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Rescue Remedy Review!


So I was going to do this post as my last entry but then my research into the ingredients of these products led to me a lot of information on how flawed WebMD is and so I decided to post about that instead. (See my Rant Here)

But Anyhoo, should you buy this stuff?  I’m going to say sure why not!

(however, I’m not a doctor or a therapist or blah blah blah so consult with them if you feel concerned or whatever)

These come in a bunch of forms:  Tabs, sprays, gums, and everything short of an anal suppository.


I bought one of the gum packs while on a trip to Canada with my friend (or ex-friend it seems now…it was a disaster)

I chose the gum because it gives you something to do with your mouth.   I don’t know about you people but when I start feeling the anxiety and panic kick in I become a toothing toddler and just want to gnaw on something.  My cheek, my fingernails, straws, anything I can find really.  it just seems to help work out tension.


The gum is great.  It is a big chunk and has floral and citrus tastes to it.   I gnawed on it until the flavor was gone because after that it gets a bit rubbery and bitter.

And honestly, I felt a bit better afterwards.

Now would I recommend going for the gum as a cure for your panic attacks?  Probably not.  Unless the power of the placebo effect is really big with you.

But if you start chewing right as you feel some anxiety or a bit stressed it really helps.


Again, I don’t know if its because it gives you an energy outlet to be chewing, or if the thought of it helping actually helps, or if the ingredients actually do work.

But in any event, it made me feel a bit more calm.

Here are he ingredients in case you were interested in them: (Ingredients List)

Now for any of you out there who wants to take the cynic approach and say something like, “That shit doesn’t do anything, you only feel better because you think it helps”, well I will say this:

have you ever been to the doctor, therapist, or researched anxiety, and panic online?


So as far as I’m concerned, who gives a fuck if the shit only works because we want to believe it does.

more power to ya!

Case close, bam boom bing

~The Dark Horse (I forget if this was proofread or not, I got preoccupied looking at gum gifs)


The Bad Just Keeps On Coming Doesn’t It? We Gotta Muster Through!



So my apartment is the junkiest piece of crap this Earth has ever seen.  Its basically a new tenement building from New York circa 1910.   It looks pretty from the outside because its a brand new building, but the true of merit of the building is proven when you walk inside. Our elevators break almost weekly (I have counted. I have been stuck in our elevators 8 times) Our hot water was shut off for a week last month.  Then a few weeks ago the gas was turned off for a week.  And now I wake up to find our building has no power.



I feel like I’m living in the Tower of Terror ride at Disneyland.  Where the elevators could just drop to me to my death hat any point or the spirits of the dead that are trapped inside will pull me into the void between life and death that I’m certain exists within confines of my building.

Was it built on an Indian burial ground like Poltergeist?  The the building owner piss of an old gypsy who cursed the building and its future inhabitants?

WHAT IS IT?   What else could be the reasoning? 

Oh wait…I know…Its probably like 13 Ghosts, and there are a bunch of crazed dead people locked in the basement and they are trying to lure mechanics into the basement of the building by causing our utilities to go out one by one and then once he’s down there they can feast on his soul and gain enough energy to rise and take over Earth….  YEAH YOU HEAR THAT???? You crafty spirits! Im on to you! You aint feating on my soul bitches!



Ah but yes, its a hard lock life for the dead I suppose.  They have to get their souls somehow, just as I must muster through thug abad prevail.

Anyone else out there feel like this kind of shit keeps happening to you?  Bad after bad with no end in sight?   Well we just need to stand tall!  Im sure if we thought long and hard we could name BILLIONS of people in this world who have it was worse.

So remember that bad moments will make us stronger in the end and I think we can all do it! I really do!  I think we can all get through bad situations and come out better in the end!

Rock it out!

The Dark Horse

It Takes 10,000 Times To Heal


Oh yeah. Thats a panic attack for you. That fear.  That rage.  That strange mixture of feeling so tired and yet so ready to run.  That feeling of being so lost in your thoughts that your senses are numbed.  

