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I Am On Neither Side – Here’s Why


So, a few hours ago, a group of black protesters marched down my street, chanting:

“Whose Street is This?”

“Our Street!”

I’m not sure how I feel about that. Nor am I sure what they were trying to say with that. That isn’t the type of rhetoric that really brings about images of equality.

But, I also understand that right now, nobody cares.

America is in a state of mass hysteria. There are two trains running along the same track, about the collide. One, the Trump train, the other, the #Woke train. You have two choices. You either hop onboard on of those two trains and go balls-to-the-wall, no questions asked, completely 100% dedicated to your team…Or, you sit on the sidelines, where nobody will like you and nobody will want to listen to you.

That’s where I am. Sadly, logic doesn’t exist right now. Nobody wants it. They want passion, anger, and a sense of self-importance.


If you’re woke, you get your self-importance from publicly displaying your trauma. Your oppression. And your discrimination. If you’re a white male and have none of those things, you have to delude yourself with your own ego and take on the role of the “white savior” to feel complete inside.

If you’re on the Trump train, you have to use words like “History,” “Patriotism,” “strength,” “preserving the past,” and “law and order” to make yourself feel superior. You have to believe that you’re the last remaining pillar holding this country up from the cretins beneath you.

I am neither.  People, listen to me. I am a gay guy from Ohio. I grew up getting beaten up. Being told I’d die of AIDS. Being told I’d go to hell. And being told I was worthless. My mother was (and still sort of is) homophobic. I had nobody to talk to about anything.

Once, my roommate, who I thought was straight, woke me up in the middle of the night, while he was high on meth, and tried to rape me. I have suffered from depression, anxiety, panic, and actual agoraphobia. I ran away from home and was having sex for money in LA. I was almost murdered in New Zealand by two homophobic Maori guys. And I’m still broken. Because I never got to be young, I became a fucked up stunted adult who never learned how to play ball with society, and therefore, remains alone and friendless.

I don’t say this for pity. I hate pity. I’m saying this to set up my argument, which is this –

I can’t get on the Trump train because I know pain. I know 100% that this country needs a better education system. We need livable wages. We need healthcare. We need gun control. We need to help those who need it. Getting healthcare to the masses is more important to me than saving a stupid statue of a Confederate soldier, and it always will be. The end.

However, I can’t get on the #Woke train either, because, unfortunately, it’s selfish and full of shit. I have been harassed by so many black and Latino people in my life. You call them a nigger and they will kill you. And yet, they’ve never hesitated calling me a faggot.

Furthermore, during my time on the East Cost – here in NYC and back in grad school at Harvard – how many of these liberal East Coasters have ever tried to get to know me? I honestly ask you this – How many do you think have ever asked me about my life?

BLM protest

I’ve been called a Trump supporter, a racist, a homophobe, transphobic, self-hating, sexist, you name it. People here have gleefully judged me and assumed they know me because I’m a white guy from Ohio…But how many of them ever took a few seconds out of their day to know the truth?  The answer, unfortunately, is zero.

And that’s because they don’t want to know the truth. They want to feel superior. They want to feel like they’ve been through more than everyone else around them. They want to feel pure. Like they’re martyrs. Wokeness is a show, not a call to action. Wokeness is simply about “sharing your story,” AKA: Pandering for attention.

And so, I will sit on the sidelines, alone. Because I’d rather be alone than partake in the absolute shitshow that is this country. Ya’ll can love yourselves and hate everyone else all you want. Look at where it’s gotten us so far.

~ The Dark Horse

(This wasn’t proofread, deal with it)

Liberals, What Happened to You?

Dear liberals…. WTF happened to you?

First off, if you haven’t seen this video yet, just don’t watch it. It’s embarrassing and saddening. A woman was confronted by a man in Central Park. The guy started filming, so she lost her mind, said something racist, and basically unknowingly choked her dog for 2 minutes.

But what’s even worse is the liberal response.

Now look, I’m very liberal. I believe in equality for all. I believe that no black man should be assaulted and murdered by police officers. I believe that we need to help correct those in our society who are doing bad things. And I am in NO WAY saying that what this woman said isn’t racist. Bringing up his race on a phone call to the cops to intimidate him was racist.

