A Psychic Randomly Read Me…


So, I’m not making this up…

I had to interview a psychic medium last week for a story I was assigned. The story wasn’t about her though. It was about her father. I was to interview this woman to ask questions about her famous father who is now deceased.

So, the interview is going well, and I’m getting lots of good info about her father and everything seems normal. I’m not giving any personal info about me, and the chat has had nothing to do with me or her.

Out of the blue she goes, “And by the way, you need to stop worrying.”

I stop and pause.

I’m like… “What?”

She’s like, “Yeah, I know you’re always stressing about your life, and you worry about your future, but don’t. You’re a very talented person, and extremely smart. You can’t see it yet, but you’re working towards your goals, and you have some very big things ahead of you.”


I didn’t quite know how to respond. The conversation has been professional and about her father. Now, suddenly this happening.

I was like… “Oh. Um, thank you…”

Then, I swear to God, without missing a beat, she’s just like, “Also…hmmm… there’s a relationship coming. But maybe we should talk about that another time?”

I was like, “A relationship?!?”

And she’s like, “Yeah, you’re going to meet a boy. And he’s going to be really good for you. He isn’t going to hold you back. It’s going to be a great relationship.”

Now, look. I know anyone could make this stuff up, and I have gay voice, so she probably could have assumed I’m gay, but even so… think of how offensive that could have been? Like, calling someone gay isn’t something a stranger can just do, especially in a professional interview… that is, unless that stranger is actually looking into your future…


So then I was like… “Oh, I’ve never been in love before.”

And she’s like, “I know. And you’re not ready yet, and that’s fine. You’re working on yourself right now and your career, which is exactly what you should be doing. But I’m seeing like… a year, maybe a year and a half from now… you’re going to be in really great place.”

After the interview I had a chills, and they were running up and down my spine, and they wouldn’t stop. I had a moment where I legit had to ask myself, Did I just have a genuine brush with the supernatural?¬†

But, hopefully it’s true haha! I guess, we shall see in a year!


~ The Dark Horse

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