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The Republican Machine is Seriously Insane

dark web

Ok, so I troll Trump sometimes on Facebook.  I think it’s important for people to call him out, because otherwise, when conservatives view his FB page, all they see is people praising him. It’s important to add dissenting voices to help break up the brainwashing they receive daily.

However, yesterday something weird happened. Something very weird. And very scary. I trolled Trump and said something like “You’re a shitty leader” or something on one of his FB posts. My comment received about 50 likes… and then the Trump bots came out of the woodwork.

Listen, when people talk about bots and fake profiles, this shit is NO JOKE. I woke up this morning to 35 friend requests from random strangers. And each of these “people” had sent me a message on FB messenger as well, saying only “Hi” or “Hello”.  And what’s even weirder, is that a lot of these “people” all seem to have graduated from Oxford University or the University of Cambridge… weird, isn’t it? What are the trolls wanting here. Why are the bots trying to friend liberals? What does the Trump machine have up its sleeve to rig the 2020 election?

Also, there was, obviously, tons of comments to my comment that all said horribly written insults and things like “Trump won in 2016, get over it” – Which, Trump actually lost the popular vote by the largest margin of any president in the history of this country, but anyways…

The point is – The Trump machine is doing something weird.  Something is going on. The republican cult is desperate and they’re playing dirty, like they always have.

And republicans are fucking retarded and fall for this shit. They don’t verify info, they don’t check to see if they’re speaking to a real person, they simply believe what their cult leader tells them. And do not mistake, Trumpism is a cult. They have allegiance to themselves, not to this country.

Anyways, America is doomed. Americans, you let Republicans rape this country for the last 40 years. You’re all retarded. This insanity didn’t happen overnight. it happened through decades of you allowing it to. And now, the burden of your selfish, lazy, retardation is on the shoulders of young people like me who is forced to grow up in an unstable country filled with fucking morons.

Thanks, cunts.

(not proofread. I’m not gonna proofread anything for retarded cunts)

America, Go Die. You Deserve It.


America, you are seriously pissing me the fuck off.

Why are you not wearing masks?

Why are you out partying?

Why are you having family gatherings?

Why are you going to the park with seven of your friends?

Why are you not social distancing?

Why do I live in a country that’s populated by selfish overgrown apes? Do you like pulling turds out of your ass and throwing them at the window?


If I wasn’t forced to live in this country, I’d say, Go for it! get sick and die, you all deserve it. But sadly, I’m here. And so is my family. Do you know what it’s like having a dad who is a first responder? Knowing he goes to work everyday to SAVE YOUR LIFE, even though none of you care about his? None of you care who you get sick. None of you care who you kill.

Trumpers, WEAR YOUR FUCKING MASKS! Trump is a retarded, illiterate, frumpy old man. Why the fuck do you listen to anything he says?


Liberals, WEAR YOUR FUCKING MASKS! Just because you’re black and “saving the world from racism” doesn’t make you immune to getting COVID-19. Standing in a rally of thousands of people PUTS YOU AT RISK, YOU STUPID FUCKING MORONS! 



China, Russia, North Korea….any of our enemies – Now is your time. Please, bomb the fuck out of us. Please just end the madness now. We’re like a dying horse that needs to be shot in the face for its own sake.

nyc mass grave

So many Americans think that hell on Earth looks like Uganda or Yemen. But this is actual hell – watching people who SHOULD know better…Watching a country that has ALL THE RESOURCES to squash the pandemic…watching a fucking political party that turned into a CULT destroy one of the most powerful nations in the world…This is what hell looks like. Watching people willfully and gleefully jump off the side of a cliff to their own death. Simply because they didn’t want to “look like a liberal” in a mask.

America. Fuck you. Go die. You lousy piece of shit. You don’t deserve life.

~ The Dark Horse

(No, this wasn’t proofread. There’s no point in proofreading, we’re all screwed anyways)

The Strange Timing of that UFO Video…

ufo video

So, is anyone else out there wondering why on Earth the US government felt the need to declassify strange videos…even though the world is trying to survive through a viral pandemic?  Does that seem weird to anyone else out there? Like, do you people seriously have nothing better to do with your time?

