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Being INFJ (Or, Oh sweet thing, yes being INFJ will make your life tough, but damn it can also make it beautiful)


Well bitches, I’m back.   I was alone during the holidays…. both New Years and Christmas… and so I was a miserable Grinch who wanted nothing more than to bring about the destruction of the human race.  So i decided I needed a little inspiration and thought I’d look into what it meant to be INFJ again.

Long story short, never knew about the Myers Briggs until about December 2013 when I had to take the entire 4 billion question test as part of my assessment for therapy, and since then I have really learned a lot and have found great comfort in knowing I’m not alone out there.

So quick breakdown for those of you who may be having your first INFJ experience in learning about yourself.

INFJ: These four little letters will change your life, for we make up only 1 to 1.5 percent of the human population.  We are the eternal oddballs.


This is our ability to see through…. well, everything and everyone.   Do you know that feeling you get when you just know someone is lying?   Or maybe it isn’t even that extreme.  Say you’ve been on a date and you can tell the other person isn’t in to you?  You ask them if they need to go or if everything is ok and they keep saying yes but you know better. You literally can FEEL that they have their things on their mind (and of course, just as you suspected, you never hear from them ever again) Has this ever happened to anyone?    Or when you see politicians talk in a debate and you just look and listen to what they’re saying and you’re like…no….nooo…NNNOOOOOOO YOURE SOOOO PANDERING TO THE PUBLIC IM ONTO YOU!

Well this is our intuition.  And I’m sorry to tell you this kiddos but we have the best intuition of all the humans on the planet… and it will never go away.  That gut instinct you get will never go away.  It is out curse and our blessing.


(Does anyone else feel like they may perhaps be a black sheep?)



This is the shit that really makes the INFJ an INFJ. This is our ability to not only grasp and understand reality, and simultaneously see the spin that the commoners put on it to suit their own selfish needs, but this is where we then think further.  Understanding that everyone sees things in a different light isn’t good enough for us.  We have to ask why: Is this ok?  Could life be better if certain people saw things in a different way?  Who is the real winner in these situations? Why don’t you just do things for the good of humanity rather than for your selfish desires?   We then take this knowledge and preach.   Hence the extroverted feeling.  We must extrovertly express our feelings.  This is why so many INFJ’s because counselors, teachers, authors, public figures, and activists.  We must speak!



Have any of you ever been called aloof or distant, or my personal favorite, has anyone every said to you something like, “Your head is stuck in the clouds, or, you think you’re better than other people”.  This is due to our introverted thinking.  Before we can vocally preach we must take time to introvertedly think.   Our power to preach comes from the energy around us, where our power to think comes from inside.  It is our flame.  Our never ending inner spirit.  This is what makes INFJ’s so awesome.  We could be locked in a prison kept away from the world but our desire to direct, to find solutions, and to help will never die.   We can not be held down.  As part of this, we see big picture versus small picture as well.

If you’re INFJ you may notice that in a lot of conversations where two people may be saying something like,

Person 1: “Oh my God you know I really try to be a good person”

Person 2: “Oh my God, me too.  Like, I just want everyone to chill and be happy”

In your head you’re probably thinking “OK BITCHES FOR STARTERS, you’re both wearing clothes made from slave labour in China. You’re using iPhones made from slave labour in China, all I ever see you do is take selfies of yourselves and post them to instagram or snapchat which shows your self-obsession and possible self-delusion, not to mention you totally judge everyone around you, work for a large corporation that rapes the world of its resources, and you never question the ideals of capitalism which are completely ruthless and only favor those who are already wealthy”

On the outside you’re being very quiet.  You’re in your stage of think, process, conclude, and figure out how to tell the world this without making everyone hate you.

Again… I’ve said this before and I will say it again, being INFJ is a blessing and a curse.  It will definitely never make your life easy.  its about using your skills to rock out in this world.  Not to hide them under a rock.




This is the true glory of the INFJ.  This is where we once again see the split.   the blending of introversion and extroversion.


Like the galaxy swirling and colliding, our introverted and extroverted selves mix like a beautiful choreographed symphony.   Ever see the movie divergent?  Well, we literally are divergent.

This is our ability to still live in the world around us.  Where most personality types either are lost in thought or consumed by the cheap thrills around them we get both.  We know how to dream up worlds, but we also are able to see around us.  We are able to see how to create these worlds in our current time and space.

We are the movers and the shakers.  We are INFJ.



