America’s Attention Span Is GONE.


So, this has been bothering me recently.

And I’m going to use the examples of three films to prove my point.

The first time when I really was like, “Wow, people’s attention spans have gotten so bad that I’m genuinely scared” was back in May when the new Godzilla came out.

For those who don’t know – Godzilla is about giant monsters destroying the world.


It isn’t exactly the kind of movie that makes people bored.

However, during the entire movie, cell phones were lighting up, people were leaving left and right to take bathroom breaks, people needed to go get snacks…. it was insane. I had never seen a movie theater so disinterested in a film ever. And I have been to many movies much worse than Godzilla.

Then, last month, the new 47 Meters Down came out, and again… It’s a shark attack movie.

47 meters down

It’s not something that screams BORING.

I asked my friend to go see it with me and he was like, “I don’t know…I don’t really see movies much. They’re just so long.” (Most teen movies are exactly 90 minutes these days. The runtime has become a complete science)

Not long at all.

I was like… I’m sorry, but this has become an era where a straight guy in his 20’s can’t focus long enough to watch girls in bikinis get eaten by sharks? WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG SOCIETY THESE DAYS?????


AND NOW, The new IT just came out.



And granted, the runtime is close to 3 hours… but STILL! The remake of IT became the highest-grossing horror film of all time. It was critically acclaimed, and loved by audiences everywhere.

So, why would you want the sequel to be short? If it’s great, let it run for as long as it needs to! The reason why… Because people literally can’t fathom devoting 3 hours to anything anymore…Except for drinking, drugs, and social media.

These days people sit in bars and clubs all night, into the early hours of the morning, Monday – Friday. They also suck on Instagram like it’s their mom’s fuckin’ tit. But for art? For film? For something with a plot line?

For something that doesn’t give them an immediate high or feeling of popularity?


Too much.

Can’t do it.


Fuck you humans, you’re trash. 


~ The Dark Horse




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