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The Republican Machine is Seriously Insane

dark web

Ok, so I troll Trump sometimes on Facebook.  I think it’s important for people to call him out, because otherwise, when conservatives view his FB page, all they see is people praising him. It’s important to add dissenting voices to help break up the brainwashing they receive daily.

However, yesterday something weird happened. Something very weird. And very scary. I trolled Trump and said something like “You’re a shitty leader” or something on one of his FB posts. My comment received about 50 likes… and then the Trump bots came out of the woodwork.

Listen, when people talk about bots and fake profiles, this shit is NO JOKE. I woke up this morning to 35 friend requests from random strangers. And each of these “people” had sent me a message on FB messenger as well, saying only “Hi” or “Hello”.  And what’s even weirder, is that a lot of these “people” all seem to have graduated from Oxford University or the University of Cambridge… weird, isn’t it? What are the trolls wanting here. Why are the bots trying to friend liberals? What does the Trump machine have up its sleeve to rig the 2020 election?

Also, there was, obviously, tons of comments to my comment that all said horribly written insults and things like “Trump won in 2016, get over it” – Which, Trump actually lost the popular vote by the largest margin of any president in the history of this country, but anyways…

The point is – The Trump machine is doing something weird.  Something is going on. The republican cult is desperate and they’re playing dirty, like they always have.

And republicans are fucking retarded and fall for this shit. They don’t verify info, they don’t check to see if they’re speaking to a real person, they simply believe what their cult leader tells them. And do not mistake, Trumpism is a cult. They have allegiance to themselves, not to this country.

Anyways, America is doomed. Americans, you let Republicans rape this country for the last 40 years. You’re all retarded. This insanity didn’t happen overnight. it happened through decades of you allowing it to. And now, the burden of your selfish, lazy, retardation is on the shoulders of young people like me who is forced to grow up in an unstable country filled with fucking morons.

Thanks, cunts.

(not proofread. I’m not gonna proofread anything for retarded cunts)

How Are You Doing?

Racial Injustice Portland

How is everyone holding up?

I’ve been MIA for a month or so because I needed a break from the America. I’m sorry, but I just can’t handle you people and your aggressive stupidity any longer.

I took a big risk and flew back home back in June, and it was well worth it. Now, I’m writing everyday from my back yard, surrounded by flowers, hummingbirds, and towering oak trees. I cook, I write, I ride my bike, I play video games, I help out with the yard work. I don’t really have interactions with anyone but my parents (except for the people I pass at the park, or talking over the fence to the next door neighbors)…

And ya know what – It’s been really fucking amazing. I couldn’t handle you people not wearing masks. I couldn’t handle you people looting stores that were down the street from my apartment. I couldn’t handle you people spitting on nurses. I couldn’t handle you people marching down my street, screaming at random people, telling them they’re racists simply because they were a white person you passed by on your protest.


I couldn’t handle it. America, you’re all a bunch of pathetic fucking morons. And I’m so glad to be away on my summer hibernation. Away from all of you.

So, anyways, How are all of you doing? Have your brains melted like mien has? Have you finally given up on this country like me?  What are y’all up to?

~ The Dark Horse

(this isn’t proofread cuz I don’t proofread these days. #resist)

America, Go Die. You Deserve It.


America, you are seriously pissing me the fuck off.

Why are you not wearing masks?

Why are you out partying?

Why are you having family gatherings?

Why are you going to the park with seven of your friends?

Why are you not social distancing?

Why do I live in a country that’s populated by selfish overgrown apes? Do you like pulling turds out of your ass and throwing them at the window?


If I wasn’t forced to live in this country, I’d say, Go for it! get sick and die, you all deserve it. But sadly, I’m here. And so is my family. Do you know what it’s like having a dad who is a first responder? Knowing he goes to work everyday to SAVE YOUR LIFE, even though none of you care about his? None of you care who you get sick. None of you care who you kill.

Trumpers, WEAR YOUR FUCKING MASKS! Trump is a retarded, illiterate, frumpy old man. Why the fuck do you listen to anything he says?


Liberals, WEAR YOUR FUCKING MASKS! Just because you’re black and “saving the world from racism” doesn’t make you immune to getting COVID-19. Standing in a rally of thousands of people PUTS YOU AT RISK, YOU STUPID FUCKING MORONS! 



China, Russia, North Korea….any of our enemies – Now is your time. Please, bomb the fuck out of us. Please just end the madness now. We’re like a dying horse that needs to be shot in the face for its own sake.

nyc mass grave

So many Americans think that hell on Earth looks like Uganda or Yemen. But this is actual hell – watching people who SHOULD know better…Watching a country that has ALL THE RESOURCES to squash the pandemic…watching a fucking political party that turned into a CULT destroy one of the most powerful nations in the world…This is what hell looks like. Watching people willfully and gleefully jump off the side of a cliff to their own death. Simply because they didn’t want to “look like a liberal” in a mask.

America. Fuck you. Go die. You lousy piece of shit. You don’t deserve life.

~ The Dark Horse

(No, this wasn’t proofread. There’s no point in proofreading, we’re all screwed anyways)

What Millennials Have Been Through


Does anyone remember last summer? Remember the problems you thought you had. The things you thought you’d accomplish?

Oh, how silly we all were. How naive. How pathetically sad. We were all just pawns. Ducks waiting to be shot.

And now, here we are. Summer 2020. The summer of jaded memories. The summer of remembering a bygone era of a better life that we will never have again.

And you know, as a millennial, that’s kind of the story of my life. When I was a kid, 9/11 happened. Then, pre-9/11 America was gone. The Republican Party had been radicalized. Insanity, paranoia, and hatred was the new normal.


