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Depression and Weather


So has anyone else out there noticed that your depression and weather seem to go hand-in-hand?     So right now in Ohio we’ve had like a 5-day cloudy streak.   Not a partly cloudy streak, or a rainy streak…. just thick thick grey clouds that don’t produce rain…..

The kind where the sun doesn’t ever break though.   And the entire world seems to be dimmed by the lack of sunlight.   I don’t even mind rain.  At least with rain you have the beauty of water falling everywhere.   The noise of life outside your window.    And if we’re really lucky we can get some thunder and lighting!  I feel oddly alive when there is a storm.   Also during a storm I feel like I actually have an excuse to just brew some tea and snuggle up and watch the rain if I so choose.


Cloudy days however don’t give me that great feeling.    Cloudy days make me feel FUCKING HORRIBLE.  



Like have any of you ever seen Melancholia?   Where Kirstin Dunst is so depressed she literally can’t even get out of the bathtub sometimes?   Yeah its like that…. (well ok not really that bad)  But still I feel horrible.  I can feel myself falling asleep at the gym.   I can feel myself being drowsy when I drive somewhere.  I can feel myself feeling lethargic from just standing up and doing anything.  So fuck you clouds, you dirty bastards.  Go away and stay away.


But to do when its cloudy outside?   Well going online, the advice seems shitty as fuck.  Apparently its a good idea to move to a warm sunny climate….. So thats right all you middle class people out there!    All you have to do is quit your job, leave your family, sell your house, somehow obtain a visa for Belize, and you’re good to go!   DUH ITS THAT SIMPLE PEOPLE! 

…..Yeah I know, crappy advice.

Another real gem is to buy one of those artificial sunlight lamps and to lay under it like you’re tanning…. apparently it tricks your mind into thinking its sunny or something?   But personally, I can’t see how sitting inside a room of your house during the day, under a lamp, would make me feel like anything besides a patient at the dentist.


Although then again….the beach sounds like a better idea now doesn’t it?

For real though, when it comes to the weather I honestly have no idea how to feel better besides to just wait it out.    Does anyone out there have any good ideas?  Or tricks of your own?  If so, leave it in the comments section, id love to hear it!

~ The Dark Horse

Bitch Culture (Or, Seriously Humans, What The Fuck Is Wrong With All Of You?)


So has anyone noticed how fucked up and mean everyone is these days?  Especially people who are age 30 and younger?

Like at what point did people go, “you know what? Im going to replace saying hi to people with ignoring them and acting like I’m far too busy”

or “You know, I really enjoy telling someone I’m super interested in them until I fuck them, then I will just stop responding to their texts.  thats a great idea!”

We suffer from Bitch Culture.


Now let me say this, if any of you have read previous posts of mine I am all in favor of saying “bitch please” and “fuck off” to anyone who puts you down and treats you like shit.  There is a big difference between being the person who is the bitch and the person saying “bitch please”.

Now why do we have bitch culture?

My theory is this:

1.) People are so insecure these days due to capitalism’s constant advertising-to-encourage-buying cycle. The whole, Oh look I’m going to sell clothing, well obviously I’m going to find a girl who is 5’10, blonde, thin, perfect skin, and very young.

And men, do you think you’re spared from this shit?  Have you looked at a male model?  Sports models are buff and huge.  Fashion models are insanely thin while retaining a ripped figure (AKA: cocaine or anorexia)

2.) OBVIOUSLY with the pressures of modern society and advertising constantly telling everyone they need to be bigger better stronger prettier heather smarter ands so on into infinity, weak people buy into it and act like they already have it all…. because darling, thats just what weak people do.  They buy into the bullshit.

3.) Bitch culture begins.

4.) Media sees that the masses are beginning to act like total cunts and this is now being the new normal.  So to get viewers and shit media has to up the ante even more and bam we have things like….

mean3 mean5 mean6 mean7

and literally so many shows that if I placed them all here it would take up an entire blog post.

5.) So have you ever seen the move Scream? If not, go watch it, its actually a very smart film. Anyways theres a line in it where they’re discussing who is to blame for violence in society and they get on the topic of it being “life imitating art imitating life”.  So then that happens.  Monkey See Monkey Do.  

6.) And so here we are.  We are product of our own destruction.  Depression, anxiety, suicide, eating disorders, and bullying are at an all time high and who do we have to blame for all this?

Ourselves, duh! 


Luckily, theres hope.  There is always hope.  Just because life is shit right now, doesn’t mean it always will be.  it is all up to us.  yes, as childish as that sounds, it is truly up to us.  We can be better, nicer, and kinder.

Lets do it

~ The Dark Horse

This was quasi-proofread… can I have bonus points for using “quasi”?