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Why Do People Love To Put Others Down (Or, Let’s Learn To Tell Em’ To Fuck Off)



So, this world is full of pathetic people who desperately try to fit in, and in that quest, they literally end up getting lost in their own bullshit.   Then these people live their lives trying to be a constructed image of themselves to portray to the world.    These people….sadly…end up being a majority of the populous.  The commoner.

Take this for example, in the year 2000, it would have been deemed super lame to like superheroes.  Flash-forward to modern times…


…And this infographic literally started at 2014… almost a good 6 years after the superhero craze began.




For another example, in the year 2000 liking music that used the banjo would have been seen as really stupid…


And then suddenly bands like Mumford and Sons, and Old Crow Medicine show and shit dominated the hipster market.  The banjo became commonplace.



The point is, everything is relative.  “Cool” is literally dictated by the companies who sell you the product.   Don’t believe me?  OVERALLS are back people… fucking overalls.


God, if you’re real, please destroy Coachella.   Also, PS people… like this fucker even knows what Ziggy Stardust is or who David Bowie is.  Which brings up another great point.  In 2000, liking artists that your parents listened to would have been extremely uncool.  However, in the present day people are buying Led Zeppelin shirts without even knowing any of their songs.



My point is, be yourself.  Anyone who wants to put you down for dressing the way you dress, liking the music you like, or the way you act, or whatever the case… they’re all just posers.  They only like what is popular right now because they lack personality.  If you like bubble pop and miss bands like Aqua, then whatever, blast that music all you want.  In 20 years it will probably be cool again and suddenly the commoners will love you.


And secondly, don’t even let the common man’s opinions bring you down.  Once you know how easily the commoner is bought and sold, then their opinion should mean nothing.

Sure, they will love telling you not to chase your dreams, or to be more normal, or whatever-the-fuck.  But all you gotta is put a bitch in their place.




OF COURSE THIS IS A METAPHOR.. Don’t actually smack a ho.   But trust me, by being yourself and not caring about what they say, then they lose all their power.  So in a way, you’re still giving em a good….





…and you’re giving it to em’ right where it hurts!


Alright people, stay strong and stay yourselves!

~The Dark Horse



Bleed Like Me, or How My Blog Got its Name

So the name of my blog is from this amazing song by the band Garbage called “Bleed Like Me”



https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=690k85FQNXs < Watch the video here! 


 So for anyone out there who hates themselves you can probably relate to this song and probably have heard it before. If you haven’t give it a listen because its amazing.

At the end I just love where she says, “You should see my scars”  because that is what I want.   It seems nobody understands or believes what I’ve been through or how bad its hurt me.   Its as if mental wounds aren’t real like physical ones.  They don’t get that years of being beaten up and made fun of and having nobody to talk to has ruined me inside.  its made me bitter, angry, and hateful. I had nobody to talk to.  My parents were of no support back then, teachers would hear people call me fag, or throw things at me and they would just look away.   I was an untouchable because nobody wanted to be seen talking to me or associating with me because it would ruin their social standing.

so I’ve gone my whole life carrying these wounds.  Carrying this broken heart and crushed soul inside me and nobody cares.  Nobody wants to listen.  At most you get a shrug and someone giving you some bullshit line like, “Well hey!  You’re not in Ohio anymore so thats good right?” 

People don’t understand why I can’t make friends.  They don’t understand why Im afraid of people.  Why I judge them.  Why I’m so afraid of being judged by them….and I feel they never will.  I fear that nobody will ever care about me or how I feel.\

ya know what?  ya know what i want?  what i think would make my life so much better?  would be for this:

When i tell someone about my past, instead of hearing, “oh get over it”, or, “ya, I’ve had hard times too but I’ve moved on”  or some shit like that I just want someone to say, “God, ya know what….that sounds like it must have been shit”. 

Just someone to believe me and believe how hurt I still am….I wish someone could see how big my scars are.