HOWEVER – I recently joined Twitter (like, literally last week) and that’s how I found out about this incident.

The night it happened, before the news even broke, twitter liberals and black people were spreading around her photos, her name, her phone number, her LinkedIn account, and her place of employment.

Liberals. We can’t fight the Klan if we start acting like the Klan.

Sharing this woman’s personal info put her at risk of assault.

AND EVEN WORSE – I decided to take a stand and scream into the Twitter void, saying that sharing this woman’s private info is dangerous. And getting this woman killed because she’s a racist isn’t the solution to our problem.

I was met with nothing but liberals saying “I don’t care.” “She deserves it.” “Whatever happens to her, she brought it upon herself.” Hundreds of people. And many more liked these comments. And many shared and retweeted them. And joined in on the public assault of this random woman.

So liberals, I ask you – This woman just lost her job during the COVID-19 pandemic. She will likely never be hired again. She can’t show her face in public. And the crazy people on twitter now know exactly where to find her.

If she commits suicide or is beaten half to death tomorrow, what will you think?
How can you call yourself “woke” “liberal” and “forward-thinking” if you don’t even care about someone’s life? The respect we show our enemies says a lot about us.

The fact that you don’t care if someone dies simply because they are racist is scary. Racists are ALL OVER THIS COUNTRY. This country was founded on racism. So, what’s the plan liberals? Are we just going to kill off 100 million Americans? Then we’ll be fine? We just need to harass and threaten every racist until each and every one has killed themselves?

Also – there’s the issue of: This guy approached her. And he’s the one who started filming. And he’s the one who posted it to Twitter. So all this “She tried to get him killed” crap doesn’t really hold. He’s more likely to get her killed.

Anyways – EVEN WORSE – is that as a white man, saying this stuff means nothing. So far, I’ve been met with nothing but “Oh you’re just a white guy and this scares you because now you know that you can’t be racist anymore.” and “You’re just afraid of white people losing power in this word” and “You’ll never understand how afraid black people are, it’s about time we made white people just as scared.”

Like, seriously? Trying to to change the world civilly is now just “white privilege?”

Anyways, whatever liberals. Y’all want a race war, y’all can fight it without me. I’m not playing this game. I want this country to be better. I want you to be better.

~ The Dark Horse

(No, this wasn’t proofread. I’m angry and I don’t feel like making corrections.)

The First Snow of the Year


So, finally, on January 18th, New York City is seeing its first snow. Once again, the streets are covered in white, and it finally feels like Christmas! (be it almost an entire month late) But still, the snow is here. It’s time to find that sweater, gather in a coffee shop, and put on some Fiona Apple. Right now, I have 2 out of the 3.

I’m plotting. Dreaming. Mischiefing. A big travel event is coming up next weekend that I have to go to for work. You go to meet and mingle. To set up trips and potential articles. my goal is to fill my year with as many trips as possible.

My goal is to have at least 1 trip every single month. And yet, something in me also wants to run away. I have always wanted to run. I want to go somewhere new, unexpected, and exciting. I want to do something. I want to make something happen. 

charlie brown snow

Snowy days like these always make me want to travel. To run. I want to hop on a flight to Botswana and go volunteer at a nature sanctuary. I want to fly to Australia and help with the fires. I want to go instal solar panels in the 3rd world. I want to do something!!!!!!!

The problems we have in America are so fucking stupid. Republicans are stirring up fear, anger, and hatred against poor people, women, LGBTQ people, Jewish people, black people, muslims, Mexicans, and literally, anyone who isn’t them.

And because our country is so focused fighting for dumb things that should be obvious to everyone, we can’t work on the bigger issues. The bigger problems. The real problems. I’m bored of this country. I’m bored of the bullshit of America. I’m bored of how easily Americans were bought and sold. Of how easy it was to completely divide America and destroy it from the inside.


And so, I want to run. I want to go somewhere else. Somewhere new. Somewhere where adventure is still possible. Where making friends is still possible. Where learning something new is still possible. Where growing as a person is still possible.