But heres what Ive learned.  Healing has taken time.  And there is no surprise to why.

Panic attacks feel so real.  They can take any logical thought of your head and fill it with pure fear and terror.  

So if you only take one thing away from this blog entry its this.

To Say, “Im Ok This Has Happened 10,000 Times Before… Its Gotta Happen 10,000 Times


Yes thats right.  You have to have them. A lot of them.  And survive all of them.  Healing from panic, anxiety, and even depression can’t happen overnight because well.  SOMETHING IS SERIOUSLY WRONG.

Luckily, its not physical.  Its all mental.  Which, as much as it suck.  With mental problems we are at least in complete control (We just don’t know it yet).

But yea. After a while you get used to it.  The racing heart.  The feeling of being faint.  That feeling that something is just wrong even though you can’t put your finger on it.  You’ll eventually just get annoyed and bored of it.  You’ll stop being afraid and start just being like… “ugh… that racing heart again… fuck this”


Yeah I’ve already gone on my rant about how I hate when people try to talk about “breathing” helping the panic attack.  its never helped me much.  It usually just makes me get more anxious about my breathing.   

But yeah this is the best thing Ive gained so far.  Just being able to sit back and go….ive had a billion already.  Im done stressing. 



So the next time you’re feeling down. Just remember, you aint dead yet! 

~Panic on my friends, panic on!

The Dark Horse 

I Know You Don’t Believe Me… But You’re Doing Good!


So, change comes slowly.  That is what I’ve learned.  Sometimes I feel like its too slow.  And others, Im just proud of the accomplishments I have achieved so far.  We could sit for days on end just talking about all the things we could have done better, or different.  But at the end of the day, that won’t help anything.  

For example, right now I’m writing this entry in a cafe.  Back in December I wasn’t able to leave my apartment without spazzing out.  Progress?  YES! PROGRESS! 

And I’m sure all of you have similar stories. Were not the social, pretty, popular people that we see on TV or anything.  But hey, dealing with anxiety, panic, depression, or whatever you problem is; the fact that we get up in he morning and say that were not ready to quit shows that we fucking awesome.


The road to success was never paved with gold.  Its sticky, messy, confusing, and hard.  But our determination will get us though.  IT has to because there is no other way. 

One day we will all be able to look out at the sun.  Sit down, relax and think about how silly we used to be.  How we just couldn’t see how much better things were, and wonder why we didn’t see it sooner. 

I believe life can be good.  Really, really good. 

So lets all give ourselves a nice pat on the back.  Were all amazing and doing a great job! 

(so, i tried to find an inspiration meme to end this post…but I found this instead, and I laughed, so hopefully you’ll at least smile)


8 Amazing Songs For Relaxing That You May Have Never Heard

Alright, so a few weeks ago I did a list of some songs that would be really good for helping to get you energized and excited, but now its time to go the other route and give you some songs that I use to calm down.  And Im going to try to give you songs that you may have not heard of before.  obviously, I could sit here and list Return To Innocence and stuff by Enigma, but I’m sure every list of calming songs will have them in it, so here are some you may not know, but should! 

1.) OKLAHOMA SKY, Miranda Lambert 


So this is the last song of Miranda Lambert’s Four The Record Album and its just amazing.  Nothing but Miranda, an acoustic guitar, and a deep but subtle layer of background.   I listen to this song in the winter because it reminds of just looking out over a frozen cornfield or sleepy small town.  Its also an amazing song to play in the shower at nighttime when you turn all the lights off in the bathroom




Yes…. the annoying and ridiculous Kelis who sang “Milkshake” has a new album out called FOOD…. and its actually amazing and sounds nothing like kelis.  But this acoustic duet cover of the 1970’s classic is standout for me. Im already playing it to death.  Unofrtunately its not on Youtube (I bought it via iTunes) but heres a link to a tumblr page where a bunch of people have uploaded the audio

