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Suicide and “Its Just A Cry For Help” (But Can You Blame Them)



How many times have you heard someone say “people who cut themselves are just looking for attention”.   Or, “blah blah blah wasn’t gonna actually do it, it was just a cry for help”.


Then people proceed to see it like its something not worth dealing with.  Or that the suicidal person was just a drama queen looking for their oscar winning movie moment.


But perhaps we need to look at it from a new direction, and for anyone out there with depression or anxiety or any mental problems you know exactly what I’m talking about:



Any of you people out there who doesn’t have to go through this, you have no absolutely no idea how much pain we feel.



When people like us try to talk to normal people, what are we meat with?    The same few lines like some broken record:

1.)  Oh yeah I’ve hard some hard times too, you’ll get through

My dream response:  “hahaha…..I really hope the next time you’re on an airplane it crashes over the open ocean…. ”


2.) Yeah my friend has depression I totally get it…..

My dream response: “Well if thats all you say to your friend then I feel really bad for your friend”.


3.) Maybe you’re just focusing on the bad?  Have you tried meditating? 


My dream response:  (there would be no words, id just grab the nearest share object and go full blown psycho)




So to all you people out there who just think its all for attention, have you ever considered that maybe when those you know try talking to you and they get those response, maybe they learn to not share things with you anymore?

And maybe when they attempt suicide there are actually one of two reasons?

1.)  They literally can’t stand the idea of living any longer because of how painful it is? 

2.) And this is the one you really need to focus on,  maybe the cry for help was to finally make people around them understand how much the pain they feel really is?  

Ah yes, ever consider that?   Perhaps a lifetime of getting brushed to the side hurts people even more?

Maybe that suicide attempt was to finally make everyone around them make up.   Make them see the pain inside?

And when that happens, please do not respond with “it was just for attention”, or “oh they weren’t really going to go through with it”.  because what that makes you my dear, is a total cunt.


And to all of you out there who are feeling like you may try and take your life, or for anyone who is worried about someone who may, plead read on:



Press play and then keep reading!


There are some pretty dumb ways to die:


For example, this blog would advise to not invite Freddy Krueger for dinner 


Sadly, movies have lied to us all.  Bears are not like Baloo from the jungle Book. Therefore Poking bears is another idea that this blog would consider a dumb way to die.



Although the idea may sound like the ultimate adventure, this blog sadly informs you to never take off a spacesuit while in the vacuum of space because…well,  its the vacuum of space….


However, the dumbest way to die is by taking your own life.  Don’t do it.

If you are feeling unstable in any way, even if it isn’t suicidal, there are tons of resources out there!

Check out local helplines that are waiting to speak to you! Just google search “Depression help line”, “lifeline” or “Suicide hotline” and the search results with bring up numbers for your local area or country!

There is always hope!

~ The Dark Horse


What To Do If You’re Feeling Suicidal



Ah yes, We all know this feelings quite well dont we? Dealing with depression, panic, anxiety, life trauma, PTSD, and many other life problems can leave us feeling like there is no hope in this world.

So what do we do? How do we continue on? Well bitches, we have two choices.

1.) Kill yourself and end it all (which I think is a horrible horrible idea) Please understand if youre suicidal, DO NOT DO IT.

2.) The other option is to muster though. To fight long and hard and struggle and take the bumpy shit-covered road ahead….. yay!


hey hey! dont give me that face! Its worth it i promise!

Life is worth living, and hey, if youre thinking about killing yourself you as may as well do crazy things beforehand right?

Think youve tried everything? Think you have nowhere else to go? Things can only get worse from here?

Well… have you ran away and backpacked Bali yet?





Have you joined the Peace Corps and saved people’s lives in The Congo?





Or even something easier, ever tried hanging out with some cute boys? Who knows, maybe they will be nice to you. Maybe youll become frineds. Or lovers? Or maybe at least it will stir up some kind of emotions of any kind inside you?




The point that im trying to make here is one you may not be aware of and one that nobody will probably ever tell you. As someone who wants to end their life, you literally cant get any worse. You are probably at the deepest and hardest “rock bottom” that a human can hit. So why not do something about it? Have an advetnure? A summer fling? Try something new?

Whats the worst that can happen? Youre going to die? Arent you planning on doing that anyways? Why not try everything possible in this world before you actually consider killing yourself?

And I say this as someone who knows what youre feeling. I know what youre going through. I know how miserable you are. I know how desperate you are. How tired you are. Trust me, ive felt it all.

But listen, this world is HUGE. absolutely HUGE. There are so many places to go, so many people to meet, so many adventures to have.


So here’s what you need to do if you feel like youre life isnt worth living:



Find whoever is telling you that your life isnt worth it and slap that motherfucker so hard that an eardrum pops.





Then get yourself on an airplane because youre going somewhere. Where? I dont know, thats your advetnure to choose. Where do you want to go? Go have yourself an Eat, Pray, Love? Or perhaps have your own WIld. Have your own Under The Tuscan Sun. Your own Best Exotic Marigold Hotel? Or your own Lizzie McGuire Movie (Thats is a great movie dont you dare talk bad about it!)?




Now take off and go live your life! Do something cracy! Do something new! Try to frind friends! Try to change the world! Try to grow! Do anything to relight that spark inside of you!



keep your eye to the sky!