And I understand that I probably sound spoiled, and that’s also the problem with America. We have this problem where, if someone can see the situation from the outside…from a different perspective…they’re labeled privileged or spoiled or uneducated. When in reality, maybe they’re not. Just because someone calls you out on bullshit doesn’t mean that they’re the problem. Maybe…. just maybe… you’re full of bullshit.

And so, I want to run. Go somewhere new. Away from Trumpism. Away from #Woke. Away from America.

I want to run.


~ The Dark Horse

(No, not proofread)




The Republican Cult


So, one of the big projects I did back in grad school was write a 30-page paper on cults. I interviewed cult members, scholars who wrote the academic books on cults, religious leaders, and people who specialize in de-radicalization.

The one thing that has always been in my mind since Trump became president is, Wow, this is just like a cult. Trump is insanely similar to cult leaders. He’s a complete delusional idiot that to most humans, seems nuts, but to a percentage, seems like a God. (Think Charles Manson, Marshall Applewhite, Jim Jones, David Koresh, and so on.  To most of us, just hearing them speak raises so many red flags…and yet they convinced people to kill others and/or themselves)

Also, Republicans no longer care about issues, or what’s right and wrong, they just care about Trump, and about feeling correct whether they are or not… just like cult members. Losing personal autonomy and becoming part of the “hive mind” is standard textbook cult stuff. It’s why Republicans have no problem with Trump making fun of a disabled reporter, asking his staff to break the law, mocking a teenager on Twitter, asking the Ukrainian President to dig up dirt on his political foes, and so on. Trump can do no wrong to them, because Trump has become their God. They now need Trump. Because they are nothing without him. It’s the same way cult leaders are able to convince people to run away to remote compounds with them, take up crazy diets and religious practices, and usually, to end up killing themselves. Republicans are nothing more than putty, waiting for their creator to mold them.


Today, I was walking to the store to get toothpaste, when suddenly, a Republican and his friend (whose affiliation I’m not sure) walked out of a Chipotle and cut me off.  So then I was walking behind them… here’s what I heard:

Republican: And you know what he said? You know what he said to me?  He was like, You’ve been brainwashed!

Friend: (Silence)

Republican:  And I was like… brainwashed?  What? How could he say that to me?

Friend: (Silence) 

Republican: And I’m like, I mean… it takes one to know one right? Like, the only way he could possibly know I’m brainwashed is if he is too right?

Friend: (Silence)

Republican:  That’s the thing with Democrats, they just think they’re better than everyone, like, even though they’re so wrong about everything! And then he calls me the brainwashed one! I can’t believe Democrats!

And that’s when I decided to take a detour to the store, because I couldn’t handle listening to a crazy person justify his insanity to himself. It was too depressing.

And for the record, OF COURSE non-brainwashed people can know if someone else is brainwashed. Otherwise, there’d be no way to study cults.

freedome kids.gif

Yeah this whole freedom kids stuff that went on?  Anyone ever hear of the Hitler Youth? It’s been done before, and it’s just more standard cult shit.

Also, if you haven’t watched this yet, it is completely gross, and will make you feel dirty.

Here’s another great clip to watch, where Trump supporters blindly agree to the quotes they’re hearing when told they are from Trump, when really, they are from Hitler.

Is Trumpism possibly the largest cult in history, rivaled only by Nazism? It seems so.

America is fucked.

~ The Dark Horse

(no, this wasn’t proofread. I refuse to spend time proofreading when I’m talking about a dumpster like Trump)




Trans People on Dating Apps

dating apps


Ok, so I hate to bitch about things again, but I’ve noticed a common trend with trans people lately on apps like Grindr, Tinder, and Bumble.

So it goes like this:

Their profile will be like, “I’m blah blah blah and interested in blah blah blah…. and btw, yes I’m trans, and NO it’s not my job to teach you about it. Go Google it on your own, this isn’t my responsibility….”


So then I’m forced to respond (because, how could I not?) with, “Why do you think it isn’t your responsibility?”

And they’re always like… “What do you mean?”