Bless The Telephone:http: //www.tumblr.com/tagged/bless-the-telephone

and why not, heres the original on Youtube (But listen to the Kelis version, its much calmer)


3.) SILVER STALLION by Cat Power 


Another amazing acoustic song.  Probably one of the easiest songs to both cry and fall asleep to.  I started listening to this song Autumn 2012 right after I had gotten back from a big trip up in Canada where I had lived off the land.  This song, mixed with the autumn leaves falling, and the comfort of being home safe and sound has made me love this song, and I probably always will


4.) ACOUSTIC NUMBER 3 by The Goo Goo Dolls 


I do love the 90’s, I will say it forever, and I love 90s music!  Remember this amazing album?  Well heres a song you might have not heard off of it, but its great! The downside, with a runtime of under 2 minutes, it leaves you wanting more! 


5.)  GOODBYE MILKY WAY by Enigma 


A haunting and calming song thats able to tell a story, make you think, and it even discusses the end of the galaxy! 

(Oh yeah…. stuff to go to sleep by)


6.) RED RED RED By Fiona Apple


As with all Fiona Apple songs, the lyrics make all the difference.  Just relax and let Fiona…. well… kind of depress you… but also kind of ease the depression…. just don’t question Fiona ok? 


7.)  THE GHOST OF VIRGINIA By Justin Townes Earle


Justin… ugh.. Justin, what happened to you?  This song was so nice and peaceful and great!  And then… you went hipster…. Like you went so hipster I really want to hurt you.  Hurt you really badly.

Don’t believe me? Heres him now:


SEE?  That boy deserves a good smack across the face.

But anyway this song is good so listen to it! I love songs that tell a story 



Remember that song Pyramid that came out way back in 2010?  Well the acoustic version is actually great! And it shows her amazing voice.. Charice has also gone through some well… changes… recently.  She came out as a lesbian and has become what we in the gay community call a “bull dike” 


Again… what the hell happened?  But anyway, the song is good, give it a listen! 

So there you have it!  Hope you guys have a good time chill in out! 

~Dark Horse out! 

Tea Always Makes Me Feel Better

Image So, I got a package from home today.  From the States.  For Easter my mom sent me some tea… which I’m obsessed with.  Opening up that box and knowing my mom had sent me something to cheer my up made me feel good. Maybe people aren’t so bad huh?  (Well lets not go that far…)  But still, it was good to open it up, and on top of that, its super cloudy and rainy and misty out right now.  Its amazing. I live down the street from the tallest building in Melbourne called Eureka Tower, and its literally gone.  The clouds are so and fog so dense the building is seriously gone.  I love it. Its perfect tea drinking weather…. Oh, and what a coincidence! i have some tea!  Mwuahaah!  Image But lets get down to this.  Why should any of you care?  BECAUSE TEA IS BLOODY FUCKIN’ AWESOME!  1.) A study 5 year from the Netherlands reported that drinking tea reduced the chance of heart attack by 70%!  2.) Tea contains phytochemicals, which keeps minerals in the bones, which in result leads to better bone health!  3.) Did you know tea even contains fluoride? It also con taints tannins, these help keep your mouth nice and healthy!  4.) The plyphenols in tea can keep cancer at bay by inhibiting its ability to grow!  5.)Drinking tea reduced participants chances of having high blood pressure! Between 50% and 70% depending on how often they drank! So come on people!  When were feeling down tea can only help right?  Plus there are TONS and TONS of teas to choose from.  If you don’t like one, you’re bound to like another!  If you live in Australia i recommend visiting T2 for your tea, Image and if you live in the states I recommend trying to find your tea through The Republic Of Tea which can be found online and in certain grocery stores. Image

So come on folks!  lets drink up!  Want to leave with a smile?  just look at the picture below: 



~Dark Horse out!