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Being Sagittarius (Or…Come On Guys, Were Fuckin’ Awesome)


Look I know everyone says that their sign is the coolest and stuff but um… lets be real here people.  Sag’s have the most fun.

Lets start with our ruling planet, JUPITER 


Our ruling planet is Jupiter, the largest planet in the solar system.  Named after the Roman God who was the ruler of the Gods as well as the sky.  He was basically the powerhouse of Roman life until Christianity came in.   Jupiter is the ruling planet of our sign due to our intense desire to think and teach,and to rule and be just.

Our element?  Well of course it would be fire 


Fire is our element because sag’s are passionate, intense, and seek acton and adventure.   Much like fire we can spread quick, Whether it be traveling on a whim, or spreading our views, we are a force to be reckoned with.

My personal favorite however is our drive for ADVENTURE 


We are truly children of the universe and we know it.

Living in one spot (especially a place that doesn’t hold much global significance), getting a 9 to 5, raising a family, and having a white picket fence isn’t in the agenda of a sagittarius.  We need movement, adventure, risks, challenges, and growth.

What we hope to do with all this knowledge and adventure is use it to make the world a better place.

In fact, many people who are sagittarius feel a sense of needing to be something more than a big fish in a small pond.  They claim to have a feeling or draw to larger-than-life goals or meanings.  I can personally say I totally get this one.

We do have downsides however.   Much like fire, people will try to extinguish us.

Many people will not understand us.  They will see out sense of adventure and wanting greatness as being childless and having our head in the clouds.   Our ability to be quick-witted and debate well due to our thirst for knowledge will drive anyone crazy who isn’t able to keep up with us.

We are also a threat to normality and scare people who are small and petty. Seeing someone being guided by the stars and going for their dreams can make certain people very jealous and angry.  You may notice some people in your life will be intensely rude or mean to you for no reason.   This could be the jealousy factor of you living a life not many have the bravery to take on

All in all though, would you really want to be anything else?


~ The Dark Horse

…I think i kind of proof read this one…but I don’t think I was really paying attention to my spelling ;P

So what does anyone out there think?  Anyone else a sag? what is your experience like?  or anyone else out there a really cool sign that you think is awesome?