and having people like you, just acknowledging that my voice was being heard literally changed my life. And I thank you thank you thank you so much!

  1. So gloriously happy for you!

    All the pain and hurt and anxiety and fear you have experienced have made you a stronger person. One who can put those experiences into powerful words because you lived it.

    Best of all is the joy of seeing you be rewarded for working your arse off. Congratulations!

    In your last comment here you acknowledged the welcome and TLC gifted to you when you began blogging. I am forever grateful for YOU being that for me. No words truly express how important that was.

    I hope above all your success brings you happiness.

    ❤ Nat

    1. Hey! I’m editing a book for a literary journal at the moment. And in the book there is an essay about someone who decides to garden to help with her with her mood. When the book comes out I’ll let you know! I think you’d love that essay!

      And I’m glad that I could a positive force for you! (PS- I’ve been checking out your blog and it seems to be doing very very well, so congratulations!)

      1. Yes please! I would love to read the essay (and the book generally) so please let me know when it is released. How are you finding your success feels so far? I hope you are making sure to care for yourself too?

        Aww thanks. I haven’t got the “regular and reliable posting” part sorted yet… Have been unwell but I’m trying to remember writing and photos make me feel a little better.

      2. Dude my blog still isn’t regular or reliable 5 years in haha! You just gotta be you! But for sure, if writing makes you feel better, try to do at least a couple posts a week

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