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Glimpses of Celebrity: Fame is Scary

Hollywood Red Carpet

So, one of my celebrity interviews for the magazine went live this week, and this celebrity shared the interview on their social media pages.

Now, this wasn’t my first celebrity interview, I’ve done probably a dozen within the last year. However, this is the first time that someone this prominent shared the interview on their social media pages.

And damn… It’s scary.

Now look, we all know that trolls exist online, but it’s so much different when those trolls are attacking something you created. A vast majority of the replies were positive. But some were weird…Some made no sense…and one even accused me of making a spelling mistake! (Which made me freak out, because I was sure I knew the spelling of that word, so I went onto Dictionary.com and, yes, I was right.). BUT STILL!

People, It’s so weird!

Like, why does someone feel the need to make a comment about a spelling mistake? Especially when that person doesn’t even know how to spell the word?!??!

Where does this confidence in one’s self come from?

movie premiere

And I know that I’m not the celebrity. I know that the weird comments were geared towards them… But still, it’s like, I’m the one who contacted their PR person, I’m the one who formulated the questions, I’m the one who spoke to them, I’m the one who reordered, and wrote, and formatted the interview… and you know what, I’m very proud of my work and where I’ve gotten in my career! So, yeah, I have a personal investment in the interview. So seeing people be sleazy online has just really hurt me.

And it also got me thinking about Hollywood and fame. I mean, the shit we put celebrities through. The shit we say about them. Do we forget that they’re people? Do we forget that they have lives and families? Why do so many people feel the need to knock them down? Is it jealousy? Is it self-hatred?

Also, I should mention that this was a very benign interview. This wasn’t like, “Which rockstar has the smallest cock” type of questions. Honestly, there was nothing in it that could make people angry.


But you know, Taylor says it best:

shake it off

So, I’m gonna make myself a tea, and go for a nice walk outside in the sun. And to anyone out there who has ever had someone be an asshole to you for no reason, you just gotta…

shake it off gif

~ The Dark Horse

(PS – hope there’s no spelling miscakes!)

The Importance Of Having Role Models With Mental Illness



So, I just finished reading Wishful Drinking by Carrie Fisher, and it was actually a really great book!  One thing that i really loved was open and honest she was about her life.   She spoke so openly about her friend dying beside her in bed, and about how she used drugs to numb her intense emotions.   Granted, I don’t agree with a lot of what happened in her life (I don’t do drugs or drink, so the idea of my mom coming to me at age 13 and telling me to smoke up with her was incredibly strange), but that isn’t the point.


The point is that this woman is not only an amazing storyteller, but also shows one of the truest signs of overcoming your problems:  

The ability to talk openly and laugh about them! 




This then got me thinking about how great it was to hear someone be able to be so free, and so open.  And also, how great it felt to just know someone is out there talking about their mental illness and making waves in our culture!

And so then I set out to find other celebrities who have been open about mental illness (whether it be PTSD, panic, anxiety, depression), and some of the things I found were a bit shocking!


And the answer is, shockingly few.   I found a few articles on HuffPost and Buzzed and stuff, where a celebrity says they get “anxiety” (cough cough) about something every once in a while or some other kind of bullshit like that,  but none of it seemed to be what I live through.  For me, depression and anxiety are these massive weights that pull me down everyday.  They are always there and always trying to ruin me.  That is why Wishful Drinking was such a great read.   It wasn’t Amanda Seyfried talking for one paragraph about how she sometimes get upset thinking about her son possibly dying or something.  It was real, life-destroying mental problems, and I loved reading it!


So there needs to be more talk about this stuff I think.   Mental problems of all kinds: Depression, PTSD, Anxiety, Bi-Polar, Panic, all of it!   We need role models out there telling their stories.  Telling us it’s going to be ok.  Letting us know there is a life outside our issues.    I hope to be one of those voices someday.  I know it will be a rough and long road, but there is a severe lack of this kind of talk in our society, I hope to change that!

  • So what do you guys think?  Where do you stand with how society views mental illness and do you think we need more role models?  Or do you know of any great stories about mental illness to read?   Feel free to tell me everything in the comments!


~ The Dark Horse


(This was like 10% proofread!  ya baby ya!)







We Can All Make Friends And Find Love (And I Can Give You Proof)


So when I get really depressed I start feeling like I’ll never find happiness. Like i’ll never find my group or find love.   Like life will always be shit…. but then I think about the facts:

Even shitty people somehow find companions throughout life… so surely so can I! 


