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Depressed? Old Whoopi Goldberg gonna make ya feel better!



Alright everyone, I have a confession to make.  Ive been feeling pretty down for a while, hence the lack of posts.  So Ive enlisted the help of Whoopi Goldberg to give us some sass and inspiration!  


I know just like the rest of you, that when were down and feeling bad, we can get lost in our minds  (I don’t know how it is for you guys, but for me, when I got lost in my mind, I start to obsesses over how bad life has been and how only worse things could possibly come)  and what we need when were feeling like this… is some love and sass.   

So, what am i feeling?   


well,  Im feeling like I’m tired.  Its so hard fighting panic attacks and anxiety everyday, especially when you’re feeling sad and really just want to be in bed…. sometimes i have days where I’m just shocked I made it through.



Awww thanks Whoopi!  That really makes me feel better… I’m not sure what the “sugga” is, but thanks….for real?



Oh, well thanks Whoopi Goldberg!  That really makes me feel better.  Ya know, having someone just to be there really makes a huge difference.  Just being able to not feel alone really helps. 

You know I’m actually not feeling so bad anymore.  Do you have any advice for if I start to feel down again? 



HAHAHAHA!  Will do Whoopi, thanks for stopping by, oh and I loved you in Ghost by the way…




alright, well i hope that cheered some people up, thanks for reading, if you want more Whoopi in your life, check out Whoopisaidit.tumblr.com 

The Dark Horse, and Whoopi Goldberg