I’m Off to Ireland


So, despite the fact that I’ve been sick off my ass, and despite the fact that there is a global pandemic destroying the tourism industry, I have, somehow, been sent on assignment to Ireland.

I’m sitting at JFK waiting for my plane, and holy shitballs, I have never seen this airport so empty before. One of the world’s biggest international hubs looks like an old mall that’s past its prime.

I have to admit… I’m really looking forward to this trip. As the world crumbles from the virus (which in all honesty, is just like a really bad flu.  Miserable and awful? Yes. Deadly? …Not so much.)  But anywhoo, while the rest of you go into Walking Dead mode, I’ll be in the Irish countryside, nestled away from civilization.

irish country

What will I learn on this trip? Hopefully nothing. I’m looking forward to relaxing. I’m looking forward to escaping New York City, escaping the coronavirus, and escaping the world in general. It is my prerogative to sip Irish breakfast tea in the mornings, eat whateverthefuck Irish people cook, and suffer through an endless parade of Ed Sheeran songs (I really hope he’s not popular in Ireland.)

I’m tasked with writing a feature story about my trip, and I haven’t a plan in my head. Which I love. I will take whatever comes. I will absorb Ireland through the eyes of someone who has never been before, and who hasn’t done an ounce of research ahead of time. Ireland, I’m ready for you to surprise me, rejuvenate me, excite me, and relax me.

Let’s roll.

~ The Dark Horse



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