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Roswell, New Mexico is Making Me Feel Lots of Stuff…


So, you all know that the CW brought back a remake (of sorts) of the old 90’s show Roswell, right? The new show, Roswell, New Mexico, is so good. Am I embarrassed to admit this? Sure…. No, actually, not really. This show has me acting like a 14-year-old girls, and listen up bitches, I don’t give a fuck.


I have been binging a few episodes a day for the past week, and I am an emotional firestorm right now.

Ok, so the show is about 3 aliens who crashed in the Roswell incident, but was kept in stasis for years. Now, they’re all like 29 or 30 or something. The main alien, Max, is in love with Liz. Liz gets shot in a hate crime, and Max brings her back to life because he’s always loved her.

Max Roswell

Oh my God….. In the original show, Max was my crush. oh-meh-gawwww he made me so giddy. I had such a crush on him. Also, I should mention, I watched the original series during my time in Australia. Back when I was agoraphobic, stuck in my apartment. This show almost singlehandedly saved my life. It made me feel so much emotion in a time when all I felt was dread. I owe the original series so much.

But the new show… In the new show, we find out that Max’s bad boy brother, Michael, is actually gay (squeal!) Actually… I think I saw a photo of him having sex with a girl… so I think in the coming episodes he’s going to turn out to be bi or pansexual or something… sigh. But for now, he’s gay. And he’s a kick-ass gay. And he’s the bad boy cowboy of my dreams.

michael roswell

Oh sweet Lord.







Oh Lawd!, I’m feeling the vapors! Somebody catch me, I’m gonna’ faint!


But aside from the the hot man candy in the show, it’s just great in general. It’s larger than life. It’s got aliens. Epic chases. Adventure. Friendship. Love.

It’s everything the teenage me never got to experience, and you know what, I don’t mind indulging in it now. I’m allowed to. I missed out on too much life then, so I’m allowed to be 29 watching shows for teenagers now. Deal with it.

Throughout the week I’ve felt such a rush of… well, feeling human. Kind of funny. A show about aliens helps me feel human. But, it does. It makes me feel excited. it makes me feel horny. It makes me have a crush. It makes me want my life to be more fulfilled.

roswell new mexico

Look, I get inspired in there weirdest of places, and I don’t give a fuck. As long as it happens. The show is making me determined to be more social. I want to find a cute boy. I think I’m allowed that. And I want to keep striving for adventure.

I have completely melted into a dumbass teenager. But who knows, maybe that’s good sometimes. Sometimes, maybe we all need to remember the joy, the rush and the excitement we felt when we were young. Being an adult is hard. It zaps all our energy. It’s full of pain and stress. Feeling young again is good for you, right? So, stay home tonight, put on Roswell and geek out.

~ The Dark Horse




Lady Dynamite (Or, That Show You Should Totally Be Watching!)


stand-up comedian (and personal favorite of mine) Maria Bamford has released a show on Netflix and its fucking amazing.    Its hilarious in all the good ways and also is stunningly true to mental illness.

Its called LADY DYNAMITE and its on Netlflix.

There are so many parts in this show where Im watching and going…. “holy fuck she’s nailed it right on the head!”.


Now I hate spoilers so Im not going to give anything away.  Ill just give a real brief, broad, and vague overview of the show.  It takes place in three time periods.  The “Past” where Maria Bamford rose to success as a stand up, got her big gig as the crazy Target lady, and appeared on TV shows.  The show also focuses on “Duluth”.  Her hometown that she returns to during her stay in an institution and her recovery back home.   And then it also deals with the “Present” which is about her life currently (and is also the most fictionalized portion).




Now what really makes this show so insanely special to me is that I don’t watch it going “oh the downfall of another person with mental problems….how sad”.   I watch it with absolute joy.  I resonate, relate, enjoy, and empathize with Maria Bamford.  And its so much sweeter because she is such a great person.   Its about her living with mental illness, not failing with mental illness.

There are points where I go “Dude, thats totally happened to me”.   and “Fuck ya Ive been there” and “Yep…thats exactly how people treat me”.    But never ever and I’m crying over it like some sappy drama.  Instead I’m laughing.   I just want to walk into my TV and give her a big pat on the back and laugh about it!



Now again I can’t keep talking about the show because I don’t want to give away any specific plot points or anything because I hate spoiling it for people!  What I will say is to YouTube search her as well.   She has done some really amazing and hilarious interviews about mental illness that I think are great and will probably give you a good laugh!

~ The dark Horse







ROSWELL , Or How A Crappy 90’s Show Is Making Me Love Life Again


So yes, I have just started watching this cheesy-ass show that used to be on the WB and was later moved to UPN (the true resting ground for any form of entertainment worth watching). Anyhoo, Ive fallen deeply and madly in love with the show.

For starters, It’s everything I want.  It’s this normal girl who lives in Roswell, NM.  Her life is changed forever when a fight breaks out at the cafe she works at and she is shot.  Suddenly this guy (who she’s secretly always liked and who has secretly always liked her) comes over and magically heals her.  She discovers he is actually an alien and she gets involved in a larger-than-life situation involving government secrets, epic chases, love, loss, and discovering there is more to the world than Roswell.

Ok, so why do I love this show so much?  Lets start with the lead guy, Mr. Jason Behr.


Awww…. come on look at that face.  What a cutie!  and there is also this…


Now, here are a few nicknames I’ve given him – Humpmuffin, Hunkmonster, and SitOnMyFace will all do.


But seriously, the real reason is because this show gives me hope that there is more to life.  I hate how boring my life is and how much…well… how much NOTHING I tend to do. I Work, I graduated school, and I try to hang with friends… but seriously, what has that done for me? What is that doing for me?  I feel bored.  Bored and unfulfilled everyday.


And all that boredom and that pent-up frustration and that feeling of wasting away leads me down into the depression and the panic and the anxiety.

I was reading this book called “Role Models” by John Waters and he was talking about how he’s always loved people and wanted to know people who lived “extreme lives”.  He admitted that they weren’t all the easiest lives, or the most stable.  But That an extreme life gives you something special. And I agree.

In Spiderman we all know the quote, “With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility”.  And I fully believe that, but i also believe that


For example, getting up, going to your 9 to 5 desk job.  Having the weekend off and going to the bars with your friends.  Sure, you can feel stuff.  You can have fun and feel pain and find love.

But think about a famous singer, or an astronaut or something.  Think of how nervous, and excited, and scared, and jubilant you would feel all at the same time right before you go on stage at a concert, or right before you release a new album filled with songs you wrote and hope the world will love.  Or, in the case of the astronaut, think of that moment… you’re looking up at the sky knowing you’re about to be blasted into the absolute abyss of space.   They live on a more extreme level than we do.  THEY FEEL MORE THAN WE DO.

And I want that feeling.  I want it so bad.  I want my life to mean something.  I want to be brought to tears and I want to smile and laugh so uncontrollably that people think I’m crazy, and I want to feel love and happiness, and YES I know that the capacity to feel great pleasure means you also have the capacity to feel great pain. BUT, HELLO BITCHES!  Ive got panic and anxiety and depression.  My life sucks.  Im already feeling extreme pain.


So yeah, Roswell is cheesy and whatever, but this show is giving me hope that I’ll find the happiness and excitement I’m looking for.  Its making me feel good inside.  Give it a shot, it might make you feel the same 🙂