I understand that America is under a lot of stress and fear right now. And that perhaps declassifying info like this could be a great way to get people’s mind off the death and sadness all around us… But, I can’t help but feel there is another motivation here.

lockdown protests

America is politically divided right now. And once side (Republicans) are extremely prone to fanaticism, conspiracy, anger, and stupidity. Trump has capitalized on these types of people, constantly telling them that they’re right. That they’re not the crazy ones. that they’re the true patriots. He fuels their flames, he applauds their actions, and he gleefully spreads conspiracy theories over and over again.

The Trump administration only exists by fueling the flames of conspiracy. By making Americans afraid of their government. By telling them that Big Brother is out there, hiding warehouses full of secrets, purposefully hoarding resources, and always trying to rob citizens one dollar at a time. Hilariously, the Trump administration is the government…something his followers can never seem to understand.

Right now in America, there is a huge divide over the lockdowns to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Republicans want lockdowns lifted. They say that the economy is more important than people’s lives. They say lockdowns are just the insanity of liberal dictators. Trump, per usual, fuels this.

And now, as anti-government sentiment rages, as Republicans are convinced the government is out to oppress them, as the 2020 election approaches…The administration decides to declassify “mysterious” videos that have been “hidden away” for all these years. Coincidence?  I think not.

I’m Ready to Go Home


So, enough of the bells and whistles. Enough of the inspiration. Enough of the camaraderie. Truth is, I’m spent. Here in NYC there is so much death everywhere. So much pain. So much misery.

And then on top of the death, there’s the fear. The fear that life will never be normal again. The fear of a destroyed economy.  And now, we have these whackjob Republican Trump-fuckers who are refusing to stay indoors. So, the pandemic will never end, because the virus will always have carriers to spread it.

Great job America! Real fucking great…

So, you know, when people call Americans stupid, this is what they’re talking about.

And all this focus on blaming China, and these conspiracy theories that the virus started in a lab and blah blah blah – GUESS WHAT AMERICA! NONE OF THAT FUCKING MATTERS. The virus is here, IN AMERICA. Blaming China will not make the virus go away. Protesting your governor in Michigan will not make the virus go away. Going to church will not make the virus go away.

You’re all just idiots. You’re pathetic, uneducated morons who will cause more people in this country to die. I just hope that you’re the ones the virus kills off.

~ The Dark Horse


Humans Ruin Everything


Ok, so this post is being written completely out of annoyance and anger, so sorry if it doesn’t sound flowery and cute.

Humans. What the flying fuck is wrong with you? You stupid, selfish assholes. Sometimes I want the coronavirus to kill you all, because you’re such lousy cunts, and I don’t want you on this planet anymore.

For example:

Dear apartment on the 1st floor. WHY DO YOU KEEP THROWING PARTIES? 

Dear apartments on floor 1, 3, 4, and 5. WHY DO YOU KEEP BLASTING MUSIC UNTIL 2AM?


Look, I understand that YOU don’t have a job right now. I understand that YOU have nowhere to be and nothing to do. I understand that YOU want to party. But guess what, YOU don’t always get what you want in life. This is a large building, with 8 floors, and some of us are forced to work and live from very confined spaces for the next month or two. I would like my sleep and I would like to not have that constant low buzz of a bass rattling everything ALL THE FUCKING TIME. Especially when I’m trying to work.

Furthermore, why don’t you just fucking go home? If you’re going to act like a child instead of an adult, then do what children do, and go fucking live with your parents. It shouldn’t be our job to fucking deal with your immaturity and selfishness. You lousy fucking sacks of shit. This is why the world sucks. Because inconsiderate cunts do what they want without caring about anyone else around them.

It’s great that you get to live off mommy and daddy’s money. It’s great that you have no life. It’s great that you get to be a 30-year-old who acts like you’re 15. Go fucking Instagram yourself getting hit by a train.

