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Cant Sleep At Night, But Feel Dead During The Day?


Is this you at night hen you’re trying to sleep?  CANT NO MATTER HOW BADLY YOU WANT TO?

But During the day you’re like this?


Are you up all night because you’re thinking of tomorrow?  Of further into the future? Or maybe you’re reliving moments from your past that you regret?   Or maybe you’ve gone full blown crazy like me and just start worrying that you’re heart will stop or that maybe you can feel a tumor or something in your leg?


Well up until about last week I was doing the same thing.   I have been slowly getting better, and believe me its been hard!   Trying to sleep when you think you’re entire life is falling apart is not something you can easily accomplish.  The truth though is realizing that life isn’t falling completely falling apart!  There is no real danger just around the corner and if there is…. if tomorrow you’re going to fail that test even though you studied for hours, or if you really are going to have a heart attack in the middle of the night.. well it sounds like its gonna happen anyways.  You can try to fight it, but if you’ve done all you can and fate still has it against you… well then.. thats just fate.  Worrying won’t do anything anyways.


But in reality there is no danger up ahead!  You’re not going to fail nor are you going to die. This was the realization I had to force myself to recognize to keep me from going crazy every night of the week… seriously, I was going crazy.  But I had just to accept that if bad stuff was coming it was coming given that I was doing EVERYTHING to prevent.  I wasn’t doing anything that would get my heartbeat up, I was living way too safely, and checking my vitals nonstop.

My therapist can tell you, I was bats shit crazy.


But this past month Ive made so much progress.   Just letting life happen.  (honestly its been harder than you may think!)

And I think thats been the main trick Ive been using.  Saying to myself, YOURE GOING TO BE FINE!  To quote Fiona Apple, “Whats happened has happened and whats coming is already on its way with a role for me to play”

Being afraid of bad things happening all the time means you’re afraid to live life, and once you become afraid to live life, well who cares if bad things were going to happen? You’ve already.  So just stop!  Tell yourself, to just try to embrace the moment.

And it won’t come easily or fast.  But slowly, you’ll get there.  Life can return!


the dark horse


8 Amazing Songs For Relaxing That You May Have Never Heard

Alright, so a few weeks ago I did a list of some songs that would be really good for helping to get you energized and excited, but now its time to go the other route and give you some songs that I use to calm down.  And Im going to try to give you songs that you may have not heard of before.  obviously, I could sit here and list Return To Innocence and stuff by Enigma, but I’m sure every list of calming songs will have them in it, so here are some you may not know, but should! 

1.) OKLAHOMA SKY, Miranda Lambert 


So this is the last song of Miranda Lambert’s Four The Record Album and its just amazing.  Nothing but Miranda, an acoustic guitar, and a deep but subtle layer of background.   I listen to this song in the winter because it reminds of just looking out over a frozen cornfield or sleepy small town.  Its also an amazing song to play in the shower at nighttime when you turn all the lights off in the bathroom




Yes…. the annoying and ridiculous Kelis who sang “Milkshake” has a new album out called FOOD…. and its actually amazing and sounds nothing like kelis.  But this acoustic duet cover of the 1970’s classic is standout for me. Im already playing it to death.  Unofrtunately its not on Youtube (I bought it via iTunes) but heres a link to a tumblr page where a bunch of people have uploaded the audio

Bless The Telephone:http: //www.tumblr.com/tagged/bless-the-telephone

and why not, heres the original on Youtube (But listen to the Kelis version, its much calmer)


3.) SILVER STALLION by Cat Power 


Another amazing acoustic song.  Probably one of the easiest songs to both cry and fall asleep to.  I started listening to this song Autumn 2012 right after I had gotten back from a big trip up in Canada where I had lived off the land.  This song, mixed with the autumn leaves falling, and the comfort of being home safe and sound has made me love this song, and I probably always will


4.) ACOUSTIC NUMBER 3 by The Goo Goo Dolls 


I do love the 90’s, I will say it forever, and I love 90s music!  Remember this amazing album?  Well heres a song you might have not heard off of it, but its great! The downside, with a runtime of under 2 minutes, it leaves you wanting more! 


5.)  GOODBYE MILKY WAY by Enigma 


A haunting and calming song thats able to tell a story, make you think, and it even discusses the end of the galaxy! 

(Oh yeah…. stuff to go to sleep by)


6.) RED RED RED By Fiona Apple


As with all Fiona Apple songs, the lyrics make all the difference.  Just relax and let Fiona…. well… kind of depress you… but also kind of ease the depression…. just don’t question Fiona ok? 


7.)  THE GHOST OF VIRGINIA By Justin Townes Earle


Justin… ugh.. Justin, what happened to you?  This song was so nice and peaceful and great!  And then… you went hipster…. Like you went so hipster I really want to hurt you.  Hurt you really badly.

Don’t believe me? Heres him now:


SEE?  That boy deserves a good smack across the face.

But anyway this song is good so listen to it! I love songs that tell a story 



Remember that song Pyramid that came out way back in 2010?  Well the acoustic version is actually great! And it shows her amazing voice.. Charice has also gone through some well… changes… recently.  She came out as a lesbian and has become what we in the gay community call a “bull dike” 


Again… what the hell happened?  But anyway, the song is good, give it a listen! 

So there you have it!  Hope you guys have a good time chill in out! 

~Dark Horse out!