Take this pile of trash for example.  Ok I will admit I’m not too knowledgable about the Kardashians but here’s my best shot

Top left we have….. I have no idea.  A random Sister.

Below her we have Kim Kardashian.  She got famous for making a sex tape, being married for 3 days, and now being married to Kanye West (I think I could safely say she is one of the worlds most annoying humans and is probably personally responsible for the downfall of our culture).

In the middle there we have Kris Jenner who got famous for being married to some famous lawyer in the OJ Simpson case.  Then she married random olympic guy from the 80’s Bruce Jenner (who has sense made a small transition you may be aware of)….and now she’s just like a really trashy mom.

Below her is I believe Chloe Kardashian?  And she’s really famous for Snapchat and Instagram?

I don’t know the other two.  I know there another sister named Courtney but with a K?



The point is, look:   This is probably one of the trashiest, most shameless, pathetic, celebrity-obsessed families in existence and look!!!!!! PEOPLE LOVE THEM! 

If Whats-her-name Kardashian can get like 19 million follows on Instagram or whatever surely I can find 5 good friends in life.

And really how many more do we need?   I would love it if I could just find one great group of friends, and maybe fall in love….get swept off my feet…. that would be nice right?

And in reality that means all I have to do is find 6 people in a world of something like 7.6 billion or so?  (Fact check needed for that number)


No bitch, but Im sure your entire family is.

Who even is that one? I swear to God they just throw random Kardashian-look-alikes on screen and pawn it off thats its just one family, like how they used to swap the Olsen twins out on Full House.


Seriously… they’re convicted felons.    We got this bitches.   Seriously, if they can get people in their lives, then so can we dammit!


So what do we do to get out of our funks and find friends?

~Well Ive started doing bar trivia with a Meetup group and I think its actually really fun!   I recommend trying that site! 

~ Tinder anyone?     Look….I know its shallow and disgusting but the fact is our generation has become straight up retarded.  They literally don’t know how to interact with strangers in public anymore.

Woman will assume all men are preying on them, and will assume all other women are bitches.

Men will assume all girls are trashy sluts and are looking to be used, and other men are competition.

We sadly live in a world where to meet new people it seems like it has to be done online.

~ Try joining a sports team?  (ugh…. I hate that one because literally EVERYONE tells you “Oh join a sports team” when you tell them you have no friends…. I’m like BITCH LISTEN I grew up as the gay kid in Ohio….. I assure the Football jocks were the ones beating me up and therefore I don’t really have a desire to play fucking sports)

But hey…. if you’re into sports go for it why not?

~ Make friends at your work break-room? 

~ If you’re in school join clubs!   talk to classmates!   Force yourself into your roommates plans!  I will assure you that peoples willingness to talk to strangers drops by like 99% when school ends so therefore you are in the best possible place to make new friends! 



Feeling down?  just remember…..



This bitch somehow managed to get a TV show, make millions, get married, have kids, and gain one of the largest celebrity followings in history. 

If she can do that we can literally do anything.

~The Dark Horse







Dear Zac Efron (Or, The Power Of Bitching)


Dear Zac Efron,

I just wanted to let you know that I’ve been lusting after you for a long time…. I mean… looking at you for a long time now.  Fuck that doesn’t sound any less creepy.   Ive been….admiring?   No no thats all just creepy.

Looking at shirtless picture of you online?

Watch Hairspray religiously?

Keeping your Rolling Stones issue under my bed?

……ugh…. I don’t think Im sounding any less like a creep.

Anyways, the main reason Im writing this letter is because I’m just doing some venting.   When you’re feeling down its always good to sometimes just vent and rant and get it all out of your system.  And since I love and loathe you I think you’re a good person to let my frustrations out on!


Oh Zac, I sometimes look out the window longingly and think of how much I want you, but also hate you.

Like your big annoying muscles and adorable little chest hairs…God those bother me.  I mean who wants a young guy with pecs and a happy trail?  not me……haha…ha… ha… ugh.. (sigh).

Or that little grin you have?  Have you ever looked at it in the mirror?


You have? ….oh, yeah… I guess I look at your grin a lot too.

Oh yeah well how about that annoying way you lick your lips….. how stupid.


Oh God I melt when I look at you.

I mean I cringe!  Thats right!   You big hunky mans man that also has a sensitive side that could cuddle bunnies while fighting off lions!

you make me sick.

