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So this girl commented on a post I made and it made me feel really good that this blog is helping people. I quoted a line from the Scooby Doo movie, “Thats the beauty of something broken. It can always be fixed”.   And that got me thinking , What an amazing quote! WHY HAVE NOT BLOGGED ABOUT THIS BEFORE? 

So.. well… now I am.

Yes thats right my little butter muffins.  We are all damaged goods at the moment aren’t we? But ah…. not for long.  Let me tell you a little story.  A story that is completely true actually. 

It all starts with Australia’s flagship airline called QANTAS. (this will have a good ending don’t worry) 


So We are Qantas flight 32.  An AirbusA380, the largest aircraft on Earth.  Were flying from Singapore to Sydney with a full load of people onboard.  

Suddenly All hell brakes loose.

An unconfined failure happens in the port of the inboard (Number 2) engine, while en route over Batam Island, Indonesia.

Shrapnel from the exploding engine punctured part of the wing and damaged the fuel system causing leaks and a fuel tank fire

which then disabled one hydraulic system and the anti-lock brakes

and also caused No.1 and No.4 engines to go into a ‘degraded’ mode

not to mention it damaged the landing flaps and the controls for the outer left No.1 engine.

Shit got fucked up. Like, really really fucked up. Had this plane gone down this would have been the deadliest air crash for any single airplane ever.


Amazingly the captain was able to land the plane back at Singapore.  There were no deaths and everyone was able to go home with one hell of a story to tell.  

So, what happened to this juggernaut airplane in question? 

They fixed that bitch up and shoved her back in the air! 

Thats right…. she is currently flying at this very moment! 

Now, if that thing can be fixed and deemed worthy to fly again, then WE SURE AS HELL CAN TOO 


oh yes, it will take work.  That Qantas plane wasn’t fixed overnight.  But soon just like that plane and this adorable little small-town penguin who had a dream to fly…. we shall too! 

So the next time you’re feeling down and broken, remember that airplanes break ALL THE TIME.  like seriously…. more than you would like to know

But hey,  they still fly, and should we! 

~Fly high bitches,

The Dark Horse