Then, as I was finishing high school, the recession began. And the post-recession America was lost forever. Gone were the days of job security. Of employers giving benefits. Of you being able to work at one company your whole life.


Then in 2016, just as the economy was finally feeling strong and sturdy…. Trump came along, divided America into two Americas, and our country was lost forever.

trump mocks reporter

And now, in 2020, we have a deadly plague. I’ve been trapped in NYC under lockdown. I don’t know when I’ll ever be able to fly home and see my family again. And this second wave is starting up and nobody even cares. Americans would rather dance the night away at a club, even if it kills them.


America, I ask you this, how much more are we willing to lose? How much more pain are you willing to go through? How much more insanity?

And do you realize that there is now a generation of Americans who has never experienced a stable country? Your madness. Your insanity. Your selfishness. It has torn this country apart, and then you wonder why younger people don’t believe in America and care about America. What exactly are we supposed to take pride in? Your ignorance?

And to anyone out there who doesn’t believe me, remember, the USA (The greatest, most advanced country in the world…according to you) is the global coronavirus hotspot. If we were as great as you think we are, that wouldn’t be the case.

It’s time to realize you’re living a lie.

~ The Dark Horse

(No, this wasn’t proofread, and I don’t give a fuck)

I Am On Neither Side – Here’s Why


So, a few hours ago, a group of black protesters marched down my street, chanting:

“Whose Street is This?”

“Our Street!”

I’m not sure how I feel about that. Nor am I sure what they were trying to say with that. That isn’t the type of rhetoric that really brings about images of equality.

But, I also understand that right now, nobody cares.

America is in a state of mass hysteria. There are two trains running along the same track, about the collide. One, the Trump train, the other, the #Woke train. You have two choices. You either hop onboard on of those two trains and go balls-to-the-wall, no questions asked, completely 100% dedicated to your team…Or, you sit on the sidelines, where nobody will like you and nobody will want to listen to you.

That’s where I am. Sadly, logic doesn’t exist right now. Nobody wants it. They want passion, anger, and a sense of self-importance.


If you’re woke, you get your self-importance from publicly displaying your trauma. Your oppression. And your discrimination. If you’re a white male and have none of those things, you have to delude yourself with your own ego and take on the role of the “white savior” to feel complete inside.

If you’re on the Trump train, you have to use words like “History,” “Patriotism,” “strength,” “preserving the past,” and “law and order” to make yourself feel superior. You have to believe that you’re the last remaining pillar holding this country up from the cretins beneath you.

I am neither.  People, listen to me. I am a gay guy from Ohio. I grew up getting beaten up. Being told I’d die of AIDS. Being told I’d go to hell. And being told I was worthless. My mother was (and still sort of is) homophobic. I had nobody to talk to about anything.

Once, my roommate, who I thought was straight, woke me up in the middle of the night, while he was high on meth, and tried to rape me. I have suffered from depression, anxiety, panic, and actual agoraphobia. I ran away from home and was having sex for money in LA. I was almost murdered in New Zealand by two homophobic Maori guys. And I’m still broken. Because I never got to be young, I became a fucked up stunted adult who never learned how to play ball with society, and therefore, remains alone and friendless.

I don’t say this for pity. I hate pity. I’m saying this to set up my argument, which is this –

I can’t get on the Trump train because I know pain. I know 100% that this country needs a better education system. We need livable wages. We need healthcare. We need gun control. We need to help those who need it. Getting healthcare to the masses is more important to me than saving a stupid statue of a Confederate soldier, and it always will be. The end.

However, I can’t get on the #Woke train either, because, unfortunately, it’s selfish and full of shit. I have been harassed by so many black and Latino people in my life. You call them a nigger and they will kill you. And yet, they’ve never hesitated calling me a faggot.

Furthermore, during my time on the East Cost – here in NYC and back in grad school at Harvard – how many of these liberal East Coasters have ever tried to get to know me? I honestly ask you this – How many do you think have ever asked me about my life?

BLM protest

I’ve been called a Trump supporter, a racist, a homophobe, transphobic, self-hating, sexist, you name it. People here have gleefully judged me and assumed they know me because I’m a white guy from Ohio…But how many of them ever took a few seconds out of their day to know the truth?  The answer, unfortunately, is zero.

And that’s because they don’t want to know the truth. They want to feel superior. They want to feel like they’ve been through more than everyone else around them. They want to feel pure. Like they’re martyrs. Wokeness is a show, not a call to action. Wokeness is simply about “sharing your story,” AKA: Pandering for attention.

And so, I will sit on the sidelines, alone. Because I’d rather be alone than partake in the absolute shitshow that is this country. Ya’ll can love yourselves and hate everyone else all you want. Look at where it’s gotten us so far.

~ The Dark Horse

(This wasn’t proofread, deal with it)

America, You Win. I Give Up


I have tried for so long, but I just can’t anymore.

America, you win. You’re too stupid. Too angry. And too emotional to be reasoned with. You’re like a giant mentally handicapped dog with rabies.

The police brutality is wrong. The racism is wrong. The coronavirus is an absolute disaster. And having mass protests during a deadly a pandemic is shameful. It’s all too much.

America, the reality is, there’s no saving you. Because you don’t want to be saved. You want to live in your little aggressive bubbles. The only truth you’re willing to listen to is whatever 40 words people can shove into a Twitter post.

Anymore than that, and you don’t have the attention span to focus. Your entire lives are built around clickbait.

nyc coronavirus

You all want to die of a horrible disease?  Fine. Go for it, have fun. You all want a race war so badly? Go ahead. Kill each other. You’d rather have your heads shoved into your phones rather than actually seeing the world around you? Well…that’s how you got to where you are now.


America, go fuck yourself to death.

~ The Dark Horse