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Rescue Remedy Review!


So I was going to do this post as my last entry but then my research into the ingredients of these products led to me a lot of information on how flawed WebMD is and so I decided to post about that instead. (See my Rant Here)

But Anyhoo, should you buy this stuff?  I’m going to say sure why not!

(however, I’m not a doctor or a therapist or blah blah blah so consult with them if you feel concerned or whatever)

These come in a bunch of forms:  Tabs, sprays, gums, and everything short of an anal suppository.


I bought one of the gum packs while on a trip to Canada with my friend (or ex-friend it seems now…it was a disaster)

I chose the gum because it gives you something to do with your mouth.   I don’t know about you people but when I start feeling the anxiety and panic kick in I become a toothing toddler and just want to gnaw on something.  My cheek, my fingernails, straws, anything I can find really.  it just seems to help work out tension.


The gum is great.  It is a big chunk and has floral and citrus tastes to it.   I gnawed on it until the flavor was gone because after that it gets a bit rubbery and bitter.

And honestly, I felt a bit better afterwards.

Now would I recommend going for the gum as a cure for your panic attacks?  Probably not.  Unless the power of the placebo effect is really big with you.

But if you start chewing right as you feel some anxiety or a bit stressed it really helps.


Again, I don’t know if its because it gives you an energy outlet to be chewing, or if the thought of it helping actually helps, or if the ingredients actually do work.

But in any event, it made me feel a bit more calm.

Here are he ingredients in case you were interested in them: (Ingredients List)

Now for any of you out there who wants to take the cynic approach and say something like, “That shit doesn’t do anything, you only feel better because you think it helps”, well I will say this:

have you ever been to the doctor, therapist, or researched anxiety, and panic online?


So as far as I’m concerned, who gives a fuck if the shit only works because we want to believe it does.

more power to ya!

Case close, bam boom bing

~The Dark Horse (I forget if this was proofread or not, I got preoccupied looking at gum gifs)