We are rare.  Like really really really rare.  Our brain doesn’t function like most people’s.   WHICH IS AWESOME AND SPECIAL 


it also makes us prone to certain things though.   Being misunderstood, loneliness, depression, anxiety, feeling trapped.  These are all common when you are INFJ because you literally are so rare. This isn’t in your head people.  You’re not just making it up that you feel like the outcast all the time.  Like I said above, we only make up 1 percent of the human population!  THAT IS CRAZY! 

So you have the choice:  Rock out in life, or fall to the dark side.

I hope NONE OF YOU do that because you are too special to waste.

Always remember you’re not alone and you can be anything you want.  We are INFJ, we are fucking awesome!

~ The Dark Horse


(was the proof read?  eh…. like 50/50 give me a break!)

A Life Divided (Or, The Struggle Between Living Life and Thriving Life)


So, I have this problem and I bet a lot of you can relate.  The struggle is this:

There are 2 me’s.  There is the Me I want to be, and the Me I don’t want to be….but somehow am so socially retarded that I can’t even be.

Let me be more clear:


I have always wanted to make a huge impact in this world.  I have always wanted to have adventure, and love, and have my voice be heard.  I really want to try to change the way the world works because it just seems so shitty right now.


I want friends.  I want to have people to hang out with and to be able to sleep without laying in bed for 2 hours tossing and turning and thinking nonstop.  I want to understand what its like to have a social life.


So heres what happens:

I try to be the person I want be. I really try to go for my dreams and make a change and speak my views and be me.  But then I just feel so lonely all the time.  Its so insanely hard to be alone all the time.  To have never felt love.  To have never even have felt what a real friend is like.  It is crushing.

and so I spiral into depression which then brings out my anxiety and then Im collapsing on street corners and making a damn fool out of myself.

But this also happens:

So, I try to make friends and hang with people and be “normal” and oh fucking Christ does that end badly.  So I just hate people….like seriously.  I try to make friends and of course what does everyone want to do? Go clubbing or to a bar.  And they want to drink and smoke pot.  And they want to talk about themselves.  And they want to snapchat and instagram. And they want to look for sex.

And I sit there….. thinking of how much id rather be doing anything but what I’m doing at that moment. And I just dread every moment of interaction.  Then I go home and tell myself ill never do that again.


Do any of you have these problems?  You have two sides.  Both seemingly impossible to achieve?

Do any of you struggle?


If so, lets be there for each other?  Because doing it alone is a bitch.

~ The Dark Horse

Being Sagittarius (Or…Come On Guys, Were Fuckin’ Awesome)


Look I know everyone says that their sign is the coolest and stuff but um… lets be real here people.  Sag’s have the most fun.

Lets start with our ruling planet, JUPITER 


Our ruling planet is Jupiter, the largest planet in the solar system.  Named after the Roman God who was the ruler of the Gods as well as the sky.  He was basically the powerhouse of Roman life until Christianity came in.   Jupiter is the ruling planet of our sign due to our intense desire to think and teach,and to rule and be just.

Our element?  Well of course it would be fire 


Fire is our element because sag’s are passionate, intense, and seek acton and adventure.   Much like fire we can spread quick, Whether it be traveling on a whim, or spreading our views, we are a force to be reckoned with.

My personal favorite however is our drive for ADVENTURE 


We are truly children of the universe and we know it.

Living in one spot (especially a place that doesn’t hold much global significance), getting a 9 to 5, raising a family, and having a white picket fence isn’t in the agenda of a sagittarius.  We need movement, adventure, risks, challenges, and growth.

What we hope to do with all this knowledge and adventure is use it to make the world a better place.

In fact, many people who are sagittarius feel a sense of needing to be something more than a big fish in a small pond.  They claim to have a feeling or draw to larger-than-life goals or meanings.  I can personally say I totally get this one.

We do have downsides however.   Much like fire, people will try to extinguish us.

Many people will not understand us.  They will see out sense of adventure and wanting greatness as being childless and having our head in the clouds.   Our ability to be quick-witted and debate well due to our thirst for knowledge will drive anyone crazy who isn’t able to keep up with us.

We are also a threat to normality and scare people who are small and petty. Seeing someone being guided by the stars and going for their dreams can make certain people very jealous and angry.  You may notice some people in your life will be intensely rude or mean to you for no reason.   This could be the jealousy factor of you living a life not many have the bravery to take on

All in all though, would you really want to be anything else?


~ The Dark Horse

…I think i kind of proof read this one…but I don’t think I was really paying attention to my spelling ;P

So what does anyone out there think?  Anyone else a sag? what is your experience like?  or anyone else out there a really cool sign that you think is awesome?