Remember your shoot for Mens Health?


Look at you lift that log with your big hunka-hunka biceps. I’ve done that before too you know!

Well… it was more of a stick-like twig I suppose but still, the point is stop thinking you’re better than me cuz you’re not!

Whats that?  You think Im crazy?   CRAZY?  … LITTLE OLD ME? (insert creepy smile)

No Mr. Efron crazy would be me kidnapping you and bringing you to some abandoned lodge in the middle of the woods and then tie and you up and have some 50 Shades Of Grey type love affair.  NOW THATS CRAZY! 


Oh Zac what can I say, I’m a lover not a fighter.  Im just releasing some frustration.  Sometimes you just gotta rant and blow off some steam.   Get the juices pumping so you can refocus and start getting your head on straight again.

And I feel like you’re a good person to rant at because you’re all famous, attractive, rich, and have a life full of friends and adventure, so if I say some shit it isn’t really hurting anyone.

Plus you’re a good person to rant at because once you’re locked in my basement nobody can ever know what i say about you anyways ha…ha…hahaha..MWUAHAHAHAHAH! (sexy wink)


Oh welll, I suppose I’ll be seeing you soon, when you least expect it

Love Always,

~ The Dark Horse

(So how about you guys reading this?  Who would be your favorite celebrity that you would write a ranting letter to whether it be good or bad?   Or potentially a bit creepy?)

Whoopi Goldberg’s Advice For Feeling Better!


Hello my honey-baby-child-luvin-stuffin-muffins! Its me…. The worldly and wonderful Whoopi Goldberg! 

You may know me as that crazy lady from Ghost. Or perhaps the rockin’ sister-nun in Sister Act.  And some of you may even watch me weekday mornings on The View.  But today old Whoopi is here to help all my suagr-dumplins feel better when they’re feelin’ all down. 



Thats right Children!  improving your diet can always help you feel better!  Fruits that contain Vitamin C like, oranges, watermelons, strawberries, blueberries, and even those sweet, sweet banannerz!  Whoopi lover herself some bana-rama-nanazers! 



Thats right!  Even I, the all-powerful Whoopi Goldberg gets a bit down sometimes.  And nothin’ makes me feel better than holding my head high and giving a good smile and compliment.  Just last week during commercial break I turned to my view co-hostess and sista-from-anotha’-mista, Joy Behar cuz she was lookin’ all down.  And so i says, “Joy my lovely little sweet luscious ladybug.  You were fabulous today!”  And then me and Joy both felt better!   



Thats right!  Anytime someone in my life doesn’t believe in me or tries to put me down I give em on these!  Stare down that naysaying neanderthal who doesn’t believe in you!  Ms. Whoopi loves givin’ haters a good “PUT THAT COOKIE DOWN RIGHT NOW!” face that old gramma’ used to give me when id try to steal more than one cookie from the jar

Heres another example:

Movie Producer: “I don’t know Whoopi…. will anyone really want to see a movie about a singing nun?




Thats right sugar babies!  The rest is history! 



yes yes yes and yes!  Ole’ Whoopi loves to shake dat ass when she’s feeling down.   Put on your favorite tune and get giggly… and a bit giggly with it y’all! Check out this earlier entry to find out some great songs to get down to when you’re feeling down! 



Alright my Sweet Thangs’   Rock Out With Your Cock Out! 

~Whoopi Out! 


Let Ms. Whoopi Goldberg Make Ya’ll Babes Feel Better!


So I was going to write this blog post, when suddenly our good friend Whoopi Goldberg stopped by!

Whoopi let me just say, I love your work in film and television and its an honor to have you hear with us today,


Aw Whoopie, you’re so nice.  Well, ok then, do you have any advice for us today?  Im trying to make this blog so everyone has something to look at that can leave them smiling, feeling good, and empowered.  Im sure going through Hollywood you probably know all about having to empower yourself right?  Can you shed some light on it for the rest of us? 


Ah very true.  I know that happiness has to be found inside…but sometimes it just seems so hard.  I mean, sometimes when i look inside myself it seems like there is no power to find.  And to make matters worse, it feels like others don’t really care.



You know Whoopi, somehow, that actually makes me feel reassured. And thanks again for stopping by again Whoopi!  Its always a pleasure to be able to get some inspiration from you.


Ah, we’ll thats… ugh… good to know.

Well thanks for reading, and thanks for stopping by whoopi!  

Later bitches, The Dark Horse