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Its Time To Emerge From Rock Bottom


So, alone, anxious, depressed.. blah blah blah, you bitches have heard it all before.

Ok lets get down to it.  You know I’m fucking miserable and lonely and all that stuff but life does go on doesn’t it?

So, today after therapy I bought a yoga mat.  If I don’t have the energy to go to the gym, I will bring the gym to my living room.  i will not let this annoying little problem ruin me!

 just because Im weak, panic easily, and suffer from anxiety attacks while in public doesn’t mean that I can’t live a normal life dammit! …

Well, actually….


Also, got my had cut today and went to the grocery store.  Im forcing myself out into public and even though i sweat and worry and have trouble breathing and all the other annoying symptoms, I WILL STILL KEEP TRYING!

Because, if I don’t, Im basically already dead.

So how ’bout you guys out there?  Dear reader, what challenges do you have in your lives right now and how will you get through them?