~ The Dark Horse

I Still Haven’t Found What Im Looking For


So im sick.  And for me being sick sucks. massively sucks.  Painful soar throats, snotty noses, weakness, and apathy fill my life for about a week straight.  However sickness always provides something else.  This odd sense of rebalancing the scales. Or, it gives me this weird way of seeing my life in perspective.  I realize what i really want and whats really important to me… and usually… I realize that I don’t have anything I want.

So here I am living in Melbourne.  A city filled with hipsters, the trendy  the wealthy, and the traveler.  Peoples lives here are lived by clubs, bars, drinking, drugs, and sex.  Their lives look like this:


To the commoner.  This is fun.  This is exciting.  These are the best of their lives that they will remember forever. 

But that isnt me.  That never was me and it never will be.   Im tired of living a life surrounded by friends who are only half-friends.  “friends” who I know don’t really get me or care about me.  “friends” who live their lives through this cheap one-night-to-end-all-nights mentality and sleep away their hangovers for the rest of the week.  

They think they’re living life on the edge.  I think they’re already dead.



What do I want?

~ I want to make a contribution to the world.  I want to help people.  I want my job to matter

~ I want to find love.  Real love. Not a 3 month fling that burns out like most people have these days.  I truly want to look into someone’s eyes and feel at peace.  Feel at home

~ I want to show my love to my family, and let them know how grateful I am that I was born under their roof

~ I want to pass on all this goodness i have inside myself to someone else.  I know there is a light inside of me.  One that attracts people.  One that, when i let it shine, a whole room get brighter.  People love to listen, laugh, and smile when I talk to them.  I want to show that more.  Ive gotten used to hiding that light because most people the people in my life don’t seem to care to hear.

~ I want to feel good and feel like I matter.  Just to wake up and be happy.  Be ready, prepared, and centered for my day because I genuinely want to live it.


I wish the best to all of you out there who are on a journey of your own.  Be it good, bad, up, down, or all around.  Life is hard and nobody ever seems to be around when you need them.


One thing I will say is that I will be there for you.  I want this blog to be there for anyone who feels down and out.  If you don’t believe me, leave a comment to a post.  Even if it has nothing to do with the topic.  I will respond to it and I will try to help you out because i firmly believe as humans we are supposed to be there for each other, and it seems nobody ever is these days.

I want that to change


Carry on my wayward travelers.

~ The Dark Horse 

One Thing You Cant Say Is That Im Not Trying, Or, Suicide Is Not An Option


So, as much as I hate to admit that I like a David Spade movie… Joe Dirt had some great moments.  In fact, I rather liked it.  And ya know, Joe is right.  You just gotta keep on keepin’ on.

I had therapy today and I talked to my therapist and I told her how, even though I think life sucks right now, I have no other options.  What am I going to do, kill myself?  I could NEVER kill myself. When I die I have an eternity of nothingness. After 70 or 80 short years, we will have nothing but… well…. nothingness. So why end it any sooner than you have to?

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.  If anyone out there is considering suicide, don’t do it. No matter how bad things seem.  No matter how many people you feel are against you.  Don’t commit suicide.

I could tell you some reasons why, like, because if you do, all those people who have treated you badly will win. They will have their ultimate triumph…your life.  Or I could tell you how life is short and not to make it any shorter, or I could even say something like any life lost is a tragedy…. and I do believe all of those things…but that’s not the main reason you shouldn’t commit suicide.  The main reason is this:

You are better and stronger than everyone else. 

So lets talk facts.  A whopping majority of the population in developed western countries don’t know shit about emotion.  They don’t know how to feel like we do. They don’t understand.

Most people don’t know the extreme situations.  Whether your story be rape, abuse, bullying, physical ailments, self harm, loneliness, depression, anxiety, or any other major problem that holds you down. MOST PEOPLE WILL NEVER HURT THAT MUCH IN THEIR LIVES. That’sprobably why most of you feel so alone and isolated.  I know from personal experience.  Trying to talk to the commoner about problems like that is just pointless. It feels like talking to a brick wall.


Though they may be kind of lucky that they can’t hit the lows like we can, they also can’t hit the highs.  We just have the capacity to feel more.  To see more. To know more.  We are actually the superior beings here.

So say there is a scale from 0 to 100. 0 is complete, crushing pain.  100 is complete euphoria, and 50 is like contentment.

The commoner can Maybe feel from like 40 to 60.  So they never get too hurt, but at the same time, what they know as happy, or accomplishment, or satisfaction, is only a fraction of what we can feel.  And I know it probably hurts SO MUCH right now but DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!


The word needs you.

Take that pain and turn that shit around.  Whip that bitch off your back and make a turn for the good.  Create a non-profit.  Write a book about your experience.  Inspire others.  Do something with your life to help others who are in your shoes but have not yet felt the spark that they need to pull themself out of the hole.  That is what I’m hoping to do with this blog!

And if you ever ask yourself, “why me?”

Well the answer is because, there is nobody else.  We are the movers and the shakers in this world.  You think the commoner will ever do something great?  You think that football jock who used to beat you up will make any great contributions to the world?  Hell fuckin no! That bitch is sitting on his ass at a bar with some bunk ass wife.  Still in your hometown.  With kids.  And no plans to change anything.


Ya hear me bitches?  The world is ours!  Take all that pain and do something with it.  Use it to make the world a better place.  Im there for you and I believe in you.


if need help or are struggling with suicide, call:

1300 651 251 if you’re in Australia 


1 800 273 8255 if you are in the US

Rock that shit out!

~ The Dark Horse