And I’m like… “You’re trans, and oppressed minority who is demanding equal rights… So how the fuck do you somehow believe it isn’t your job to educate the country on trans people? It most certainly is your responsibility.”

And of course, then I get the…





And then they say something like,




(which only makes me more annoyed)

So I’m like, “Look. I’m not anti-trans. However, this is insane. You wonder why half this country hates trans people? You wonder why they’re so uneducated? Why they’re so confused, hateful, and afraid? Well imagine not knowing a trans person, and then the only ones you meet are like, DON’T ASK ME QUESTIONS! IT ISNT MY JOB! JUST GO AWAY!”

I’m like…”You’re just fucking yourself and your cause over.”



And I’m like… listen cunt. NO SHIT! Of course it isn’t fair. Oppression, by definition, isn’t fair. But just because it isn’t fair doesn’t mean it isn’t the truth.

Can you people imagine if the black community was like, “Well, a bus strike would raise national attention and hurt the economy of the white man…BUT UGH… IT ISN’T FAIR THAT I’LL HAVE TO WALK TO WORK…SO I’M NOT GOING TO DO IT.”

I didn’t enjoy getting beat up as the gay kid in Ohio. It wasn’t fair. But it was the truth. It’s what happened. It’s how my hometown treated gay people.

Also, listen to yourself. If you don’t educate people on it… how many people will?  How many transphobic people will actually go and Google it on their own? And even if they do, they’ll probably search FoxNews or InfoWars or something which is exactly where you DON’T want them getting their news from.

ALSO, SPOILER ALERT HERE — The fact that you can say that is privilege!!!!!!!!



The fact that you can be like, I’m trans, but isn’t my job to fight for my own rights, IS PRIVILEGE. And I guess what, if you were in my hometown, you wouldn’t be able to act like that. Trans people in big cities and liberal areas like the coasts have no idea what actual oppression is. And your attitudes are only hurting LGBT people stuck in middle America who don’t have the privilege of living in an open and accepting area like you.

So, get your head out of your ass. Yes, life as a trans person is unfair. But this world is unfair. And those who hate you don’t care that its unfair towards you, so I’m not sure why you think simply saying “This is unfair” is going to change anything. THEY DON’T CARE. You, YES YOU, have to actually fight for it.

I, as a cis person, can defend you and can vote for liberal policies, but it’s highly unlikely that I can change people’s minds on trans people since I’m not trans. Unfortunately, it’s UP TO YOU. 


Changing Views of Race in America


So, when I was growing up, I used to be scared when the theater would fill up with too many black people. During the 2000’s, when rap movies were coming out all over the place, like Get Rich or Die Tryin, Hustle & Flow, Notorious, and then even when the should-be-inspirational black film Pride came out, the theaters in my hometown always had problems. Gang fights, shootings, stabbings – always at black movies. I’ve even been harassed for being gay by the black people in my hometown in a movie theater.  (for real, the mall in my hometown, where our largest theater is, had to instate an no hoods policy so security cameras can pick up everyones faces, and even banned anyone under 18 from being in the mall/theaters alone after 9pm without an adult present.
The violence got that bad.)

Because of that, anytime I started to see the theater fill up with mostly black people, I would get nervous. I didn’t want to deal a fight. I didn’t want to be harassed. I didn’t want trouble. I just wanted to see a movie.

However, the other week I saw the new 47 Meters Down, which… who doesn’t love a good shark movie?

47 meters down


The storyline was horrible, but who cares – it was sharks eating people.

Anyways… The point is this – So pretty much everyone in the audience but me and my friend was black. And yet, rather than being afraid, I actually felt safe. I was like, “Well, right now it’s white people who are shooting up movie theaters, so if it’s a theater of me and all black people, I feel like I’m going to be ok.”

And then I thought about how weird that is. That black people used to make me afraid, and now, white people make me afraid.

And then I thought about how fucked up and sad America is.

And then I thought about much I hate humans for murdering each other in general.

And then I got sad.


Anyways, just a little rambling from inside my mind. Make of it what you will, I’m just putting it out there,


~ The Dark Horse