And for the rest of you – stop hoarding toilet paper and stop buying guns because you think this is the apocalypse. YOU ARE NOT PROTECTING YOURSELF FROM A CRISIS, YOU ARE CREATING THE CRISIS. 

hoarding toilet paper

Also, Americans, I have some bad fucking news for you – the real problem with toilet paper is your diet. The reason why so many of you take greasy, messy, smelly dumps is because your diet fucking sucks. Americans do NOT eat healthy. Americans consume too much heavy meats, too much refined carbs, and too much sugar, while consuming hardly any fresh fruits and veggies. This is why you’re fat, and out of shape, and why your poop is so fucking messy. If you ate better, and took normal dumps, you wouldn’t need to use so much toilet paper, so you wouldn’t be panicking.

ALSO – this is why America has one highest death tolls in the world from the coronavirus. This country is full of unhealthy people. Stop smoking. Start moving your body more. Stop choosing potato chips over carrots. Just fucking stop. All of you.




~ The Dark Horse

(this was not proofread)

The Republican Cult


So, one of the big projects I did back in grad school was write a 30-page paper on cults. I interviewed cult members, scholars who wrote the academic books on cults, religious leaders, and people who specialize in de-radicalization.

The one thing that has always been in my mind since Trump became president is, Wow, this is just like a cult. Trump is insanely similar to cult leaders. He’s a complete delusional idiot that to most humans, seems nuts, but to a percentage, seems like a God. (Think Charles Manson, Marshall Applewhite, Jim Jones, David Koresh, and so on.  To most of us, just hearing them speak raises so many red flags…and yet they convinced people to kill others and/or themselves)

Also, Republicans no longer care about issues, or what’s right and wrong, they just care about Trump, and about feeling correct whether they are or not… just like cult members. Losing personal autonomy and becoming part of the “hive mind” is standard textbook cult stuff. It’s why Republicans have no problem with Trump making fun of a disabled reporter, asking his staff to break the law, mocking a teenager on Twitter, asking the Ukrainian President to dig up dirt on his political foes, and so on. Trump can do no wrong to them, because Trump has become their God. They now need Trump. Because they are nothing without him. It’s the same way cult leaders are able to convince people to run away to remote compounds with them, take up crazy diets and religious practices, and usually, to end up killing themselves. Republicans are nothing more than putty, waiting for their creator to mold them.


Today, I was walking to the store to get toothpaste, when suddenly, a Republican and his friend (whose affiliation I’m not sure) walked out of a Chipotle and cut me off.  So then I was walking behind them… here’s what I heard:

Republican: And you know what he said? You know what he said to me?  He was like, You’ve been brainwashed!

Friend: (Silence)

Republican:  And I was like… brainwashed?  What? How could he say that to me?

Friend: (Silence) 

Republican: And I’m like, I mean… it takes one to know one right? Like, the only way he could possibly know I’m brainwashed is if he is too right?

Friend: (Silence)

Republican:  That’s the thing with Democrats, they just think they’re better than everyone, like, even though they’re so wrong about everything! And then he calls me the brainwashed one! I can’t believe Democrats!

And that’s when I decided to take a detour to the store, because I couldn’t handle listening to a crazy person justify his insanity to himself. It was too depressing.

And for the record, OF COURSE non-brainwashed people can know if someone else is brainwashed. Otherwise, there’d be no way to study cults.

freedome kids.gif

Yeah this whole freedom kids stuff that went on?  Anyone ever hear of the Hitler Youth? It’s been done before, and it’s just more standard cult shit.

Also, if you haven’t watched this yet, it is completely gross, and will make you feel dirty.

Here’s another great clip to watch, where Trump supporters blindly agree to the quotes they’re hearing when told they are from Trump, when really, they are from Hitler.

Is Trumpism possibly the largest cult in history, rivaled only by Nazism? It seems so.

America is fucked.

~ The Dark Horse

(no, this wasn’t proofread. I refuse to spend time proofreading when I’m talking about a dumpster like Trump)